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The Auk, Volume 112, Number 2 (1995)

2 (April)


Breeding Biology of White-Winged Trumpeters (Psophia Leucoptera) in Peru. 285-295.
Peter T. Sherman.
Social Organization of Cooperatively Polyandrous White-Winged Trumpeters (Psophia Leucoptera). 296-309.
Peter T. Sherman.
How Convergent Is the American Redstart (Setophaga Ruticilla, Parulinae) With Flycatchers (Tyrannidae) in Morphology and Feeding Behavior?. 310-325.
Allen Keast, Laura Pearce, Sari Saunders.
Brown Noddies on Cayo Noroeste, Culebra, Puerto Rico: What Happened in 1990?. 326-334.
Ralph D. Morris, John W. Chardine.
Mechanisms of Short Incubation Period in Brood-Parasitic Cowbirds. 335-342.
Gustavo H. Kattan.
Assessing the Consequences of Brood Parasitism and Nest Predation on Seasonal Fecundity in Passerine Birds. 343-363.
Craig M. Pease, Joseph A. Grzybowski.
Gapes of Sexually Dimorphic Blackbird Nestlings Do Not Show Sexually Dimorphic Growth. 364-374.
Anne Barrett Clark.
Long-Term Trends in Habitat Selection By Kentucky Warblers. 375-381.
William J. Mcshea, M. Victoria Mcdonald, Eugene S. Morton, Rose Meier, John H. Rappole.
Hormonal and Reproductive Effects of Low Levels of Petroleum Fouling in Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus Magellanicus). 382-389.
Gene S. Fowler, John C. Wingfield, P. Dee Boersma.
Influence of Group Size and Habitat Type on Reproductive Success in Common Murres (Uria Aalge). 390-401.
Julia K. Parrish.
Variation in Male Plumage and Behavior of the Hawaii Akepa. 402-414.
Jaan K. Lepson, Leonard A. Freed.
Responses of Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia Guttata) to Experimental Intraspecific Brood Parasitism. 415-420.
Benjamin Fenske, Nancy Tyler Burley.
Comparative Study of Winter Body Composition of Resident and Migrant Grey-Breasted Silvereyes. 421-428.
Ken Chan.
Kleptoparasitism of American Coots By Gadwalls and Its Relationship to Social Dominance and Food Abundance. 429-435.
Craig R. Leschack, Gary R. Hepp.
Color, Size, and Location of Artificial Fruits Affect Sucrose Avoidance By Cedar Waxwings and European Starlings. 436-444.
Michael L. Avery, David G. Decker, John S. Humphrey, A. Alycin Hayes, Cynthia C. La
Genetic Diversity in Two Avian Species Formerly Endemic to Guam. 445-455.
Susan M. Haig, Jonathan D. Ballou.
Hummingbird Licking Behavior and the Energetics of Nectar Feeding. 456-463.
W. Mark Roberts.
Phylogeny of Social Behavior in Aphelocoma Jays: A Role For Hybridization?. 464-472.
Jerram L. Brown, Shou-Hsien Li.
Monogamy in Leach's Storm-Petrel: Dna-Fingerprinting Evidence. 473-482.
Robert A. Mauck, Thomas A. Waite, Patricia G. Parker.
Importance of Tactile and Visual Stimuli of Eggs and Nest For Termination of Egg Laying of Red Junglefowl. 483-488.
Theo Meijer.
In Memoriam: Wilbur Brooks Quay, 1927-1994. 489-491.
Oliver P. Pearson.
In Memoriam: David E. Davis, 1913-1994. 491-492.
John J. Christian.
Reviews. 524-546.
Announcement. 546.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Stable-Isotope Ratios of Carbon and Nitrogen in Feathers Indicate Seasonal Dietary Shifts in Northern Fulmars. 493-498.
David R. Thompson, Robert W. Furness.
Fear and Food Recognition in Naive Common Ravens. 499-503.
Bernd Heinrich, John Marzluff, William Adams.
Survival Rates of Puerto Rican Birds: Are Islands Really That Different?. 503-507.
John Faaborg, Wayne J. Arendt.
Adoption of Chicks Among Thick-Billed Murres. 508-510.
Anthony J. Gaston, Christine Eberl, Mark Hipfner, Kara Lefevre.
Reinterpretation of the Probable Parentage of a Hybrid Wood-Warbler (Seiurus X Dendroica). 510-511.
Kenneth C. Parkes.
Mammalian Irritants As Chemical Stimuli For Birds: The Importance of Training. 511-514.
J. Russell Mason, Larry Clark.
Interspecific Cooperative Nesting Between Barn Swallows and Say's Phoebes in South-Central New Mexico. 515-517.
Jeffrey M. Kozma, Nancy E. Mathews.
Size and Abundance: Breeding Population Density of the Calliope Hummingbird. 517-521.
William A. Calder, Lorene L. Calder.
Definitions For Migrant Birds: What Is a Neotropical Migrant?. 521-523.
Floyd E. Hayes.
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