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The Auk, Volume 103, Number 2 (1986)

2 (April)


Vigilance Patterns of Bald Eagles Feeding in Groups. 263-272.
Susan K. Knight, Richard L. Knight.
Differences in Susceptibility to Predation During Nesting Between Pied and Black Stilts (Himantopus Spp.). 273-280.
Raymond J. Pierce.
A Previously Unknown Plumage of First-Year Indigo Buntings and Theories of Delayed Plumage Maturation. 281-292.
Sievert Rohwer.
Notes and News. 292-298.
Molt of Female Lesser Scaup Immediately Following Breeding. 293-298.
Jane E. Austin, Leigh H. Fredrickson.
Bioenergetics of Egg Production By Female House Sparrows. 299-305.
David G. Krementz, C. Davison Ankney.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 305.
Reproductive Performance of Seabirds: The Importance of Population and Colony Size. 306-317.
George L. Hunt, Jr., Zoe A. Eppley, David C. Schneider.
Why Does Intensity of Avian Nest Defense Increase During the Nesting Cycle?. 318-327.
Richard L. Knight, Stanley A. Temple.
Influence of Resource Abundance on Use of Tree-Fall Gaps By Birds in an Isolated Woodlot. 328-340.
John G. Blake, William G. Hoppes.
Generic Status of Euler's Flycatcher: A Morphological and Biochemical Study. 341-350.
Wesley E. Lanyon, Scott M. Lanyon.
An Analysis of Vocal Communication in Young Brown Noddies (Anous Stolidus). 351-358.
Diane E. Riska.
An Analysis of Vocal Communication in the Adult Brown Noddy (Anous Stolidus). 359-369.
Diane E. Riska.
The Influence of Moonlight on the Behavior of Goatsuckers (Caprimulgidae). 370-378.
Alexander M. Mills.
Survival Analysis of Eggs and Chicks of Ad. 379-388.
Lloyd S. Davis, Frances T. Mccaffrey.
Sources of Variation in Growth of Tree Swallows. 389-400.
Terry E. Quinney, David J. T. Hussell, C. Davison Ankney.
Proximate and Ultimate Causation of Egg Size and the Third-Chick Disadvantage" in the Western Gull". 401-407.
Raymond Pierotti, Cheryl A. Bellrose.
Old Age and Breeding Behavior in a Tropical Passerine Bird Ploceus Cucullatus Under Controlled Conditions. 408-419.
N. E. Collias, E. C. Collias, C. H. Jacobs, C. R. Cox, F. A. Mcalary.
In Memoriam: W. Rudyerd Boulton. 420.
Melvin A. Traylor, Jr.
Reviews. 444-449.
Brewster and Coues Awards. 450-451.


Polygyny in Tree Swallows: Response to R. E. Simmons. 442-443.
Terry E. Quinney.

Short Communications

Sexual Differences in the Spatial Distribution of Foraging in White-Throated Sparrows (Zonotrichia Albicollis). 421-423.
Fred E. Wasserman.
Parental Behavior of a Bigamous Male Northern Mockingbird. 424-427.
Randall Breitwisch, Ronald C. Ritter, Julia Zaias.
Stomach Pumping: Is Killing Seabirds Necessary?. 427-428.
Peter G. Ryan, Susan Jackson.
A Safe and Accurate Method For Force-Feeding Small Granivorous Birds. 429-431.
Mary E. Murphy, James R. King.
Philydor Hylobius Wetmore and Phelps Is a Synonym of Automolus Roraimae Hellmayr. 431-432.
Robert W. Dickerman, George F. Barrowclough, Peter F. Cannell, William H. Phelps, Jr., David E. Willard.
Evolution of Hole-Nesting in Birds: on Balancing Selection Pressures. 432-435.
Sven G. Nilsson.
Frequency of Arthropods in Stomachs of Tropical Hummingbirds. 436-441.
J. V. Remsen, Jr., F. Gary Stiles, Peter E. Scott.
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