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The Auk, Volume 109, Number 4 (1992)

4 (October)


Use of a New Reproductive Index to Evaluate Relationship Between Habitat Quality and Breeding Success. 697-705.
Peter D. Vickery, Malcolm L. Hunter, Jr., Jeffrey V. Wells.
Is Density an Indicator of Breeding Success?. 706-710.
Peter D. Vickery, Malcolm L. Hunter, Jr., Jeffrey V. Wells.
Extrapair Fertilization in Monogamous Bull-Headed Shrikes Revealed By Dna Fingerprinting. 711-721.
Satoshi Yamagishi, Isao Nishiumi, Chikashi Shimoda.
How Do Frugivores Process Fruit? Gastrointestinal Transit and Glucose Absorption in Cedar Waxwings (Bombycilla Cedrorum). 722-730.
Douglas J. Levey, Gary E. Duke.
Changes in Survival Rates of Lesser Snow Geese With Age and Breeding Status. 731-747.
Charles M. Francis, Miriam H. Richards, Fred Cooke, Robert F. Rockwell.
Effect of Growth and Hatching Asynchrony on the Fledging Age of Black and Red Kites. 748-757.
Javier Vi.
Chitin Digestion and Assimilation By Seabirds. 758-770.
Sue Jackson, Allen R. Place, Lindsay J. Seiderer.
Plumage Variability in Redpolls From Churchill, Manitoba. 771-785.
Gilles Seutin, Peter T. Boag, Laurene M. Ratcliffe.
Reproductive Patterns and Social Organization of the Communal Guira Cuckoo (Guira Guira) in Central Brazil. 786-799.
Regina H. Macedo.
Phylogeography of Mitochondrial Dna in Two Species of White-Eyes in Australia. 800-811.
Sandie M. Degnan, Craig Moritz.
Characteristics and Consequences of Nest-Site Fidelity in Wood Ducks. 812-818.
Gary R. Hepp, Robert A. Kennamer.
Diving Behavior in Surf Scoters and Barrow's Goldeneyes. 819-827.
Guy Beauchamp.
Phylogenetic Analysis of Avian Parental Care. 828-846.
Mary C. Mckitrick.
Frequency Variation in Songs of Black-Capped Chickadees (Parus Atricapillus). 847-852.
A. G. Horn, M. L. Leonard, L. Ratcliffe, S. A. Shackleton, R. G. Weisman.
Daily Mass Gains Among Woodland Migrants At an Inland Stopover Site. 853-862.
Kevin Winker, Dwain W. Warner, A. R. Weisbrod.
Role of Handling Time in Selection of Extruded Food Morsels By Two Granivorous Bird Species. 863-868.
Jeffrey F. Keating, Robert J. Robel, Albert W. Adams, Keith C. Behnke, Kenneth E. Kemp.
Honest Advertisement in Flight Displays of Bobolinks (Dolichonyx Oryzivorus). 869-873.
Monica H. Mather, Raleigh J. Robertson.
Avian Forelimb Muscles and Nonsteady Flight: Can Birds Fly Without Using the Muscles in Their Wings?. 874-885.
Kenneth P. Dial.
Polymerase-Chain-Reaction (Pcr) Analysis of Microsatellites--A New Approach to Studies of Genetic Relationships in Birds. 886-895.
Hans Ellegren.
Reproductive Implications of Egg-Size Variation in the Black Brant. 896-903.
Paul L. Flint, James S. Sedinger.
In Memoriam: Dennis G. Raveling, 1939-1991. 904-905.
M. Robert Mclandress.
In Memoriam: Ralph Warren Dexter, 1912-1991. 906.
Edward H. Burtt, Jr.
In Memoriam: Bryan Steven Obst, 1956-1991. 906-907.
Thomas R. Howell.
In Memoriam: Hans Edmund Wolters, 1915-1991. 907-908.
Karl-L. Schuchmann, Walter J. Bock.
In Memoriam: Maurice Broun, 1906-1979. 908.
Albert E. Conway.
In Memoriam: Ramesh Maganbhai Naik, 1931-1991. 909.
Charles T. Collins.
In Memoriam: Louise De Kiriline Lawrence, 1894-1992. 909-910.
Marianne Gosztonyi Ainley.
Reviews. 939-948.
Announcements. 948-949.
Index to Volume 109. 950-962.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Mating System of the Helmeted Manakin (Antilophia Galeata) in Central Brazil. 911-913.
Experimental Reintroduction of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers. 914-916.
D. Craig Rudolph, Richard N. Conner, Dawn K. Carrie, Richard R. Schaefer.
Specific Status and Nomenclature of Hemitriccus Minimus and Hemitriccus Aenigma. 916-917.
Douglas F. Stotz.
Extensive Folivory By Thick-Billed Saltators (Saltator Maxillosus) in Southern Brazil. 917-919.
Erik S. Munson, W. Douglas Robinson.
Weather-Dependent Kleptoparasitism and Aggression in a Raptor Guild. 920-923.
Ethan J. Temeles, Troy I. Wellicome.
Pterylography of Birds-Of-Paradise and the Systematic Position of Macgregor's Bird-Of-Paradise (Macgregoria Pulchra). 923-928.
Mary H. Clench.
Differences in Song and Sexual Dimorphism Between Cuban and North American Red-Winged Blackbirds (Agelaius Phoeniceus). 928-933.
Linda A. Whittingham, Arturo Kirkconnell, Laurene M. Ratcliffe.
Intestinal Transit: How Can It Be Delayed Long Enough For Birds to Act As Long-Distance Dispersal Agents?. 933-936.
Mary H. Clench, John R. Mathias.
The Insurance Hypothesis and the Theory of Clutch Size in Birds and in Invertebrates. 936-937.
I. C. W. Hardy.
A Comment: Estimating Absolute Densities of Flying Seabirds Using Analyses of Relative Movement. 937-938.
Larry Spear, Nadav Nur, David G. Ainley.
Erratum. 938.
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