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The Auk, Volume 110, Number 3 (1993)

3 (July)


Family Stability in Greater White-Fronted Geese. 425-435.
Craig R. Ely.
Effect of Nest-Site Location on Reproductive Success of Red-Throated Loons (Gavia Stellata). 436-444.
Christine Eberl, Jaroslav Picman.
Temperature Regulation in Neonates of Shorebirds. 445-457.
G. Henk Visser, Robert E. Ricklefs.
Winter Starvation in Captive Common Barn-Owls: Physiological States and Reversible Limits. 458-469.
Yves Handrich, Laurent Nicolas, Yvon Le Maho.
Winter Starvation in Captive Common Barn-Owls: Bioenergetics During Refeeding. 470-480.
Yves Handrich, Laurent Nicolas, Yvon Le Maho.
Nesting Energetics of House Wrens (Troglodytes Aedon) in Relation to Maximal Rates of Energy Flow. 481-491.
Cheryl R. Dykstra, William H. Karasov.
A Generalized Discriminant For Sexing Fulmarine Petrels From External Measurements. 492-502.
J. A. Van Franeker, C. J. F. Ter Braak.
Relationship Between Protein Nutritional Status and Immunocompetence in Northern Bobwhite Chicks. 503-510.
Robert L. Lochmiller, Michelle R. Vestey, Jon C. Boren.
Habitat Heterogeneity and Life-History Variation of Mediterranean Blue Tits (Parus Caeruleus). 511-520.
Jacques Blondel, Paula Cristina Dias, Marie Maistre, Philippe Perret.
Effect of Clutch Size on Incubation Persistence in Male Wilson's Phalaropes (Phalaropus Tricolor). 521-528.
David J. Delehanty, Lewis W. Oring.
Use of an Exotic Tree Plantation By Bornean Lowland Forest Birds. 529-540.
Shaibal S. Mitra, Frederick H. Sheldon.
Philopatry, Site Fidelity, Dispersal, and Survival of Spotted Sandpipers. 541-551.
J. Michael Reed, Lewis W. Oring.
Interactions Between Stomach Structure and Diet Choice in Shorebirds. 552-564.
Theunis Piersma, Anita Koolhaas, Anne Dekinga.
Territorial Exclusion By a Long-Distance Migrant Warbler in Jamaica: A Removal Experiment With American Redstarts (Setophaga Ruticilla). 565-572.
Peter P. Marra, Thomas W. Sherry, Richard T. Holmes.
Molt of Bristle-Thighed Curlews in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. 573-587.
Jeffrey S. Marks.
Sperm Competition and the Reproductive Anatomy of Male Superb Fairy-Wrens. 588-593.
Raoul A. Mulder, Andrew Cockburn.
Why Do Marbled Murrelets Attend Old-Growth Forest Nesting Areas Year-Round?. 594-602.
Nancy L. Naslund.
Repeatable Reproduction in Song Sparrows. 603-613.
Wesley M. Hochachka.
Phylogeographic Patterns in Mitochondrial Dna of the Ostrich (Struthio Camelus). 614-622.
Stefanie Freitag, Terence J. Robinson.
Clutch-Size Determination in Precocial Birds: A Study of the Common Eider. 623-628.
Kjell Einar Erikstad, Jan Ove Bustnes, Truls Moum.
In Memoriam: Lawrence Harvey Walkinshaw, 1904-1993. 629-631.
Harold F. Mayfield.
Reviews. 661-674.
Thirty-Ninth Supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds. 675-682.

Short Communication And Commentaries

Roseate Tern Trio Fledges Three Young. 653-658.
Helen Hays.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Foraging Ecology of Wintering Black-Billed Magpies. 632-635.
Mark C. Mckinstry, Richard L. Knight.
Male and Female Choice in Zebra Finches. 635-638.
Susan E. Wynn, Trevor Price.
Turnover of 13 C in Cellular and Plasma Fractions of Blood: Implications For Nondestructive Sampling in Avian Dietary Studies. 638-641.
Keith A. Hobson, R. G. Clark.
Low Rate of Loss of Willow Tit Caches May Increase Adaptiveness of Long-Term Hoarding. 642-645.
Anders Brodin.
A Systematic-Encounter-Sampling Design For Nesting Studies. 646-651.
Jeffrey F. Bromaghin, Lyman L. Mcdonald.
Application of Computed Tomography to Morphological Study of Emperor and Ad. 651-653.
Yuichi Osa, Toshiaki Kuramochi, Yutaka Watanuki, Yasuhiko Naito, Masaaki Murano, Shin-Ichi Hayama, Hiromitsu Orima, Mich
The American Ornithologists' Union's Support of Latin American Ornithology. 659-660.
Marion A. Jenkinson.
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