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The Auk, Volume 101, Number 2 (1984)

2 (April)


Daily Energy Expenditure of Savannah Sparrows: Comparison of Time-Energy Budget and Doubly-Labeled Water Estimates. 221-229.
Joseph B. Williams, Kenneth A. Nagy.
The Relationships of the Starlings (Sturnidae: Sturnini) and the Mockingbirds (Sturnidae: Mimini). 230-243.
Charles G. Sibley, Jon E. Ahlquist.
Tests of Habituation to Song Repertoires By Carolina Wrens. 244-254.
Barbara S. Simpson.
Influence of Age and Time on Reproductive Performance of Female Lesser Scaup. 255-265.
Alan D. Afton.
Geographical Correlates of Abundance Vs. Rarity in Some North American Winter Landbirds. 266-273.
Carl E. Bock.
Common Terns Raise Young From Successive Broods. 274-280.
Helen Hays.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 280.
Occurrence and Timing of Second Clutches in Common Terns. 281-287.
David A. Wiggins, Ralph D. Morris, I. C. T. Nisbet, Thomas W. Custer.
Notes and News. 287-360.
Flight Energetics of Free-Living Sooty Terns. 288-294.
Elizabeth N. Flint, Kenneth A. Nagy.
Dietary Selectivity in Relation to Availability and Quality of Food For Goslings of Cackling Geese. 295-306.
James S. Sedinger, Dennis G. Raveling.
Reliability of Singing Bird Surveys: Changes in Observer Efficiency With Avian Density. 307-318.
Jonathan Bart, James D. Schoultz.
Important Notice Change in Editorial Offices of the Auk. 318.
Components of Variance in Measurements of Nestling European Starlings (Sturnus Vulgaris) in Southeastern Pennsylvania. 319-333.
Robert E. Ricklefs.
Growth Energetics of Nestling Northern Gannets (Sula Bassanus). 334-341.
W. A. Montevecchi, R. E. Ricklefs, I. R. Kirkham, D. Gabaldon.
Flight Speed and Directional Responses to Wind By Migrating Canada Geese. 342-348.
Michael L. Wege, Dennis G. Raveling.
Report of Meeting of the Committee on Classification and Nomenclature. 348.
A Complex Call of the Black-Capped Chickadee (Parus Atricapillus). I. Microgeographic Variation. 349-360.
Millicent S. Ficken, Charles M. Weise.
Nutrient Reserve Dynamics of Breeding and Molting Brant. 361-370.
C. Davison Ankney.
Spread-Wing Postures and the Water Repellency of Feathers: A Test of Rijke's Hypothesis. 371-383.
A. M. Elowson.
Reviews. 405-424.
Balzan Prize Awarded to Ernst Mayr. 425.


Differential Perch-Site Selection By Color Morphs of the Red-Tailed Hawk (Buteo Jamaicensis): A Response to C. R. Preston. 403-404.
Harald Czikeli.
Response to H. Czikeli. 404.
Charles R. Preston.

Short Communications

Diurnal Timing of Bird Surveys. 384-387.
Jonathan Bart, Jeffrey Herrick.
Vulnerability of Eggs and Young of the Blackish Nightjar (Caprimulgus Nigrescens) in Suriname. 388-391.
Johan Ingels, Jan-Hein Ribot, Ben H. J. De Jong.
Embryonic Growth of American Kestrels. 392-396.
David M. Bird, Jean Gautier, Vern Montpetit.
Cayenne Tern New to North America, With Comments on Its Relationship to Sandwich Tern. 396-398.
P. A. Buckley, Francine Geber Buckley.
Observer Visitation Frequency and Success of Mourning Dove Nests: A Field Experiment. 398-402.
James D. Nichols, H. Franklin Percival, Richard A. Coon, Michael J. Conroy, Gary L. Hensler, James E. Hines.
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