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The Auk, Volume 99, Number 1 (1982)

1 (January)


The White-Crowned Sparrow: Stability, Recruitment, and Population Structure in the Nuttall Subspecies (1975-1980). 1-14.
Lewis Petrinovich, Thomas L. Patterson.
Variation in the Size and Shape of Darwin's Finch Eggs. 15-23.
P. R. Grant.
Foraging-Flock Recruitment At a Black-Billed Gull Colony: Implications for the Information Center Hypothesis. 24-30.
Roger M. Evans.
Notes and News. 30-164.
How Important Are Bird Colonies As Information Centers?. 31-40.
Range D. Bayer.
The Hindlimb Musculature of the Mousebirds (Coliiformes). 41-57.
Susan L. Berman, Robert J. Raikow.
Territoriality and Behavioral Correlates of Reproductive Success of Great Black-Backed Gulls. 58-66.
Ronald G. Butler, Saskia Janes-Butler.
Feeding Ecology of Nonbreeding Populations of Larids Off Deer Island, New Brunswick. 67-76.
B. M. Braune, D. E. Gaskin.
Variability in Nest Survival Rates and Implications to Nesting Studies. 77-87.
A. T. Klett, Douglas H. Johnson.
Social Organization in a Nesting Population of Eastern Willets (Catoptrophorus Semipalmatus). 88-102.
Marshall A. Howe.
Comparative Genetics of Three Trumpeter Swan Populations. 103-108.
Victoria A. Barrett, E. R. Vyse.
Notice to Authors. 108.
The Role of Reproductive Success in Colony-Site Selection and Abandonment in Black Skimmers (Rynchops Niger). 109-115.
Joanna Burger.
Wood Duck Displays and Pairing Chronology. 116-122.
Judith Scherpelz Armbruster.
Summer Rainfall and Winter Sparrow Densities: A Test of the Food Limitation Hypothesis. 123-129.
John B. Dunning, Jr., James H. Brown.
The Relationships of the Hawaiian Honeycreepers (Drepaninini) As Indicated by Dna-Dna Hybridization. 130-140.
Charles G. Sibley, Jon E. Ahlquist.
Some Considerations on Sibling Competition and Avian Growth Rates. 141-147.
Robert E. Ricklefs.
Factors Affecting Feeding and Brooding of Gray Catbird Nestlings. 148-156.
Ellen J. Johnson, Louis B. Best.
Reproductive Success of Grassland Sparrows on a Reclaimed Surface Mine in West Virginia. 157-164.
Thomas Wray, Ii, Kenneth A. Strait, Robert C. Whitmore.
Reviews. 174-181.
Brewster and Coues Award, 1981. 182-183.
Information for Contributors to the Auk. 184-186.

Short Communications

Semi-Synthetic Diets As a Tool for Nutritional Ecology. 165-167.
Mary E. Murphy, James R. King.
First Record of the Great Auk (Pinguinus Impennis) From Labrador. 167-168.
Richard H. Jordan, Storrs L. Olson.
A Hybrid Between the Hooded and Silver Grebes (Podiceps Gallardoi and P. Occipitalis). 168-169.
Robert W. Storer.
Food Habits and Weight of Chimango Caracaras in Central Chile. 170-171.
Reciprocal Allopreening in the Brown-Headed Nuthatch. 171.
D. Bruce Barbour, Anthony R. Degange.
A Nest of Eutoxeres Aquila Heterura in Western Ecuador. 172-173.
Gregory O. Vigle.
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