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The Auk, Volume 109, Number 2 (1992)

2 (April)


Two Song Populations of the Northern Parula. 215-222.
Ralph R. Moldenhauer.
Diving Pattern and Performance in Nonbreeding Gentoo Penguins (Pygoscelis Papua) During Winter. 223-234.
Tony D. Williams, Akiko Kato, John P. Croxall, Yasu Naito, Dirk R. Briggs, Steven Rodwell, Tim R. Bar
Effects of Age, Sex, and Fat Level on Wing Loading in Dark-Eyed Juncos. 235-241.
C. Ray Chandler, Robert S. Mulvihill.
Effects of Parental Age on Hatching Asynchrony, Egg Size and Third-Chick Disadvantage in Western Gulls. 242-248.
William J. Sydeman, Steven D. Emslie.
Onset of Incubation in Yellow Warblers: A Test of the Hormonal Hypothesis. 249-255.
Percy N. H.
Structure of Turning in Airborne Rock Dove (Columba Livia) Flocks. 256-267.
Harold Pomeroy, Frank Heppner.
Water and Energy Limitations on Flight Duration in Small Migrating Birds. 268-276.
Nurit Carmi, Berry Pinshow, Warren P. Porter, Jim Jaeger.
Variable Mating System of a Sedentary Tropical Duck: The White-Cheeked Pintail (Anas Bahamensis Bahamensis). 277-292.
Lisa Guminski Sorenson.
Reflectance Spectra of Plumage Areas Colored By Green Feather Pigments. 293-301.
Jan Dyck.
Observations on the Systematics, Behavior, and Vocalizations of Thamnomanes" Occidentalis (Formicariidae)". 302-308.
Bret M. Whitney.
Effects of Variable Humidity on Embryonic Development and Hatching Success of Mourning Doves. 309-314.
Glenn E. Walsberg, Catherine A. Schmidt.
Lunar Influence on Foraging and Nesting Activity of Common Poorwills (Phalaenoptilus Nuttallii). 315-320.
R. Mark Brigham, Robert M. R. Barclay.
Multiple Brooding and Productivity of a Neotropical Migrant, the Black-Throated Blue Warbler (Dendroica Caerulescens), in an Unfragmented Temperate Forest. 321-333.
Richard T. Holmes, Thomas W. Sherry, Pete
Living Off the Wax of the Land: Bayberries and Yellow-Rumped Warblers. 334-345.
Allen R. Place, Edmund W. Stiles.
Bird Speciation in Subtropical South America in Relation to Forest Expansion and Retraction. 346-357.
Manuel Nores.
Biochemical Analysis of Relationships of Mediterranean Alectoris Partridges. 358-367.
Ettore Randi, Alberto Meriggi, Rita Lorenzini, Gea Fusco, Philip U. Alkon.
Differential Growth Patterns of Nestling Brown-Headed Cowbirds and Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 368-376.
Catherine P. Ortega, Alexander Cruz.
In Memoriam: James C. Greenway, Jr., 1903-1989. 377-380.
In Memoriam: Henry M. Stevenson, 1914-1991. 380-381.
Frances C. James.
In Memoriam: Olli Juhani J. 381.
Risto A. V.
In Memoriam: Dominic Louis Serventy, 1904-1988. 382.
Allen Keast.
Reviews. 398-405.

Short Communication

Further Information on the Genetics of Bill Crossing in Crossbills. 383-385.
Jeffrey G. Groth.
Estimating Absolute Densities of Flying Seabirds Using Analyses of Relative Movement. 385-389.
Larry Spear, Nadav Nur, David G. Ainley.
Cost of Short Flights in the Willow Tit Measured With Doubly-Labeled Water. 389-393.
Allan Carlson, Juan Moreno.
Daily Energy and Expenditure By Black-Capped Chickadees (Parus Atricapillus) in Winter. 393-395.
William H. Karasov, Margaret C. Brittingham, Stanley A. Temple.
Exotic Birds: A Growing Problem With No Easy Solution. 395-397.
Stanley A. Temple.
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