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The Auk, Volume 105, Number 3 (1988)

3 (July)


A Classification of the Living Birds of the World Based on Dna-Dna Hybridization Studies. 409-423.
Charles G. Sibley, Jon E. Ahlquist, Burt L. Monroe Jr.
Notes and News. 423-491.
Status Signaling Is Absent Within Age-And-Sex Classes of Harris' Sparrows. 424-427.
Wendy M. Jackson, Sievert Rohwer, Robin L. Winnegrad.
Coordination of Incubation Routines and Mate Choice in Ad. 428-432.
Lloyd S. Davis.
Nest-Site Selection and Temporal Patterns in Habitat Use of Roseate and Common Terns. 433-438.
Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld.
Site Fidelity and Survival Differences Between Two Groups of New World Red Knots (Calidris Canutus). 439-445.
Brian A. Harrington, John M. Hagan, Linda E. Leddy.
Forelimb Joint Mobility and the Evolution of Wing-Propelled Diving in Birds. 446-451.
Robert J. Raikow, Lesley Bicanovsky, Anthony H. Bledsoe.
A Partial Classification of Waterfowl (Anatidae) Based on Single-Copy Dna. 452-459.
Cort S. Madsen, Kevin P. Mchugh, Siwo R. De Kloet.
Radar and Visual Observations of Autumnal (Southward) Shorebird Migration on Guam. 460-466.
Timothy C. Williams, Janet M. Williams.
Evidence of Former Allopatry of the Two Color Phases of Lesser Snow Geese (Chen Caerulescens Caerulescens). 467-479.
F. Cooke, D. T. Parkin, R. F. Rockwell.
Natal and Breeding Dispersal in House Wrens (Troglodytes Aedon). 480-491.
Nancy E. Drilling, Charles F. Thompson.
Evidence Against Observational Learning in Storage and Recovery of Seeds By Black-Capped Chickadees. 492-497.
Myron Charles Baker, Eric Stone, Ann Eileen Miller Baker, Robert J. Shelden, Patricia Skillicorn
Red Color Bands Reduce Fledging Success in Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers. 498-503.
John M. Hagan, J. Michael Reed.
Nuclear Dna Evolution and Phylogeny of the New World Nine-Primaried Oscines. 504-515.
Anthony H. Bledsoe.
Molecular Genetic Divergence Between Avian Sibling Species: King and Clapper Rails, Long-Billed and Short-Billed Dowitchers, Boat-Tailed and Great-Tailed Grackles, and Tufted and Black-Crested Titmice. 516-528.

100 Years Ago in the Auk. 528.

An Early Condor-Like Vulture From North America. 529-535.
Steven D. Emslie.
Reproductive Success of Hand-Reared Vs. Parent-Reared Cockatiels (Nymphicus Hollandicus). 536-542.
S. A. Myers, J. R. Millam, T. E. Roudybush, C. R. Grau.
Molt in the Annual Cycle of Canvasbacks. 543-552.
James R. Lovvorn, Jeb A. Barzen.
Energy Expenditure in Reproductive Effort of Male and Female Killdeer (Charadrius Vociferus). 553-564.
Dianne H. Brunton.
The Stochastic Mode of Molecular Evolution: What Consequences For Systematic Investigations?. 565-573.
Scott M. Lanyon.
In Memoriam: Sir Charles Fleming, 1916-1987. 574.
John Warham.
Editorial K. Elisabeth K. Pacala. 592.
Alan H. Brush.
Reviews. 593-607.


Progressive Analysis of Avian Vocal Repertoires With Special Reference to the Brown Noddy. 589-590.
Nicholas E. Collias.
Female Song in Willow Flycatchers. 590-591.
David E. Davis.
Response to D. E. Davis. 591.
Gilles Seutin.

Short Communications

Evidence of Reproductive Error in Adoption of Nestling Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia Sialis). 575-578.
Jonathan H. Plissner, Patricia Adair Gowaty.
A 3:1 Ratio of Mandible Crossing Direction in White-Winged Crossbills. 578-579.
Craig W. Benkman.
Nestling Transfer in the Northern Shrike (Lanius Excubitor). 580-581.
Reuven Yosef, Berry Pinshow.
Polygyny in the Northern Shrike (Lanius Excubitor) in Israel. 581-582.
Reuven Yosef, Berry Pinshow.
Weather-Dependent Mixed-Species Flocking During the Winter. 583-584.
Bert C. Klein.
Nest Density and Population Size of Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus Magellanicus) At Cabo Dos Bahias, Argentina. 585-588.
Angel Capurro, Esteban Frere, Marcelo Gandini, Patricia Gandini, Tomas Holik, Victor
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