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The Auk, Volume 98, Number 3 (1981)

3 (July)


The Ecology of Seabird Feeding Flocks in Alaska. 437-456.
Wayne Hoffman, Dennis Heinemann, John A. Wiens.
Sexual Size Dimorphism and Survival of Male and Female Blackbirds (Icteridae). 457-465.
William A. Searcy, Ken Yasukawa.
Hind Limb Morphology, Phylogeny, and Classification of the Piciformes. 466-480.
Edward V. Swierczewski, Robert J. Raikow.
The Phylogenetic Relationships of the Piciformes (Class Aves). 481-494.
Sharon F. Simpson, Joel Cracraft.
Lack of Differential Survival Among Young Ipswich Sparrows. 495-502.
Howard A. Ross, Ian A. Mclaren.
Overwinter Mortality and Sexual Size Dimorphism in the House Sparrow. 503-511.
Richard F. Johnston, Robert C. Fleischer.
Song Dialects, Migration, and Population Structure of Puget Sound White-Crowned Sparrows. 512-521.
Dennis Heinemann.
Colonial Defense Behavior in Double-Crested and Pelagic Cormorants. 522-531.
Douglas Siegel-Causey, George L. Hunt, Jr.
Notes and News. 531-549.
Male and Female Parental Roles in the Western Gull Under Different Environmental Conditions. 532-549.
Raymond Pierotti.
Colony Site Dynamics and Habitat Use in Atlantic Coast Seabirds. 550-561.
R. Michael Erwin, Joan Galli, Joanna Burger.
Seasonal Changes in Woodpecker Foraging Patterns. 562-570.
Richard N. Conner.
Movements of Adult and Juvenile Bananaquits Within a Morph-Ratio Cline. 571-577.
Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.
The Structure of Western Warbler Assemblages: Analysis of Foraging Behavior and Habitat Selection in Oregon. 578-588.
Michael L. Morrison.
Arrival and Departure Frequencies of Great Blue Herons At Two Oregon Estuarine Colonies. 589-595.
Range D. Bayer.
Second-Wave Nesting of the California Least Tern: Age Composition and Reproductive Success. 596-605.
Barbara W. Massey, Jonathan L. Atwood.
In Memoriam: Leslie Mills Tuck. 606-609.
W. A. Montevecchi.
Reviews. 641-657.


Freedom and Responsibility: the International Ornithological Congress. 632.
Helmut C. Mueller.
The International Ornithological Congress: A Counter View. 633.
Donald S. Farner.
The Condor Case: An Uphill Struggle in a Downhill Crush. 634-635.
Frank A. Pitelka.
Ornithology As Science. 636-637.
George T. Austin, Emmet R. Blake, Pierce Brodkorb, M. Ralph Browning, W. Earl Godfrey, John P. Hubbard, Guy Mccaskie, Joe T. Marshall, Jr., Gale Monson, Storrs L. Olson, Hen
Response: in the Eye of the Beholder. 638.
Elliot J. Tramer.
Response: Ornithology As Science. 638-639.
Robert C. Whitmore.
Response: Ornithology and Ecology As Sciences. 639-640.
James A. Macmahon, Peter B. Landres.

Short Communications

Effects of Abundant Species on the Ability of Observers to Make Accurate Counts of Birds. 610-613.
J. Michael Scott, Fred L. Ramsey.
Responsiveness of Male Swamp Sparrows to Temporal Organization of Song. 613-615.
William A. Searcy, Evan Balaban, Richard A. Canady, Stephen J. Clark, Steven Runfeldt, Heather Williams.
The Development of Effective Endothermy and Homeothermy by Nestling Pi. 615-619.
L. Clark, Russell P. Balda.
Geographic Variation in the Juvenal Plumage of the Lesser Nighthawk (Chordeiles Acutipennis). 619-621.
Robert W. Dickerman.
A Blue Bunting [Passerina (Cyanocompsa) Parellina] Record for the United States From Louisiana. 621-622.
Steven W. Cardiff, J. V. Remsen, Jr.
Male Participation in Incubation and Brooding in the Blue Jay. 622-623.
Harriet Laine.
Predator Alarm Calls of Young Black-Capped Chickadees. 624.
Karen M. Apel, Millicent S. Ficken.
Nest-Site Tenacity and Mate Fidelity in Female-Female Pairs of Ring-Billed Gulls. 625-627.
Kit M. Kovacs, John P. Ryder.
Near-Ultraviolet Light Reception in the Mallard. 627-628.
John Parrish, Roger Benjamin, Ricky Smith.
Courtship Display and Copulation Observed in a Pair of Philippine Hanging Parrots (Loriculus Philippensis Philippensis). 629.
Elisha W. Burr.
Autumn Selection of Breeding Location by Field Sparrows. 629-631.
Raymond J. Adams, Jr., Richard Brewer.
A Probable Record of Intraspecific Egg Dumping for Sandhill Cranes. 631.
Carroll D. Littlefield.
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