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The Auk, Volume 104, Number 1 (1987)

1 (January)


Allozymic Correlates of Dominance Rank in Sparrows. 1-10.
Robert M. Zink, Doris J. Watt.
Foraging Behavior of Northern Harriers Wintering in Southeastern Salt and Freshwater Marshes. 11-16.
Michael W. Collopy, Keith L. Bildstein.
Critical Evaluation of Dna Hybridization Studies in Avian Systematics. 17-32.
Peter Houde.
Notes and News. 32.
Sex Ratios of Prefledging Western Gulls. 33-37.
James R. Sayce, George L. Hunt, Jr.
Determinants of Great Blue Heron Colony Distribution in Coastal Maine. 38-47.
James P. Gibbs, Susan Woodward, Malcolm L. Hunter, Alan E. Hutchinson.
Ecology and Behavior of the Buff-Tailed Sicklebill (Paradisaeidae: Epimachus Albertisi). 48-55.
Bruce M. Beehler.
Breeding and Nonbreeding Season Mortality of Territorial Male Red-Winged Blackbirds (Agelaius Phoeniceus). 56-62.
Ken Yasukawa.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 62.
Use of Song Repertoires Among Marsh Wren Populations. 63-72.
Donald E. Kroodsma, Jared Verner.
Relationships Between Sex of Gosling and Position in the Laying Sequence, Egg Mass, Hatchling Size, and Fledgling Size. 73-76.
Yves Leblanc.
Lek Organization in Sage Grouse: Variations on a Territorial Theme. 77-84.
R. M. Gibson, J. W. Bradbury.
Successive Nesting and Autumnal Breeding in Harris' Hawks. 85-96.
James C. Bednarz.
Phylogeny of Herons Estimated From Dna-Dna Hybridization Data. 97-108.
Frederick H. Sheldon.
Intraspecific Variation in Migratory Pattern of a Partial Migrant, the Blue Tit (Parus Caeruleus): An Evaluation of Different Hypotheses. 109-115.
Henrik G. Smith, Jan-.
Unrepeatable Repeatabilities: A Common Mistake. 116-121.
C. M. Lessells, Peter T. Boag.
In Memoriam: Joel Carl Welty, 1901-1986. 122.
Ken Yasukawa.
Reviews. 147-154.


The Water Repellency of Water-Bird Feathers. 140-142.
Arie M. Rijke.
Response to A.M. Rijke. 142-143.
A. Margaret Elowson.
Jackknifing and Bootstrapping: Important New" Statistical Techniques For Ornithologists". 144-146.
Scott M. Lanyon.

Short Communications

Hybridization of Glaucous and Herring Gulls At the Mackenzie Delta, Canada. 123-125.
Larry B. Spear.
Histological Evidence For the Systematic Position of Hesperornis (Odontornithes: Hesperornithiformes). 125-129.
Peter Houde.
Ocean Internal Waves As Sources of Small-Scale Patchiness in Seabird Distribution on the Blake Plateau. 129-133.
J. Christopher Haney.
Do Male Hooded Warblers Exclude Females From Nonbreeding Territories in Tropical Forest?. 133-135.
Eugene S. Morton, James F. Lynch, Kimberley Young, Patricia Mehlhop.
A New Technique For Releasing Migrants From Orientation Cages. 135-139.
Kenneth P. Able, Scott B. Terrill.
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