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The Auk, Volume 111, Number 1 (1994)

1 (January)


A New Species of Cotinga (Cotingidae: Doliornis) From the Ecuadorian Andes, With Comments on Plumage Sequences in Doliornis and Ampelion. 1-7.
Mark B. Robbins, Gary H. Rosenberg, Francisco Sornoza Molina.
Dna-Dna Hybridization Evidence For Subfamily Structure Among Hummingbirds. 8-19.
Robert Bleiweiss, John A. W. Kirsch, Juan Carlos Matheus.
Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus Magellanicus) Affected By Chronic Petroleum Pollution Along Coast of Chubut, Argentina. 20-27.
Patricia Gandini, P. Dee Boersma, Esteban Frere, Marcelo Gandini, Tomas Holik,
Effects of Human Intrusion on Song Occurrence and Singing Consistency in Subalpine Birds. 28-37.
Kevin J. Gutzwiller, Richard T. Wiedenmann, Krista L. Clements, Stanley H. Anderson.
Sexual Habitat Segregation By American Redstarts Wintering in Jamaica: Importance of Resource Seasonality. 38-49.
Jeffrey David Parrish, Thomas W. Sherry.
Observer Differences in the North American Breeding Bird Survey. 50-62.
John R. Sauer, Bruce G. Peterjohn, William A. Link.
Competition For Winter Territories in a Neotropical Migrant: The Role of Age, Sex and Color. 63-69.
Bridget J. Stutchbury.
Population-Genetic Structure of a Philopatric, Colonially Nesting Seabird, the Short-Tailed Shearwater (Puffinus Tenuirostris). 70-79.
Jeremy J. Austin, Robert W. G. White, Jennifer R. Ovenden.
Tail Ornamentation, Size Dimorphism and Wing Length in the Genus Euplectes (Ploceinae). 80-86.
Staffan Andersson, Malte Andersson.
Song Learning As Evidenced From Song Sharing in Two Hummingbird Species (Colibri Coruscans and C. Thalassinus). 87-103.
Sandra L. L. Gaunt, Luis F. Baptista, Julio E. S.
A Phylogeny of the Woodcreepers (Dendrocolaptinae). 104-114.
Robert J. Raikow.
Life-History Consequences of Avian Brood Reduction. 115-123.
Douglas W. Mock, L. Scott Forbes.
Oxygen Consumption During Singing By Male Carolina Wrens (Thryothorus Ludovicianus). 124-130.
Laurie S. Eberhardt.
Effects of Band Color on Survivorship, Body Condition and Reproductive Effort of Free-Living Australian Zebra Finches. 131-142.
Richard Zann.
Geographic Variation in Morphology and Allozymes of South American Imperial Shags. 143-161.
Pamela C. Rasmussen.
Habitat Selection By Mexican Spotted Owls in Northern Arizona. 162-169.
Joseph L. Ganey, Russell P. Balda.
Sucrose Intolerance in Birds: Simple Nonlethal Diagnostic Methods and Consequences For Assimilation of Complex Carbohydrates. 170-177.
Hylary L. Malcarney, Carlos Mart.
Loss of Function in Territorial Song: Comparison of Island and Mainland Populations of the Singing Honeyeater (Meliphaga Virescens). 178-184.
Myron Charles Baker.
In Memoriam: Maurice Brooks, 1900-1993. 185-187.
Robert Leo Smith, David E. Samuel.
In Memoriam: Hamilton Mack Laing, 1883-1982. 187.
C. Stuart Houston.
In Memoriam: Victor Harrison Cahalane, 1901-1993. 188.
C. Stuart Houston.
In Memoriam: Crawford H. Greenewalt, 1902-1993. 188-189.
Albert E. Conway.
William Brewster Memorial Award, 1993:. 237-238.
Richard T. Holmes.
Elliott Coues Award, 1993:. 239-240.
Joel L. Cracraft.
Reviews. 241-250.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Are Actitis Sandpipers Inverted Flying Fishes?. 190-191.
Edwin O. Willis.
On No-Chickadee Zones in Midwestern North America: Evidence From the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas and the North American Breeding Bird Survey. 191-197.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr., Robert A. Mauck, Susan L. Earnst.
Composition and Microclimate of Prothonotary Warbler Nests. 197-200.
Charles R. Blem, Leann B. Blem.
The Gray-Necked Wood-Rail: Habits, Food, Nesting, and Voice. 200-204.
Alexander F. Skutch.
Interspecific Aggression By Tundra Swans Toward Snow Geese on the Sagavanirktok River Delta, Alaska. 204-207.
Robert M. Burgess, Alice A. Stickney.
Age of First Breeding in Common Murres. 207-209.
M. P. Harris, D. J. Halley, R. L. Swann.
Spring Arrival, Aggression and Testosterone in Female Red-Winged Blackbirds (Agelaius Phoeniceus). 210-214.
Daniel A. Cristol, Torgeir S. Johnsen.
Consequences of Nest Desertion and Inattendance For Magellanic Penguin Hatching Success. 215-218.
Pablo Yorio, P. Dee Boersma.
Showiness, Carotenoids, and Captivity: A Comment on Hill (1992). 218-221.
Jocelyn Hudon.
House Finches Are What They Eat: A Reply to Hudon. 221-225.
Geoffrey E. Hill.
Use and Misuse of Bird Lists in Community Ecology and Conservation. 225-227.
J. V. Remsen, Jr.
Evaluation of the Global Decline in the True Shrikes (Family Laniidae). 228-233.
Reuven Yosef.
Why We Should Adopt a Broader View of Neotropical Migrants. 233-236.
Douglas J. Levey.
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