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The Auk, Volume 102, Number 4 (1985)

4 (October)


Brood Division By Lapland Longspurs. 687-695.
Robert L. Mclaughlin, Robert D. Montgomerie.
Notes and News. 695-780.
Foreign Objects in Bird Nests. 696-700.
Michael R. Conover.
Iridescent Polychromatism in a Female Hummingbird: Is It Related to Feeding Strategies?. 701-713.
Robert Bleiweiss.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 713.
Habitat Segregation Between the Sexes of Wintering Hooded Warblers (Wilsonia Citrina). 714-721.
James F. Lynch, Eugene S. Morton, Martha E. Van Der Voort.
Why Hummingbirds Hover. 722-726.
Richard S. Miller.
The Diet of Thick-Billed Murre Chicks in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. 727-734.
A. J. Gaston.
Seasonal Timing, Geographic Distribution, and Flight Behavior of Broad-Winged Hawks During Spring Migration in South Texas: A Radar and Visual Study. 735-743.
Paul Kerlinger, Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr.
Short-Term Temporal Avoidance of Interspecific Acoustic Interference Among Forest Birds. 744-748.
James W. Popp, Robert W. Ficken, James A. Reinartz.
Water Loss and Pipping Sequence in the Eggs of the Red-Tailed Tropicbird (Phaethon Rubricauda). 749-753.
G. C. Whittow, G. S. Grant.
Cooperative Breeding in Lanius Shrikes. I. Habitat and Demography of Two Sympatric Species. 754-765.
Steve Zack, J. David Ligon.
Cooperative Breeding in Lanius Shrikes. Ii. Maintenance of Group-Living in a Nonsaturated Habitat. 766-773.
Steve Zack, J. David Ligon.
The Effect of Disturbance on Mourning Dove Nesting Success. 774-780.
David Westmoreland, Louis B. Best.
Hatching Asynchrony in the Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia Leucophrys Oriantha): A Selected or Incidental Trait?. 781-792.
Paul S. Mead, Martin L. Morton.
Ephemeral Roosts and Stable Patches? a Radiotelemetry Study of Communally Roosting Starlings. 793-804.
Douglas W. Morrison, Donald F. Caccamise.
Variation in Altitudinal Migration, Winter Segregation, and Site Tenacity in Two Subspecies of Dark-Eyed Juncos in the Southern Appalachians. 805-819.
Kerry N. Rabenold, Patricia Parker Rabenold.
Migratory Disposition and Choice of Diet By the Yellow-Rumped Warbler (Dendroica Coronata). 820-826.
Frank R. Moore, Patricia A. Simm.
Effects of Nine Years of Fox Predation on Two Species of Breeding Gulls. 827-833.
William E. Southern, Stephen R. Patton, Linda K. Southern, Lise A. Hanners.
Monophyly and Phylogenetic Relationships of the Pelecaniformes: A Numerical Cladistic Analysis. 834-853.
Joel Cracraft.
Social Modeling Theory: A Possible Framework For Understanding Avian Vocal Learning. 854-864.
Irene M. Pepperberg.
In Memoriam: Ira Noel Gabrielson. 865-868.
Henry M. Reeves, David B. Marshall.
In Memoriam: Launcelot Eric Richdale. 869.
John Warham.
In Memoriam: Edmund W. Mudge. 869.
Editorial. 903.
Reviews. 904-920.
Index to Volume 102. 921-934.


Patterns of Egg-Laying in Prairie Ducks. 896-897.
S. V. Briggs.
Counting Seabirds At Sea From Ships: Comments on Interstudy Comparisons and Methodological Standardization. 897-898.
J. Christopher Haney.
Response to J. C. Haney. 899-900.
Mark L. Tasker, Peter Hope Jones, Barry F. Blake, Tim J. Dixon.
Dominance Structuring of a Red-Winged Blackbird Roost: A Comment. 900-901.
Response to J.-F. Giroux. 901-902.
Patrick J. Weatherhead, Drew J. Hoysak.

Short Communications

Do Old Great Tits Forego Breeding?. 870-872.
Feeding Habits of the Citreoline Trogon in a Tropical Deciduous Forest During the Dry Season. 872-874.
Luis E Eguiarte, Carlos Mart.
Morphology and Physiology of Female-Female Pair Members. 874-878.
Kit M. Kovacs, John P. Ryder.
The Call of Bulwer's Petrel (Bulweria Bulwerii), and the Relationship Between Intersexual Call Divergence and Aerial Calling in the Nocturnal Procellariiformes. 878-882.
Paul C. James, Hugh A. Robertson.
Morphological Correlates of Synchronized Nesting in a Tricolored Blackbird Colony. 882-884.
John T. Emlen.
Food of Breeding Leach's Storm-Petrels (Oceanodroma Leucorhoa). 884-886.
Yutaka Watanuki.
Stability of Flock Composition in Urban Pigeons. 886-888.
Louis Lefebvre.
Erect Posture of the Young Black-Billed Cuckoo: An Adaptation For Early Mobility in a Nomadic Species. 889-892.
Spencer G. Sealy.
A Rapid Procedure For Obtaining Chromosome Preparations From Birds. 892-893.
L. Christidis.
The Effect of Allopreening on Tick Burdens of Molting Eudyptid Penguins. 893-895.
M. De L. Brooke.
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