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The Auk, Volume 110, Number 2 (1993)

2 (April)


Surface-Tension Feeding in Phalaropes: Discovery of a Novel Feeding Mechanism. 169-178.
Margaret A. Rubega, Bryan S. Obst.
Covariation of Morphological and Allozyme Frequency Characters in Populations of the Rufous-Collared Sparrow (Zonotrichia Capensis). 179-188.
Stephen C. Lougheed, Paul Handford.
Trends in the Evolution of Hindlimb Musculature in Aerial-Foraging Birds. 189-206.
Mary C. Mckitrick.
Biology of Cooperative-Breeding Scrub Jays (Aphelocoma Coerulescens) of Oaxaca, Mexico. 207-214.
D. Brent Burt, A. Townsend Peterson.
Effects of Female Age on Reproductive Success in European Nuthatches Breeding in Natural Cavities. 215-221.
Bodil Enoksson.
Kleptoparasitism By Kermadec Petrels, Jaegers, and Skuas in the Eastern Tropical Pacific: Evidence of Mimicry By Two Species of Pterodroma. 222-233.
Larry Spear, David G. Ainley.
Natal Dispersal and Deferred Breeding in the Blue-Footed Booby. 234-239.
Marcela Osorio-Beristain, Hugh Drummond.
Nestling Hunger and Parental Care in Red-Winged Blackbirds. 240-246.
Linda A. Whittingham, Raleigh J. Robertson.
Common Ravens Are Attracted By Appeasement Calls of Food Discoverers When Attacked. 247-254.
Bernd Heinrich, John M. Marzluff, Colleen S. Marzluff.
Age-Specific Fecundity in European Blackbirds (Turdus Merula): Individual and Population Trends. 255-263.
Nutrient-Reserve Dynamics and Control of Clutch Size in Northern Pintails Breeding in Alaska. 264-278.
Frances E. Mann, James S. Sedinger.
Plasma Corticosterone, Adrenal Mass, Winter Weather, and Season in Nonbreeding Populations of Dark-Eyed Juncos (Junco Hyemalis Hyemalis). 279-285.
Christopher M. Rogers, Marilyn Ramenofsky, Ellen D. Ketters
Behavioral and Morphological Diversification in Sharp-Tailed Sparrows (Ammodramus Caudacutus) of the Atlantic Coast. 286-303.
Jon S. Greenlaw.
Phylogeny, Biogeography, and Evolution of the Broadbills (Eurylaimidae) and Asities (Philepittidae) Based on Morphology. 304-324.
Richard O. Prum.
Foraging Strategy of Wandering Albatrosses Through the Breeding Season: A Study Using Satellite Telemetry. 325-342.
Henri Weimerskirch, Marc Salamolard, Francois Sarrazin, Pierre Jouventin.
Chick Energy Requirements and Adult Energy Expenditures of Dovekies (Alle Alle). 343-353.
Marek Konarzewski, Jan R. E. Taylor, Geir W. Gabrielsen.
Relationships Between Genetic Variation and Carcass Components in Wintering American Wigeons. 354-360.
Olin E. Rhodes, Jr., Loren M. Smith.
Diet Selection in Amazonian Antwrens: Consequences of Substrate Specialization. 361-375.
Kenneth V. Rosenberg.
In Memoriam: William George, 1925-1992. 376.
Peter Stettenheim.
In Memoriam: Arthur Bernard Singer, 1917-1990. 376-377.
Chandler S. Robbins.
Reviews. 418-424.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Gender Identification in Birds Using Microsatellite Dna Fingerprint Analysis. 378-381.
Jonathan L. Longmire, Mary Maltbie, Robert W. Pavelka, Loren M. Smith, Shelly M. Witte, Oliver A. Ryder, Darrell L. Ell
Factors Influencing Numbers of Syntopic House Sparrows and Eurasian Tree Sparrows on Farms. 382-385.
Pedro J. Cordero.
Song Differences Between North American and European White-Winged Crossbills (Loxia Leucoptera). 385.
John Elmberg.
Endogenous Mass and Energy Losses in Ruffed Grouse. 386-390.
Christopher G. Guglielmo, William H. Karasov.
Rediscovery of the White-Winged Potoo (Nyctibius Leucopterus). 391-394.
Mario Cohn-Haft.
A Large Temporary Roost of Common Ravens. 395.
Virginia Cotterman, Bernd Heinrich.
Effects of Little Owl Predation on Northern Shrike Postfledging Success. 396-398.
Reuven Yosef.
Call Matching and Positive Assortative Mating in Red Crossbills. 398-401.
Jeffrey G. Groth.
Comments on Four Pre-1853 Seabirds Reportedly Obtained Off Monterey, California. 402-404.
David S. Lee.
Experimentally Induced Infanticide: The Removal of Birds and Its Ramifications. 404-406.
Marc Bekoff.
Ethics and Experimentation: Hard Choices For the Field Ornithologist. 406-409.
Stephen T. Emlen.
The Variably Plumaged Gulls of Iceland. 409-410.
Agnar Ingolfsson.
Variably Plumaged Icelandic Herring Gulls: High Intraspecific Variation in a Founded Population. 410-413.
Richard R. Snell.
Type Specimens and Basic Principles of Avian Taxonomy. 413-414.
Richard C. Banks, Steven M. Goodman, Scott M. Lanyon, Thomas S. Schulenberg.
Research, Conservation, and Collaboration: The Role of Visiting Scientists in Developing Countries. 414-417.
Mercedes S. Foster.
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