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The Auk, Volume 108, Number 1 (1991)

1 (January)


Stereoscopic Views of Three-Dimensional, Rectangular Flight Paths in Descending African White-Backed Vultures (Gyps Africanus). 1-7.
Vance A. Tucker.
Both High- and Low-Ranking White-Throated Sparrows Find Novel Locations of Food. 8-15.
R. Haven Wiley.
A Comparative Study of Cowbird Parasitism in Yellow-Headed Blackbirds and Red-Winged Blackbirds. 16-24.
Catherine P. Ortega, Alexander Cruz.
The Effects of Experience and Age on the Breeding Peformance of Western Gulls. 25-33.
Peter Pyle, Larry B. Spear, William J. Sydeman, David G. Ainley.
Energetics of Growth and Maturation in Sympatric Passerines That Fledge At Different Ages. 34-41.
Patrick J. Mock, Marina Khubesrian, Dee M. Larcheveque.
Song Categories and Their Functions in the Field Sparrow (Spizella Pusilla). 42-52.
Douglas A. Nelson, Lisa J. Croner.
Histological Basis of Age-Related Changes in Iris Color in the African Pied Starling (Spreo Bicolor). 53-59.
Neville Sweijd, Adrian J. F. K. Craig.
Mate Switching in Multibrooded House Wrens. 60-70.
Nancy E. Drilling, Charles F. Thompson.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 70.
Field and Laboratory Metabolism and Thermoregulation in Dovekies (Alle Alle). 71-78.
Geir Wing Gabrielsen, Jan R. E. Taylor, Marek Konarzewski, Fridtjof Mehlum.
The Effects of Tannins and Lipids on Digestion of Acorns By Acorn Woodpeckers. 79-88.
Walter D. Koenig.
Salt Tolerance in American Black Ducks, Mallards, and Their F1-Hybrids. 89-98.
Gregory G. Barnes, Thomas D. Nudds.
Seasonal Patterns of Reproduction in Heathland Honeyeaters Are Not Responses to Changing Nectar Availability. 99-107.
Doug P. Armstrong, Graham H. Pyke.
The Effect of Molting on the Gliding Performance of a Harris' Hawk (Parabuteo Unicinctus). 108-113.
Vance A. Tucker.
Notes and News. 113.
Variation in Resource Abundance Affects Capture Rates of Birds in Three Lowland Habitats in Costa Rica. 114-130.
John G. Blake, Bette A. Loiselle.
Diet and Postnatal Energetics in Convergent Taxa of Plankton-Feeding Seabirds. 131-146.
Daniel D. Roby.
Sexual Selection and Parasites in Wood-Warblers. 147-152.
Patrick J. Weatherhead, Gordon F. Bennett, Dave Shutler.
Older Males Have Bigger Knobs: Correlates of Ornamentation in Two Species of Curassow. 153-160.
Richard Buchholz.
In Memoriam: Robert M. Mengel. 161-164.
Harrison B. Tordoff.
In Memoriam: Konrad Lorenz, 1903-1989. 164-165.
Peter Marler.
Editorial. the Conservation Crisis. 199.
Terry Root, Peter Stacey.
William Brewster Memorial Award, 1990. 214-215.
Fred Cooke.
Reviews. 216-224.


The Conservation Crisis the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker: on the Road to Oblivion?. 200-201.
The Taxonomic Status of the Small Genovesa Ground-Finch in the Gal. 201-204.
Dolph Schluter, Laurene M. Ratcliffe, Peter R. Grant.
Response to Schluter, Ratcliffe, and Grant. 204-206.
Joseph Vagvolgyi, Maria W. Vagvolgyi.
The Use of Flow Cytometry For Rapid Identification of Sex in Birds. 206-208.
Terrence R. Tiersch, Ronald L. Mumme, Robert W. Chandler, Dean Nakamura.
On Forming an Ornithological Council. 208-209.
Richard C. Banks.
The Interspecific Relationship Between Egg Size and Clutch Size in Wildfowl. 209-211.
T. M. Blackburn.
Response to T. M. Blackburn. 211-213.
Frank C. Rohwer.

Short Communications

Sequential Polyandry in the Common Redpoll (Carduelis Flammea). 166-170.
Gilles Seutin, Peter T. Boag, Bradley N. White, Laurene M. Ratcliffe.
The Enigma of Multiple Nest Building By Male Marsh Wrens. 170-173.
Karen J. Metz.
Facultative Helping By Pygmy Nuthatches. 173-176.
William J. Sydeman.
Odor Detection Thresholds in Tree Swallows and Cedar Waxwings. 177-180.
Larry Clark.
Feeding Time and Brood-Rearing Capacity in the Common Treecreeper (Certhia Familiaris). 180-184.
Markku Kuitunen, Jukka Suhonen.
Diet of Murres Caught Incidentally During Winter in Northern Japan. 184-185.
Haruo Ogi, Kouzi Shiomi.
The Type Locality of Fringilla Savanna Wilson. 185-186.
Kenneth C. Parkes, Robin K. Panza.
How Great Tits Use Song-Note and Whole-Song Features to Categorize Their Songs. 187-190.
Daniel M. Weary.
Identification of Nest Predators By Photography, Dummy Eggs, and Adhesive Tape. 190-195.
Richard E. Major.
The Adaptive Value of Thick-Shelled Eggs For Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 196-198.
Patrick J. Weatherhead.
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