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The Auk, Volume 108, Number 4 (1991)

4 (October)


Morphologic and Genetic Variation Among Breeding Colonies of the Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula Arctica). 755-763.
Sharon M. Moen.
Spatial Relationships Between Nesting Colonies and Foraging Areas of Great Blue Herons. 764-770.
James P. Gibbs.
Mitochondrial Dna Variation Among Phalaropes and Allies. 771-779.
Donna L. Dittmann, Robert M. Zink.
The Influence of Food on Reproductive Strategies in a Monogamous Kingfisher (Chloroceryle Amazona). 780-789.
William James Davis, Douglas J. Graham.
Broadscale Density and Aggregation of Pelagic Birds From a Circumnavigational Survey of the Antarctic Ocean. 790-800.
Richard R. Veit, George L. Hunt Jr.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 800.
Observations of Multispecies Seabird Flocks Around South Georgia. 801-810.
Nancy M. Harrison, Michael J. Whitehouse, Dennis Heinemann, Peter A. Prince, George L. Hunt Jr., Richard R. Veit.
Notes and News. 810-879.
Social Recognition and Response to Song in Cooperative Red-Winged Fairy-Wrens. 811-819.
R. B. Payne, L. L. Payne, I. Rowley, E. M. Russell.
Patterns and Significance of Geographical Variation in the Blue Tit (Parus Caeruleus). 820-832.
Jean-Louis Martin.
Relation of Within-Population Phenotypic Variation With Sex, Season, and Geography in the Blue Tit. 833-841.
Jean-Louis Martin, Jay Pitocchelli.
Patterns in the Provisioning and Growth of Nestling Rhinoceros Auklets. 842-852.
D. F. Bertram, G. W. Kaiser, R. C. Ydenberg.
Estimating Winter Species Richness With Unlimited-Distance Point Counts. 853-862.
Kevin J. Gutzwiller.
Extraordinary Clutch Size and Hatching Asynchrony of a Neotropical Parrot. 863-871.
Steven R. Beissinger, James R. Waltman.
Female-Like Plumage of Subadult Male American Redstarts Does Not Reduce Aggression From Other Males. 872-879.
Elizabeth Procter-Gray.
Ecomorphology of the North American Ruby-Crowned (Regulus Calendula ) and Golden-Crowned (R. Satrapa) Kinglets. 880-888.
Allen Keast, Sari Saunders.
Feather Regrowth in Female European Starlings Rearing Broods of Different Sizes. 889-895.
Douglas W. White, E. Dale Kennedy, Philip C. Stouffer.
Movement and Lek Visitation By Female Greater Prairie-Chickens in Relation to Predictions of Bradbury's Female Preference Hypothesis of Lek Evolution.. 896-903.
Michael A. Schroeder.
Nesting Near a Common Tern Colony Increases and Decreases Spotted Sandpiper Nest Predation. 904-910.
Julie A. R. Alberico, J. Michael Reed, Lewis W. Oring.
Nest-Site Selection and Nesting Success of White-Tailed Tropicbirds (Phaethon Lepturus) At Cayo Lu. 911-922.
Fred Charles Schaffner.
Effects of Substrate on the Distribution of Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus Magellanicus) Burrows. 923-933.
David L. Stokes, P. Dee Boersma.
Activity Patterns of Nearctic Dabbling Ducks Wintering in Yucatan, Mexico. 934-941.
John D. Thompson, Guy A. Baldassarre.
Measuring Annual Reproductive Success, With Comments on the Evolution of Reproductive Behavior. 942-952.
Bertram G. Murray Jr.
In Memoriam: Francis Morey Uhler, 1902-1990. 953.
George Jonkel.
In Memoriam: Kai Curry-Lindahl, 1917-1990. 953-954.
Gustav A. Swanson.
In Memoriam: Joseph Archibald Hagar, 1896-1989. 954-955.
Kathleen S. Anderson.
Reviews. 985-1008.
Index to Volume 108. 1009-1025.


The Conservation Crisis: International Trade in Live Exotic Birds Creates a Vast Movement That Must Be Halted Bird Trade Subcommittee of the Aou Conservation Committee. 982-984.

Short Communications

Fingerprinting Birds' Dna With a Synthetic Polynucleotide Probe (Tg) N. 956-958.
Hans Ellegren.
A Single Plucked Feather As a Source of Dna For Bird Genetic Studies. 959-960.
Pierre Taberlet, Jean Bouvet.
Nitrogen Isotope Ratios Identify Deserted Seabird Colonies. 960-964.
Hiroshi Mizutani, Yuko Kabaya, P. J. Moors, T. W. Speir, Graeme L. Lyon.
On the Validity of Bubo Virginianus Occidentalis Stone. 964-965.
Robert W. Dickerman.
Egg-Laying Times of American Robins. 965-967.
Patrick J. Weatherhead, Robert D. Montgomerie, Susan B. Mcrae.
Comments on the Sample Sizes Used to Test the Effect of Experimental Brood Enlargement on Adult Survival. 967-969.
Jeff Graves.
Courtship of Ducklings By Adult Male Chiloe Wigeon (Anas Sibilatrix). 969-973.
Gwen Brewer.
An Interspecific Relationship Between Egg Size and Clutch Size in Birds. 973-977.
Tim M. Blackburn.
Use of the Relative Frequency of Notes By Veeries in Song Recognition and Production. 977-981.
Daniel M. Weary, Ronald G. Weisman, Robert E. Lemon, Tina Chin, Johanne Mongrain.
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