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The Auk, Volume 107, Number 2 (1990)

2 (April)


Cercomacra Manu, a New Species of Antbird From Southwestern Amazonia. 239-245.
John W. Fitzpatrick, David E. Willard.
Sex and Age Dimorphism in the Barn Owl and a Test of Mate Choice. 246-254.
Carl D. Marti.
Remex Growth and Body Mass of Mallards During Wing Molt. 255-259.
Marek Panek, Przemyslaw Majewski.
Sexual Size Dimorphism and Parental Care Patterns in a Monomorphic and a Dimorphic Larid. 260-274.
James S. Quinn.
Errata. 274.
Extrapair Fertilizations and the Evolution of Colonial Breeding in Purple Martins. 275-283.
Eugene S. Morton, Lisa Forman, Michael Braun.
Cloacal Protuberance and Copulatory Behavior of the Alpine Accentor (Prunella Collaris). 284-295.
Masahiko Nakamura.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 295.
Some Problems and Approaches in Avian Mate Choice. 296-304.
Kristine Johnson, John M. Marzluff.
Comparative Population Biology of Four Prions (Genus Pachyptila) From the Indian Ocean and Consequences For Their Taxonomic Status. 305-316.
V. Bretagnolle, R. Zotier, P. Jouventin.
Notes and News. 316.
Breeding, Morphology, and Growth of the Endangered Dark-Rumped Petrel. 317-326.
Felipe Cruz, Justine B. Cruz.
Alternative Foods of a Diet Specialist, the Snail Kite. 327-333.
Steven R. Beissinger.
Promiscuity in the Cattle Egret (Bubulcus Ibis). 334-341.
N. G. Mckilligan.
Effects of Human Disturbance on Breeding Least and Crested Auklets At St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. 342-350.
John F. Piatt, Bay D. Roberts, Wayne W. Lidster, John L. Wells, Scott A. Hatch.
Foraging Habitat Partitioning in Roseate and Common Terns. 351-358.
Carl Safina.
Density Effects on Asynchronous Hatching and Brood Reduction in European Starlings. 359-366.
Philip C. Stouffer, Harry W. Power.
Competition Between European Starlings and Native Woodpeckers For Nest Cavities in Saguaros. 367-375.
Theodore A. Kerpez, Norman S. Smith.
Intake Rates and the Timing of Crossbill Reproduction. 376-386.
Craig W. Benkman.
Immediate Impact of the 'Exxon Valdez' Oil Spill on Marine Birds. 387-397.
John F. Piatt, Calvin J. Lensink, William Butler, Marshal Kendziorek, David R. Nysewander.
In Memoriam: Alfred E. Eynon, 1918-1988. 398.
Joseph J. Hickey.
In Memoriam: Willetta Lueshen, 1914-1989. 399.
C. Stuart Houston.
Reviews. 454-462.


A Note on Statistical Power. 438-439.
L. Scott Forbes.
Body Size and Fecundity in Lesser Snow Geese. 440-443.
Ray T. Alisauskas, C. Davison Ankney.
Response to Alisauskas and Ankney. 444-446.
Fred Cooke, J. Chris Davies, R. F. Rockwell.
Do Point Counting and Spot Mapping Produce Equivalent Estimates of Bird Densities?. 447-450.
Ludwik Tomialojc, Jared Verner.
Response to Tomialojc and Verner. 451-453.
Paul B. Hamel.

Short Communications

Carbon Isotope Ratio of Feathers Reveals Feeding Behavior of Cormorants. 400-403.
Hiroshi Mizutani, Michio Fukuda, Yuko Kabaya, Eitaro Wada.
A Comparison of Radar Observations of Bird Migration At Haizhou Bay, China, and Guam, Marianas. 404-406.
Timothy C. Williams, Mao Ying.
Renesting By American Woodcocks (Scolopax Minor) in Maine. 407-410.
Daniel G. Mcauley, Jerry R. Longcore, Greg F. Sepik.
Egg Size and Parental Quality Influence Nestling Growth in the Shag. 410-413.
Trond Amundsen, Jogeir N. Stokland.
Molt-Breeding Overlap in Northern Mockingbirds. 414-416.
Julia Zaias, Randall Breitwisch.
Sexual Differences in Nest Attendance and Chick-Feeding Rhythms of White Spoonbills. 416-420.
Eduardo Aguilera.
Temporal and Geographic Homogeneity of Gene Frequencies in the Fox Sparrow (Passerella Iliaca). 421-425.
Kevin J. Burns, Robert M. Zink.
Evidence For Redetermination of Migratory Direction Following Wind Displacement. 425-428.
Frank R. Moore.
Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of Nuclear Dna Reveals Differences in Repetitive Sequences in Two Species Pairs (Ficedula and Parus). 429-431.
Hans P. Gelter, H.
Terminal-Egg Chilling and Hatching Intervals in the American White Pelican. 431-434.
Roger M. Evans.
Habitat Choice in Captive Arctic Warblers. 434-437.
Kristen C. Van Patten, Trevor Price.
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