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The Auk, Volume 103, Number 3 (1986)

3 (July)


Food Passage and Intestinal Nutrient Absorption in Hummingbirds. 453-464.
William H. Karasov, Duong Phan, Jared M. Diamond, F. Lynn Carpenter.
Body Size and Condition, Timing of Breeding, and Aspects of Egg Production in Eastern Kingbirds. 465-476.
Michael T. Murphy.
Effects of Body Weight and Age on the Time of Pairing of American Black Ducks. 477-484.
Gary R. Hepp.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 484.
Metabolism, Growth, and Activity in Ad. 485-493.
Theresa L. Bucher, George A. Bartholomew, W. Z. Trivelpiece, N.J. Volkman.
Predation As a Selective Force on Foraging Herons: Effects of Plumage Color and Flocking. 494-505.
Gloria S. Caldwell.
Notes and News. 505-530.
The Relationship Between Body Mass and Survival of Wintering Canvasbacks. 506-514.
G. M. Haramis, J. D. Nichols, K. H. Pollock, J. E. Hines.
Search Tactics of Insectivorous Birds Foraging in an Australian Eucalypt Forest. 515-530.
Richard T. Holmes, Harry F. Recher.
Fish Crow Predation on Eggs of the White Ibis At Battery Island, North Carolina. 531-539.
Mark A. Shields, James F. Parnell.
Erratum. 539.
The Social System of the Texas Green Jay. 540-547.
Douglas C. Gayou.
Differential Timing of Spring Migration in Wood Warblers (Parulinae). 548-556.
Charles M. Francis, Fred Cooke.
Abundance and Habitat Selection of Two American Kestrel Subspecies in North-Central Florida. 557-563.
Petra Bohall-Wood, Michael W. Collopy.
Behavioral and Ecological Correlates of Interference Competition Among Some Hawaiian Drepanidinae. 564-574.
John H. Carothers.
Seabird Geographic Variation: Similarity Among Populations of Leach's Storm-Petrel. 575-585.
Dennis M. Power, David G. Ainley.
Olfactory Sensitivity of the Turkey Vulture (Cathartes Aura) to Three Carrion-Associated Odorants. 586-592.
Steven A. Smith, Richard A. Paselk.
A Fixed-Radius Point Count Method For Nonbreeding and Breeding Season Use. 593-602.
Richard L. Hutto, Sandra M. Pletschet, Paul Hendricks.
In Memoriam: Jean (Theodore) Delacour. 603-605.
Ernst Mayr.
In Memoriam: Robert Cunningham Miller, 1899-1984. 606.
Robert T. Orr.
Reviews. 643-654.


Does Food Limit Clutch Size in Prairie Ducks?. 637-638.
David C. Duncan.
Response to D. C. Duncan. 638-639.
Frank C. Rohwer.
Design of Song Playback Experiments. 640-642.
Donald E. Kroodsma.

Short Communications

Is Long-Distance Migration Possible For Soaring Hawks Using Only Stored Fat?. 607-611.
Neal G. Smith, David L. Goldstein, George A. Bartholomew.
The First Documented Case of Polyandry For Wilson's Phalarope (Phalaropus Tricolor). 611-612.
Mark A. Colwell.
Oomorphology: A New Method. 613-617.
Raivo M.
Differential Digestion Rates of Prey By White-Chinned Petrels (Procellaria Aequinoctialis). 617-619.
Sue Jackson, Peter G. Ryan.
Infanticide By a Male Parent and By a New Female Mate in Colonial Egrets. 619-621.
Masahiro Fujioka.
An Assessment of Ground-Nest Depredation in a Catastrophically Disturbed Region, Mount St. Helens, Washington. 622-626.
Douglas C. Andersen, James A. Macmahon.
Brood Parasitism of Eastern Kingbirds By Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 626-628.
Michael T. Murphy.
A Taxonomic Reevaluation of the Plain Pigeon (Columba Inornata). 629-631.
Richard C. Banks.
Recovery of the Endangered Mauritius Kestrel From an Extreme Population Bottleneck. 632-633.
Stanley A. Temple.
Airspeed and Heading of Autumnal Migrants Over Hawaii. 634-635.
Timothy C. Williams, Janet M. Williams, Phillip D. Kloeckner.
Calcarius Lapponicus Coloratus in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. 635-636.
Daniel D. Gibson.
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