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The Auk, Volume 99, Number 4 (1982)

4 (October)


Mount St. Helens Ash: its Impact on Breeding Ring-Billed and California Gulls. 623-631.
James L. Hayward, Don E. Miller, Calvin R. Hill.
Patterns of Genic and Morphologic Variation Among Sparrows in the Genera Zonotrichia, Melospiza, Junco, and Passerella. 632-649.
Robert M. Zink.
Food, Predation, and Reproductive Ecology of the Dark-Eyed Junco in Northern Utah. 650-661.
Kimberly G. Smith, Douglas C. Andersen.
Sex Ratio Varies With Egg Sequence in Lesser Snow Geese. 662-666.
C. Davison Ankney.
Notes and News. 666-694.
Temperature Regulation in Two Endangered Hawaiian Honeycreepers: the Palila (Psittirostra Bailleui) and the Laysan Finch (Psittirostra Cantans). 667-674.
Wesley W. Weathers, Charles Van Riper, Iii.
Home Ranges of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in Coastal South Carolina. 675-682.
Robert G. Hooper, Lawrence J. Niles, Richard F. Harlow, Gene W. Wood.
Heritability of Egg Size, Hatch Weight, Body Weight, and Viability in Red Grouse (Lagopus Lagopus Scoticus). 683-686.
R. Moss, A. Watson.
Spring Movements of Female Blue Grouse: Evidence for Socially Induced Delayed Breeding in Yearlings. 687-694.
Susan J. Hannon, Lennart G. Sopuck, Fred C. Zwickel.
Hatching Asynchrony, Egg Size, Growth, and Fledging in Tree Swallows. 695-700.
Reto Zach.
Vegetation, Ground, and Frugivorous Foraging of the American Robin. 701-709.
Cynthia A. Paszkowski.
Avian Reproduction Over an Altitudinal Gradient: Incubation Period, Hatchling Mass, and Embryonic Oxygen Consumption. 710-718.
Cynthia Carey, Edward L. Thompson, Carol M. Vleck, Frances C. James.
Rejection of Cowbird Eggs by Crissal Thrashers. 719-724.
Deborah M. Finch.
Correction. 724.
Fat Deposition and Length of Stopover of Migrant White-Crowned Sparrows. 725-732.
Jeffrey D. Cherry.
A Critique of Cracraft's Classification of Birds. 733-739.
Storrs L. Olson.
Remarks on a World-Wide Inventory of Avian Anatomical Specimens. 740-757.
Richard L. Zusi, D. Scott Wood, Marion Anne Jenkinson.
Obituary. 800.
Book Reviews. 801-821.
Index to Volume 99. 822-839.


Variation and Nomenclature of Leach's Storm-Petrels. 793-797.
W. R. P. Bourne, J. R. Jehl, Jr.
The Condor Case: A Rallying Cry!. 797-798.
William D. Severinghaus.
The Condor Case: A Continuing Plea for Realism. 798-799.
Frank A. Pitelka.

Short Communications

Wing Fluttering by Mud-Gathering Cliff Swallows: Avoidance of Rape" Attempts?". 758-761.
Robert W. Butler.
Effect of Intrusion Pressure on Territory Size in Black-Chinned Hummingbirds (Archilochus Alexandri). 761-764.
Mary E. Norton, Peter Arcese, Paul W. Ewald.
Further Notes on the Juvenal Plumage of the Lesser Nighthawk. 764.
Robert W. Dickerman.
A Note on the Occurrence of Diatoms on the Feathers of Diving Seabirds. 765-766.
Donald A. Croll, Robert W. Holmes.
Enlarged Sex Chromosomes of Woodpeckers (Piciformes). 767-771.
Gerald F. Shields, Gordon H. Jarrell, Elizabeth Redrupp.
Individuality of Vocalizations in Dunlin: A Possible Acoustic Basis for Recognition of Parent by Offspring. 771-774.
Myron Charles Baker.
Wetland Salinity and Salt Gland Size in the Redhead Aythya Americana. 774-778.
Stephen E. Cornelius.
Occurrences of the Asiatic Marbled Murrelet [Brachyramphus Marmoratus Perdix (Pallas)] in North America. 778-781.
Spencer G. Sealy, Harry R. Carter, Delise Alison.
Breeding Ospreys Feed Fledglings That Are Not Their Own. 781-784.
Alan Poole.
Notes on the Breeding of the Chestnut-Bellied Heron (Agamia Agami) in Venezuela. 784.
Cristina Ramo, Benjamin Busto.
Nesting by One-Year-Old Black-Crowned Night Herons on Hope Island, Rhode Island. 784-786.
Thomas W. Custer, William E. Davis, Jr.
Records of the Crimson-Collared Grosbeak (Rhodothraupis Celaeno) From Texas. 787.
Michael J. Braun, Victor Emanuel.
Ani Male Apparently Killed by Other Anis While Attempting to Parasitize Nest. 787-788.
Robert K. Loflin.
Effects of Stage of the Breeding Cycle on Sage Sparrow Detectability. 788-791.
Louis B. Best, Kenneth L. Petersen.
Does the Woodcock Bob Or Rock--And Why?. 791-792.
William H. Marshall.
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