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The Auk, Volume 104, Number 2 (1987)

2 (April)


Effects of Nestling Diet on Growth and Adult Size of Zebra Finches (Poephila Guttata). 155-166.
Peter T. Boag.
Seasonal Aspects of the Diet of Bonaparte's Gulls (Larus Philadelphia) in the Quoddy Region, New Brunswick, Canada. 167-172.
Birgit M. Braune.
Sugar-Tasting Ability and Fruit Selection in Tropical Fruit-Eating Birds. 173-179.
Douglas J. Levey.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 179.
Divergent Prey Selection in Two Species of Waterthrushes (Seiurus). 180-187.
Robert J. Craig.
Experiments on the Control of Deceptive Signals of Status in White-Crowned Sparrows. 188-197.
Gary N. Fugle, Stephen I. Rothstein.
Yearly and Situational Changes in the Estimate of Repertoire Size in Northern Mockingbirds (Mimus Polyglottos). 198-207.
Kim C. Derrickson.
Plasma Levels of Prolactin and Gonadotropins During the Reproductive Cycle of White-Crowned Sparrows (Zonotrichia Leucophrys). 208-217.
Eve S. Hiatt, Arthur R. Goldsmith, Donald S. Farner.
Activity Budgets and Foraging Ranges of Breeding Common Murres. 218-224.
D. K. Cairns, K. A. Bredin, W. A. Montevecchi.
Interseasonal and Intersexual Resource Partitioning in Hairy and White-Headed Woodpeckers. 225-233.
Michael L. Morrison, Kimberly A. With.
Pairing Success of Kirtland's Warblers in Marginal Vs. Suitable Habitat. 234-241.
John R. Probst, Jack P. Hayes.
Economics of Breeding Territoriality in Male Calliope Hummingbirds. 242-253.
Doug P. Armstrong.
Ecology and Physiology of Fasting in King Penguin Chicks. 254-262.
Yves Cherel, Jean-Claude Stahl, Yvon Le Maho.
Diet Selection By Yearling Northwestern Crows (Corvus Caurinus) Feeding on Littleneck Clams (Venerupis Japonica). 263-269.
Howard Richardson, Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek.
Revision of Falco" Ramenta Wetmore and the Neogene Evolution of the Falconidae". 270-276.
Jonathan J. Becker.
Field Metabolism and Food Consumption of Savannah Sparrows During the Breeding Season. 277-289.
Joseph B. Williams.
Competitive Interactions Within and Between Species in a Guild of Avian Scavengers. 290-295.
Michael P. Wallace, Stanley A. Temple.
Chlorostilbon Bracei Lawrence, an Extinct Species of Hummingbird From New Providence Island, Bahamas. 296-302.
Gary R. Graves, Storrs L. Olson.
Notes and News. 302-349.
Suppression of Autumnal Migratory Unrest in Dark-Eyed Juncos Held During Summer On, Near, or Far From Their Previous Wintering Sites. 303-310.
Ellen D. Ketterson, Val Nolan, Jr.
Influence of Population Size on Habitat Use By Territorial Male Red-Winged Blackbirds in Agricultural Landscapes. 311-315.
Robert G. Clark, Patrick J. Weatherhead.
In Memoriam: George J. Wallace. 316-317.
John William Hardy.
In Memoriam: Cyrus Mark, 1900-1983. 318.
Melvin A. Traylor, Jr.
In Memoriam: William Walker Hamilton Gunn, 1913-1984. 318-319.
W. John Richardson.
In Memoriam: Claes Christian Olrog, 1912-1985. 319.
Paul Handford.
Reviews. 350-366.
Brewster and Coues Awards, 1986. 367-368.


Spacing Behavior and Population Regulation in Female Blue Grouse. 344-345.
Susan J. Hannon, Fred C. Zwickel.
Response to S. J. Hannon and F. C. Zwickel. 345-347.
A. T. Bergerud, H. E. Butler.
Ornithology in Central and South America. 348-349.
Paul C. James.

Proceedings Of The One Hundred And Fourth StatedMeeting Of The American Ornithologists' Union

Introduction. t0001-t0023.
Ia. Symposium Migratory Birds in the Tropics. t0007-t0008.
Ib. Symposium Evolutionary Significance of Geographic Variation. t0008-t0008.
Iia. Mating & Parental Investment. t0008-t0009.
Iib. Foraging & Spacing. t0009-t0009.
Iic. Community Ecology. t0009-t0010.
Iiia. Systematics & Evolution I. t0010-t0010.
Iiib. Breeding Biology. t0010-t0011.
Iva. Behavioral Ecology. t0011-t0011.
Ivb. Physiology/Migration. t0011-t0012.
Va. Evolution & Systematics Ii. t0012-t0012.
Vb. Population Ecology. t0012-t0013.
Via. Behavior. t0013-t0013.
Vib. Vocalizations. t0013-t0013.
Resolutions. t0013-t0015.
Council of the American Ornithologists' Union For 1986-1987. t0015-t0017.
American Ornithologists' Union Financial Statements. t0018-t0023.

Short Communications

Localization of Oviductal Sperm-Storage Tubules in the American Kestrel (Falco Sparverius). 321-324.
Murray R. Bakst, David M. Bird.
Malate Dehydrogenase Isozymes Provide a Phylogenetic Marker For the Piciformes (Woodpeckers and Allies). 324-328.
John C. Avise, Charles F. Aquadro.
Female Song in Willow Flycatchers (Empidonax Traillii). 329-330.
Gilles Seutin.
Limitations of Tetracycline in Tracing Multiple Maternity. 330-333.
John Mca. Eadie, Kimberly M. Cheng, Cathleen R. Nichols.
It Is Expensive to Be Dominant. 333-336.
Olav Hogstad.
The Snapshot" Count For Estimating Densities of Flying Seabirds During Boat Transects: A Cautionary Comment". 336-338.
A. J. Gaston, B. L. Collins, A. W. Diamond.
Avian Play: Comparative Evolutionary and Developmental Trends. 338-341.
Joseph C. Ortega, Marc Bekoff.
A Selfish Herd of Martins. 342-343.
Doris J. Watt, Douglas W. Mock.

Supplement 1

Recent Ornithological Literature. s0001-s0040.
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