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The Auk, Volume 104, Number 3 (1987)

3 (July)


Olfactory Navigation in Homing Pigeons: Are the Current Models Atmospherically Realistic?. 369-379.
Jerry A. Waldvogel.
Biochemical Systematics Within Palaeotropic Finches (Aves: Estrildidae). 380-392.
L. Christidis.
Pair and Group Reproductive Success, Polyandry, and Cooperative Breeding in Harris' Hawks. 393-404.
James C. Bednarz.
Erratum. 404.
Territory Establishment, Size, and Tenacity By Male Red-Winged Blackbirds. 405-412.
Jaroslav Picman.
Social Displays in Red-Winged Blackbirds (Agelaius Phoeniceus): Sensitivity to Thermoregulatory Costs. 413-420.
William R. Santee, George S. Bakken.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 420.
Geographic Variation and Evolution in the California Gull (Larus Californicus). 421-428.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Vigilance in the White-Breasted Nuthatch: Effects of Dominance and Sociality. 429-434.
Thomas A. Waite.
Factors Affecting Variation in the Egg and Duckling Components of Wood Ducks. 435-443.
Gary R. Hepp, Donna J. Stangohr, Leslie A. Baker, Robert A. Kennamer.
Allozymes and Genetic Similarity of Blue-Winged and Golden-Winged Warblers. 444-449.
Frank B. Gill.
Copulation and Mate Guarding in the Northern Fulmar. 450-461.
Scott A. Hatch.
Effects of Experimental Manipulation of Testosterone Levels on Parental Investment and Breeding Success in Male House Sparrows. 462-469.
Robert E. Hegner, John C. Wingfield.
Notes and News. 469-490.
Effects of Brood-Size Manipulations on Parental Investment, Breeding Success, and Reproductive Endocrinology of House Sparrows. 470-480.
Robert E. Hegner, John C. Wingfield.
Spacing of Adult and Subadult Male Common Capercaillie During the Breeding Season. 481-490.
Per Wegge, Bj.
Nesting Mortality and Habitat Selection By Marsh Wrens. 491-495.
Marty L. Leonard, Jaroslav Picman.
Predation and Antipredator Behavior At Guianan Cock-Of-The-Rock Leks. 496-507.
Pepper W. Trail.
In Memoriam: Samuel Charles Kendeigh. 508-509.
Roger D. Applegate.
Editorial. 569.
Alan H. Brush.
Reviews. 570-590.
Thirty-Sixth Supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds. 591-596.


Release of Captive-Reared or Translocated Endangered Birds: What Do We Need to Know?. 544-545.
J. Michael Scott, James W. Carpenter.
Body Condition in Eastern Kingbirds. 546-547.
Ray T. Alisauskas, C. Davison Ankney, David G. Krementz.
Response to Alisauskas, Ankney, and Krementz. 547-549.
Michael T. Murphy.
Female Choice in Middendorff's Grasshopper-Warbler?. 549-550.
Jill P. Lightbody.
Response to J.P. Lightbody. 550-551.
Hisashi Nagata.
A New Paradigm For the Analysis and Interpretation of Growth Data: The Shape of Things to Come. 552-554.
I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr., Charles T. Collins, Gary C. White, D. Archibald Mccallum.
On Paradigms Vs. Methods in the Study of Growth. 554-555.
Michael Gochfeld.
A Historical Explanation For Polyandry in Wilson's Phalarope. 555-556.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Dna Hybridization and Avian Systematics. 556-563.
Jon E. Ahlquist, Anthony H. Bledsoe, Frederick H. Sheldon, Charles G. Sibley.
Estimation of Phylogeny From Molecular Distance Data: The Issue of Variable Rates. 563-565.
Anthony H. Bledsoe.
Response to A. H. Bledsoe and J. E. Ahlquist Et Al.. 566-568.
Peter Houde.

Short Communications

A Technique For Salvaging Anatomical Material From Study Skins of Rare or Extinct Birds. 510-512.
Storrs L. Olson, J. Phillip Angle, Frederick V. Grady, Helen F. James.
Brown-Headed Cowbirds Learn Flight Whistles After the Juvenile Period. 512-516.
Stephen I. Rothstein, Robert C. Fleischer.
Interisland Variation in Blood Drinking By Gal. 517-521.
Robert L. Curry, David J. Anderson.
Further Evidence of Long-Term Pair Bonds in Ducks of the Genus Bucephala. 521-522.
Gilles Gauthier.
Earth's Magnetism and the Nocturnal Orientation of Migratory European Robins. 523-525.
Verner P. Bingman.
Secondary Sex Ratios and Egg Sequence in Herring Gulls. 526-528.
John P. Ryder, Beatrice M. Termaat.
The Vocalizations of the Slender-Billed Wren (Hylorchilus Sumichrasti) Who Are Its Close Relatives?. 528-530.
John William Hardy, Dale J. Delaney.
Energy Savings Attending Winter-Nest Use By Verdins (Auriparus Flaviceps). 531-535.
William A. Buttemer, Lee B. Astheimer, Wesley W. Weathers, Anita M. Hayworth.
The Center-Edge Effect: The Result of a War of Attrition Between Territorial Contestants?. 535-538.
Luc-Alain Giraldeau, Ron Ydenberg.
On the Extent and Source of Instability in Avian Nomenclature, As Exemplified By North American Birds. 538-542.
Storrs L. Olson.
First Specimen of Stonechat (Saxicola Torquata) For North America. 542-543.
Timothy O. Osborne, G. Kasha Osborne.
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