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The Auk, Volume 106, Number 3 (1989)

3 (July)


Effect of Prey Consumption on Foraging Activity of Northern Harriers. 353-357.
Ethan J. Temeles.
Sex Ratios, Host-Specific Reproductive Success, and Impact of Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 358-366.
Patrick J. Weatherhead.
Annual Survival Rates of Breeding Adult Roseate Terns. 367-374.
Jeffrey A. Spendelow, James D. Nichols.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 374.
Age and Breeding Performance of European Bee-Eaters. 375-382.
C. M. Lessells, J. R. Krebs.
Variation in Numbers of Scleral Ossicles and Their Phylogenetic Transformations Within the Pelecaniformes. 383-388.
Kenneth I. Warheit, David A. Good, Kevin De Queiroz.
Age, Resource Availability, and Breeding Effort in Brandt's Cormorant. 389-401.
Robert J. Boekelheide, David G. Ainley.
Wintering Wood Thrush Movements and Mortality in Southern Veracruz. 402-410.
John H. Rappole, Mario A. Ramos, Kevin Winker.
Notes and News. 410.
Genetic Variability in Cory's Shearwater (Calonectris Diomedea). 411-417.
Ettore Randi, Fernando Spina, Bruno Massa.
Cache Size in Shrikes Influences Female Mate Choice and Reproductive Success. 418-421.
Reuven Yosef, Berry Pinshow.
The Systematic Position of the Plantcutters, Phytotoma. 422-432.
Scott M. Lanyon, Wesley E. Lanyon.
Natural Incubation, Egg Neglect, and Hatchability in the Ancient Murrelet. 433-438.
Anthony J. Gaston, David W. Powell.
Body Reserve and Food Use By Incubating Canada Geese. 439-446.
Andrew J. Murphy, David A. Boag.
Richness of Breeding Bird Species in Mixed-Conifer Forests of the Sierra Nevada, California. 447-463.
Jared Verner, Terry A. Larson.
In Memoriam: Robert James Newman. 464-465.
Frances C. James.
In Memoriam: Frank B. Smithe (1892-1989). 466.
Dean Amadon.
Reviews. 525-531.
Thirty-Seventh Supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds. 532-538.


A New Classification of the Living Birds of the World. 508-512.
Ernst Mayr.
Response to E. Mayr. 512-515.
Charles G. Sibley.
Response to E. Mayr. 515-516.
Burt L. Monroe Jr.
Statistical Inference From Color-Banding Data. 517-518.
Geoffrey E. Hill, David E. Carr.
Response to Hill and Carr. 518-520.
John M. Hagan, J. Michael Reed.
Sex Ratios of Fledgling Golden Eagles. 520-521.
Gary R. Bortolotti.
Sex Ratios of Fledgling Golden Eagles and Jackrabbit Densities. 521-522.
Todd W. Arnold.
Response to G. R. Bortolotti and T. W. Arnold. 523-524.
Thomas C. Edwards Jr., Michael W. Collopy.

Short Communications

Diving Differences Between Western and Clark's Grebes. 467-470.
Gary L. Nuechterlein, Deborah P. Buitron.
Vocal Behavior of Swinhoe's Storm-Petrel (Oceanodroma Monorhis). 471-474.
Miki Taoka, Pyong-Oh Won, Hiroshi Okumura.
Flight Range Estimates For Shorebirds. 474-476.
Gonzalo Castro, J. P. Myers.
Impact of Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism on the Reproductive Success of the Solitary Vireo. 476-480.
Rebecca E. Marvil, Alexander Cruz.
A Comparison of Two Methods of Estimating Breeding Group Size in Harris' Hawks. 480-483.
James W. Dawson, R. William Mannan.
Breeding Opportunities, Foraging Rates, and Parental Care in White-Winged Crossbills. 483-485.
Craig W. Benkman.
An Effective Anti-Estrogen For Feral Birds. 485-487.
Alfred M. Dufty Jr.
Implications of Recapture Data For Migration of the Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus Rufus) in the Rocky Mountains. 488-489.
William A. Calder Iii, Elinor G. Jones.
Body-Mass Dependent Fledging Order in the Great Tit. 490-492.
Jonas Lemel.
Genetic Structure and Gene Flow in the Northern Bobwhite. 492-495.
Darrell L. Ellsworth, John L. Roseberry, W. D. Klimstra.
Gull Predation on Cassin's Auklet Varies With the Lunar Cycle. 495-497.
Douglas A. Nelson.
Sexual Dimorphism of Chatter-Calls and Vocal Sex Recognition in Leach's Storm-Petrels (Oceanodroma Leucorhoa). 498-501.
Miki Taoka, Tetsu Sato, Tsutomu Kamada, Hiroshi Okumura.
Orientation of Trans-Saharan Passerine Migrants in Southwestern Spain. 501-502.
Gudrun Hilgerloh.
Breeding Biology of the Sunbittern (Eurypyga Helias) in Costa Rica. 503-507.
Bruce E. Lyon, Michael P. L. Fogden.
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