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The Auk, Volume 106, Number 1 (1989)

1 (January)


Experimental Induction of Infanticide in Female Wattled Jacanas. 1-7.
A Critical Review of the Transoceanic Migration of the Blackpoll Warbler. 8-17.
Notes and News. 17.
Variation in Daily Energy Expenditure in Nesting Northern Wheatears (Oenanthe Oenanthe). 18-25.
Egg Temperatures and Parental Behavior During the Transition From Incubation to Brooding in the American White Pelican. 26-33.
Plumage Pigment Differences in Manakins of the Pipra Erythrocephala Superspecies. 34-41.
Jocelyn Hudon, A. P. Capparella, Alan H. Brush.
Search-Path Characteristics of Foraging Ruddy Ducks. 42-48.
Michael W. Tome.
Characteristics, Use, and Significance of Two Singing Behaviors in Grace's Warbler (Dendroica Graciae). 49-63.
Cynthia A. Staicer.
Physiological Basis and Ecological Consequences of Sugar Preferences in Cedar Waxwings. 64-71.
Carlos Mart.
The Natal Dispersal of Ruffed Grouse. 72-79.
Robert J. Small, Donald H. Rusch.
Gastric Emptying and Gastrointestinal Motility in Leach's Storm-Petrel Chicks (Oceanodroma Leuchorhoa). 80-85.
G. E. Duke, A. R. Place, B. Jones.
Reproductive Activity of Force-Paired Cockatiels (Nymphicus Hollandicus). 86-93.
J. T. Yamamoto, K. M. Shields, J. R. Millam, T. E. Roudybush, C. R. Grau.
Conditions and Significance of Night Feeding in Shorebirds and Other Water Birds in a Tropical Lagoon. 94-101.
Michel Robert, Raymond Mcneil, Alain Leduc.
Nest-Site Tenacity and Patterns of Adult Mortality in Nesting California Gulls (Larus Californicus). 102-106.
Joseph R. Jehl Jr.
Relationships of Steroid Hormones and Polygyny to Territorial Status, Breeding Experience, and Reproductive Success in Male Red-Winged Blackbirds. 107-117.
Les D. Beletsky, Gordon H. Orians, John C. Wingfie
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 117.
Comparisons of Patch-Use Models For Wintering American Tree Sparrows. 118-123.
Sarah Gaines.
Geographic Variation of Group Size, Ontogeny, Rattle Calls, and Body Size in Aphelocoma Ultramarina. 124-128.
Jerram L. Brown, Eric G. Horvath.
Pitfalls and Improved Techniques in Avian Parentage Studies. 129-136.
Linda Romagnano, Terry R. Mcguire, Harry W. Power.
In Memoriam: Ralph W. Schreiber, 1942-1988. 137-139.
Glen E. Woolfenden.
In Memoriam: Betty Carnes, 1905-1987. 140.
C. Stuart Houston.
Reviews. 165-176.


Aerial Agility and the Evolution of Reversed Sexual Dimorphism (Rsd) in Shorebirds. 154-155.
Helmut C. Mueller.
Response: Evolution of Sexual Size Dimorphism. 155-157.
Joseph R. Jehl Jr., Bertram G. Murray Jr.
The Study of Geographic Variation. 157-160.
Robert M. Zink.
Response to R. M. Zink. 160-163.
J. D. Rising.
Response to P. R. Ehrlich, D. S. Dobkin, and D. Wheye. 163-164.
Eloise F. Potter.

Short Communications

Flight Speeds and Energy Requirements For White Ibises on Foraging Flights. 141-144.
C. J. Pennycuick, Toni De Santo.
The Taxonomic Status of the Small Ground-Finch, Geospiza (Aves: Emberizidae) of Genovesa Island, Gal. 144-148.
Joseph Vagvolgyi, Maria W. Vagvolgyi.
Homing Experiment With Leach's Storm-Petrels. 148-150.
Elizabeth Cary Pierson, Charles E. Huntington, Nathaniel T. Wheelwright.
Sex Differences in Risk-Taking Behavior in Foraging Flocks of House Sparrows. 150-153.
Randall Breitwisch, Joann Hudak.
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