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The Auk, Volume 111, Number 3 (1994)

3 (July)


Evolution Into the Andes: Molecular Evidence For Species Relationships in the Genus Leptopogon. 507-515.
John M. Bates, Robert M. Zink.
Intrapopulation Variation in Hatching Synchrony in House Wrens: Test of the Individual-Optimization Hypothesis. 516-524.
R. Given Harper, Steven A. Juliano, Charles F. Thompson.
Growth and Energetics of Tern Chicks From Temperate and Polar Environments. 525-544.
Marcel Klaassen.
Geographic and Seasonal Patterns of Clutch-Size Variation in House Wrens. 545-555.
Bruce E. Young.
Seasonal and Diurnal Patterns of Singing and Song-Flight Activity in Bluethroats (Luscinia Svecica). 556-562.
Juha Meril.
Fitness Consequences of Parental Behavior in Relation to Offspring Number in a Precocial Species: The Lesser Snow Goose. 563-572.
Tony D. Williams, Maarten J. J. E. Loonen, Fred Cooke.
Mitochondrial-Dna Polymorphism in the Oilbird (Steatornis Caripensis, Steatornithidae) in Venezuela. 573-578.
Patricia C. Gutierrez.
Nocturnal Foraging Behavior of Breeding Piping Plovers (Charadrius Melodus) in New Jersey. 579-587.
Kevin J. Staine, Joanna Burger.
Territory-Size Regulation in Black-Shouldered Kites. 588-595.
Jeffrey R. Dunk, Robert J. Cooper.
Development of Vocal Regulation of Temperature By Embryos in Pipped Eggs of Ring-Billed Gulls. 596-604.
Roger M. Evans, Alison Whitaker, Myra O. Wiebe.
Site Selection By Migratory Shorebirds in Delaware Bay, and Its Relationship to Beach Characteristics and Abundance of Horseshoe Crab (Limulus Polyphemus) Eggs. 605-616.
Mark L. Botton, Robert E. Loveland,
Breeding Patterns of Eastern Phoebes in Kansas: Adaptive Strategies or Physiological Constraint?. 617-633.
Michael T. Murphy.
Individual and Species Preference in Two Passerine Birds: Auditory and Visual Cues. 634-642.
K. L. Schimmel, Frederick E. Wasserman.
Ecology of the Folivorous Hoatzin (Opisthocomus Hoazin) on the Venezuelan Plains. 643-651.
M. G. Dom.
Cause and Effect in Population Declines of Migratory Birds. 652-660.
John H. Rappole, Mary Victoria Mcdonald.
Mitochondrial-Dna and Nuclear-Gene Differentiation in North American Prairie Grouse (Genus Tympanuchus). 661-671.
Darrell L. Ellsworth, Rodney L. Honeycutt, Nova J. Silvy, Kevin D. Rittenhouse, Michael H. S
Interspecific Defense of Pasture Trees By Wintering Yellow Warblers. 672-682.
Russell Greenberg, Javier Salgado Ortiz.
Flight Morphology, Energetic Condition, and the Stopover Biology of Migrating Thrushes. 683-692.
Wang Yong, Frank R. Moore.
Intraspecific and Geographical Trends in Body Size of a Differential Migrant, the Evening Grosbeak. 693-702.
David R. C. Prescott.
Reviews. 781-785.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Serrate Tomia: An Adaptation For Nectar Robbing in Hummingbirds?. 703-710.
Juan Francisco Ornelas.
Divergence in the Mitochondrial Dna of Empidonax Traillii and E. Alnorum, With Notes on Hybridization. 710-713.
Kevin Winker.
Supplementary Food in the Nestling Phase Affects Reproductive Success in Pied Flycatchers (Ficedula Hypoleuca). 714-716.
Simon Verhulst.
Allozyme Phylogeny of Spheniscus Penguins. 716-720.
W. Stewart Grant, David C. Duffy, Rob W. Leslie.
Winter Body Mass and Overnight Energetics of a South Temperate Passerine. 721-723.
Ken Chan.
Sexual Size Dimorphism, Mate Choice, and Productivity of Burrowing Owls. 724-727.
David L. Plumpton, R. Scott Lutz.
Male Yellow Warblers Vary Use of Song Types Depending on Pairing Status and Distance From Nest. 727-729.
Daniel M. Weary, Robert E. Lemon, Stephane Perreault.
Different Responses to Different Song Types in American Redstarts. 730-734.
Daniel M. Weary, Robert E. Lemon, Stephane Perreault.
Response of Male Brown-Headed Cowbirds to Broadcast of Complete or Partial Flight Whistles. 734-739.
Alfred M. Dufty, Jr., James K. Pugh.
Extrapair Paternity and Intraspecific Brood Parasitism in Eastern Bluebirds Revealed By Dna Fingerprinting. 739-744.
Susan B. Meek, Raleigh J. Robertson, Peter T. Boag.
Impact of Interspecific Aggression and Herbivory By Mute Swans on Native Waterfowl and Aquatic Vegetation in New England. 744-748.
Michael R. Conover, Gary S. Kania.
Siblicide and Cannibalism At Northern Goshawk Nests. 748-750.
Clint W. Boal, John E. Bacorn.
Gastroduodenal Motility and Glandular Stomach Function in Young Ostriches. 750-755.
A. Allan Degen, Gary E. Duke, James K. Reynhout.
Hummingbirds Eating Ashes. 755-756.
James R. Des Lauriers.
Habitat-Specific Nutritional Condition in Loggerhead Shrikes (Lanius Ludovicianus): Evidence From Ptilochronology. 756-759.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr., Reuven Yosef.
Influence of Abiotic Factors on Preroosting Behavior of Greylag Geese (Anser Anser). 759-764.
Alain Schmitt.
Does the Early Common Raven Get (And Show) the Meat?. 764-769.
Bernd Heinrich.
The Known Birds of North and Middle America Versus the Current Aou List. 770-773.
Allan R. Phillips.
Old-School Taxonomy Versus Modern Biosystematics: Species-Level Decisions in Stelgidopteryx and Empidonax. 773-780.
Ned K. Johnson.
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