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The Auk, Volume 100, Number 1 (1983)

1 (January)


Frugivory and Polygamy in Birds of Paradise. 1-12.
Bruce Beehler.
Spacing Out At Mono Lake: Breeding Success, Nest Density, and Predation in the Snowy Plover. 13-24.
Gary W. Page, Lynne E. Stenzel, David W. Winkler, Christopher W. Swarth.
Notes and News. 24-169.
Intraseasonal Reproductive Costs for the House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus). 25-32.
W. Bruce Mcgillivray.
Genic Variation, Systematic, and Biogeographic Relationships of Some Galliform Birds. 33-47.
R. J. Guti.
Nest Attendance of Parent Birds in the Painted Snipe (Rostratula Benghalensis). 48-55.
Shigemoto Komeda.
Endocrine Responses to Inclement Weather in Naturally Breeding Populations of White-Crowned Sparrows (Zonotrichia Leucophrys Pugetensis). 56-62.
John C. Wingfield, Michael C. Moore, Donald S. Farner.
Sexual Differences in the Behavior of Adult Great Black-Backed Gulls (Larus Marinus) During the Pre- and Post-Hatch Periods. 63-75.
Ronald G. Butler, Saskia Janes-Butler.
Nest Microclimate, Water-Vapor Conductance, and Water Loss in Heron and Tern Eggs. 76-83.
Carol Masters Vleck, David Vleck, Hermann Rahn, Charles V. Paganelli.
Hunting Behavior, Prey Selection, and Energetics of Snail Kites in Guyana: Consumer Choice by a Specialist. 84-92.
Steven R. Beissinger.
Mollusk Predation by Snail Kites in Colombia. 93-97.
Noel F. R. Snyder, Herbert W. Kale Ii.
Behavior, Morphology, and Systematics of Sirystes Sibilator (Tyrannidae). 98-104.
Wesley E. Lanyon, John W. Fitzpatrick.
The Function of Singing in Female Black-Headed Grosbeaks (Pheucticus Melanocephalus): Family-Group Maintenance. 105-116.
Gary Ritchison.
Notes on the Behavior of the Costa Rican Sharpbill (Oxyruncus Cristatus Frater). 117-125.
F. Gary Stiles, Bret Whitney.
Evidence for a Polyphyletic Origin of the Piciformes. 126-133.
Storrs L. Olson.
Monophyly of the Piciformes: A Reply to Olson. 134-138.
Robert J. Raikow, Joel Cracraft.
Why Do Brown-Headed Cowbirds Perform the Head-Down Display?. 139-148.
Thomas W. Scott, Judith M. Grumstrup-Scott.
Time and Energy Budgets of the Mockingbird (Mimus Polyglottos) During the Breeding Season. 149-160.
Douglas W. Biedenweg.
Harlan's Hawk (Buteo Jamaicensis Harlani): A Valid Subspecies. 161-169.
David P. Mindell.
Adaptations of the Gray Catbird Dumetella Carolinensis to Long Distance Migration: Energy Stores and Substrate Concentrations in Plasma. 170-179.
Richard L. Marsh.
Variability in Island Populations of the House Finch. 180-187.
Dennis M. Power.
In Memoriam: Eugene Eisenmann. 188-191.
John Bull, Dean Amadon.
Reviews. 239-267.
Brewster Award, 1982. 268.
Robert E. Ricklefs.


On Sightings and Specimens. 225-226.
F. Gary Stiles.
Do Darwin's Finches Lay Small Eggs?. 226-227.
D. M. Scott, C. Davison Ankney.
The Relative Size of Darwin's Finch Eggs. 228-230.
P. R. Grant.
Further Notes on Variation in Leach's Storm-Petrel. 230-233.
David G. Ainley.
What Systematic Method Will Ornithology Adopt?--A Reply to Olson (1982). 233-236.
Joel Cracraft.
Evidence for Hybrid Murre Reconsidered. 236-237.
Ronald Sluys.
Evidence for Hybrid Murre Reconsidered--A Comment. 237-238.
D. K. Cairns.

Short Communications

Helping At the Nest in Darwin's Finches As Misdirected Parental Care. 192-194.
Trevor Price, Stephen Millington, Peter Grant.
Avoidance of Venomous Sea Snakes by Naive Herons and Egrets. 195-198.
Gloria Sullivan Caldwell, Roberta Wolff Rubinoff.
Winter Distribution of Subspecies of Clapper Rails (Rallus Longirostris) in Florida With Evidence for Long-Distance and Overland Movements. 198-200.
Robert L. Crawford, Storrs L. Olson, Walter Kingsley Tayl
Assortative Mating by Brant. 201-203.
Kenneth F. Abraham, C. Davison Ankney, H. Boyd.
Natal and Juvenal Plumages of the Blue-And-White Swallow (Notiochelidon Cyanoleuca). 203-205.
Keith A. Arnold, Eva Jolene Boyd, Charles T. Collins.
Postnuptial and Postjuvenal Molts of Red-Winged Blackbirds in Cass County, North Dakota. 206-209.
George M. Linz, Susan B. Bolin, J. Frank Cassel.
Female-Female Pairs and Polygynous Associations in a Qu. 210-212.
Marie-Christine Lagrenade, Pierre Mousseau.
A Record of the Siberian Flycatcher (Muscicapa Sibirica) From Bermuda: An Extreme Extra-Limital Vagrant. 212-213.
David B. Wingate.
Incidental Ingestion of Cassin's Auklets by Humpback Whales. 214.
William F. Dolphin, Daniel Mcsweeney.
Does Sex Ratio Vary With Egg Sequence in Lesser Snow Geese?. 215-217.
F. Cooke, R. Harmsen.
Effects of Intraspecific Piracy on Breeding Ring-Billed Gulls. 217-220.
Sue F. Elston, William E. Southern.
First Record of the South American Pochard in Central Brazil. 220-221.
Paulo De Tarso Zuquim Antas, Susana De Moura Lara Resende.
The Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus Magellanicus): Sexing Adults by Discriminant Analysis of Morphometric Characters. 221-224.
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