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The Auk, Volume 100, Number 4 (1983)

4 (October)


Parental Recognition of Offspring in the Cliff Swallow. 795-799.
Philip K. Stoddard, Michael D. Beecher.
The Foraging Ecology of Peruvian Seabirds. 800-810.
David Cameron Duffy.
The White-Crowned Sparrow: Reproductive Success (1975-1980). 811-825.
Lewis Petrinovich, Thomas L. Patterson.
Annual Variability in the Abundance of Migrant Landbirds on Southeast Farallon Island, California. 826-852.
David F. Desante.
An Hypothesis Concerning the Relationship of Syringeal Structure to Vocal Abilities. 853-862.
Abbot S. Gaunt.
The Pattern of Migration of Village Weaverbirds (Ploceus Cucullatus) in Southwestern Nigeria. 863-870.
A. S. Adegoke.
Speciation in Sapsuckers (Sphyrapicus): I. Genetic Differentiation. 871-884.
Ned K. Johnson, Robert M. Zink.
The Progress of Oriole Hybridization in Kansas. 885-897.
J. D. Rising.
The Reaction of Great Tits (Parus Major) to Playback of Degraded and Undegraded Songs: the Effect of Familiarity With the Stimulus Song Type. 898-906.
Peter K. Mcgregor, John R. Krebs, Laurene M. Ratcliffe.
Errata. 906.
Behavior and Taxonomic Status of Grayson's Dove. 907-919.
Luis F. Baptista, William I. Boarman, Paraskevas Kandianidis.
Sexual Roles in the Dot-Winged Antwren (Microrhopias Quixensis), a Tropical Forest Passerine. 920-925.
Russell Greenberg, Judy Gradwohl.
Variation in Incubation Period Within a Population of the European Starling. 926-931.
Robert E. Ricklefs, Cynthia A. Smeraski.
Notes and News. 931-952.
Factors Affecting the Distribution of Mallards Wintering in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. 932-946.
James D. Nichols, Kenneth J. Reinecke, James E. Hines.
Dominance Relations, Resource Use, and Pairing Chronology of Gadwalls in Winter. 947-952.
Stuart L. Paulus.
Nest-Site Selection by the Red-Tailed Tropicbird. 953-959.
L. Clark, R. E. Ricklefs, R. W. Schreiber.
Feeding Habitats of Nesting Wading Birds: Spatial Use and Social Influences. 960-970.
R. Michael Erwin.
Reviews. 1005-1021.
Index to Volume 100. 1022-1045.


The Capitalization of Birds' Names. 1003-1004.
Anselm Atkins.

Short Communications

Formalizing the Avoidance-Image Hypothesis: Critique of an Earlier Prediction. 971-974.
Sievert Rohwer.
Kirtland's Warbler, Victim of its own Rarity?. 974-976.
Harold F. Mayfield.
Basal Metabolism of the Apapane: Comparison of Freshly Caught Birds With Long-Term Captives. 977-978.
Wesley W. Weathers , Debra L. Weathers, Charles Van Riper Iii.
The Role of the Rhinoceros Auklet (Cerorhinca Monocerata) in Mixed-Species Feeding Assemblages of Seabirds in the Strait of Juan De Fuca, Washington. 979-982.
Jill J. Grover, Bori L. Olla.
Notes on Common and Antillean Nighthawks of the Florida Keys. 983-988.
Henry M. Stevenson, Eugene Eisenmann, Chester Winegarner, Alvan Karlin.
A New Subspecies of Caprimulgus Cubanensis (Aves: Caprimulgidae) From the Isle of Pines, Cuba. 988-991.
Orlando H. Garrido.
Rediscovery Of, and New Data On, Molothrus Armenti Cabanis. 991-992.
Armando Dugand, Eugene Eisenmann.
Lek Behavior of the Lesser Bird of Paradise. 992-995.
Bruce Beehler.
A Dusky Warbler (Phylloscopus Fuscatus) on Southeast Farallon Island, California. 995-996.
Peter B. Pyle, David F. Desante, Robert J. Boekelheide, Robert P. Henderson.
Resting Birds Tuck Bills Toward Outside of Group. 997-998.
Sylvia L. Halkin.
Functional Incubation in Male Barn Swallows. 998-1000.
Gregory F. Ball.
Defecation Behavior of Territorial and Nonterritorial Common Terns (Sterna Hirundo). 1001-1002.
I. C. T. Nisbet.
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