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The Auk, Volume 98, Number 4 (1981)

4 (October)


Nesting Synchrony and Dispersion in Red-Winged Blackbirds: Is the Harem Competitive Or Cooperative?. 659-668.
Ken Yasukawa, William A. Searcy.
Genic Heterozygosity in the White-Crowned Sparrow: A Potential Index to Boundaries Between Subspecies. 669-680.
Kendall W. Corbin.
Toward a Phylogenetic Classification of the Recent Birds of the World (Class Aves). 681-714.
Joel Cracraft.
Limitation in Small Habitat Islands: Chance Or Competition?. 715-734.
Thomas E. Martin.
Molt of the Spotted Owl. 735-742.
Eric D. Forsman.
Errata. 742.
Geographical Variation and Functions of Song Types in Warblers (Parulidae). 743-751.
Donald E. Kroodsma.
Variation of Body Weight in Gambel's White-Crowned Sparrows in Winter and Spring: Latitudinal and Photoperiodic Correlates. 752-764.
James R. King, L. Richard Mewaldt.
Seasonal Variation in the Foraging Behavior of Some Migratory Western Wood Warblers. 765-777.
Richard L. Hutto.
Effects of Social Facilitation and Observational Learning on Feeding Behavior of the Red-Winged Blackbird (Agelaius Phoeniceus). 778-784.
J. Russell Mason, Russell F. Reidinger, Jr.
Rarefaction, Relative Abundance, and Diversity of Avian Communities. 785-800.
Frances C. James, Stephen Rathbun.
Timing of Shorebird Migration in Relation to Prey Depletion. 801-811.
David C. Schneider, Brian A. Harrington.
Notes and News. 811.
Use of Exclosures in Studies of Predation by Shorebirds on Intertidal Mudflats. 812-817.
Millicent L. Quammen.
Vegetation Characteristics Associated With Abert's Towhee Numbers in Riparian Habitats. 818-827.
Julie K. Meents, Bertin W. Anderson, Robert D. Ohmart.
Editorial on Skepticism and Criticism in Ornithology. 848-849.
John A. Wiens.
Reviews. 850-858.
Index to Volume 98. 859-879.

Short Communications

Song Sparrow Rules" for Feeding Nestlings". 828-831.
Jonathan R. Reed.
Consumption of Green Wheat Enhances Photostimulated Ovarian Growth in White-Crowned Sparrows. 832-834.
Amelia O. Ettinger, James R. King.
Wing- and Tail-Flapping in Anhingas: A Possible Method for Drying in the Absence of Sun. 834.
Ann M. Francis.
Male Incubation in Wilson's Plover (Charadrius Wilsonia). 835-838.
Peter W. Bergstrom.
Sunbathing Vermilion-Crowned Flycatchers Repulse Mates. 839.
Lawrence Kilham.
Ingestion of Plastics by Laysan Albatross. 839-841.
Ted N. Pettit, Gilbert S. Grant, G. Causey Whittow.
Ficus Ovalis Seed Predation by an Orange-Chinned Parakeet (Brotogeris Jugularis) in Costa Rica. 841-844.
Daniel H. Janzen.
Rete Mirabile Ophthalmicum in Hawaiian Seabirds. 844-846.
Ted N. Pettit, G. Causey Whittow, Gilbert S. Grant.
Back-Crossing of a Common Murre (Uria Aalge) and a Common Murre-Thick-Billed Murre Hybrid (U. Aalge X U. Lomvia). 847.
D. K. Cairns, Brad Deyoung.
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