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The Auk, Volume 98, Number 2 (1981)

2 (April)


Do Shorebirds Compete on Their Wintering Grounds?. 215-229.
David C. Duffy, Natasha Atkins, David C. Schneider.
Genic Variability and Differentiation in the Galapagos Finches. 230-242.
Suh Y. Yang, James L. Patton.
The Incidence of Vagrant Landbirds on Nova Scotian Islands. 243-257.
Ian A. Mclaren.
Reproductive Biology of Thick-Billed Murres (Uria Lomvia): An Inter-Colony Comparison. 258-269.
T. R. Birkhead, D. N. Nettleship.
Notes and News. 269-354.
Nest-Site Habitat Selected by Woodland Hawks in the Central Appalachians. 270-281.
Kimberly Titus, James A. Mosher.
The Taxonomy of Rough-Winged Swallows (Stelgidopteryx; Hirundinidae)In Southern Central America. 282-293.
F. Gary Stiles.
Intrinsic Factors in the Selection of Foraging Substrates by Pine Warblers: A Test of an Hypothesis. 294-298.
John T. Emlen, Michael J. Dejong.
Effects of Denervation of the Tracheo-Syringeal Muscles on Frequency Control in Vocalizations in Chicks. 299-306.
Richard E. Phillips, Orlan M. Youngren.
Laboratory Studies of Foraging in Four Bird Species of Deciduous Woodland. 307-320.
Virginia Pierce, Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Foraging Behavior of the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker in South Carolina. 321-334.
Robert G. Hooper, Michael R. Lennartz.
Courtship Behavior and Reproductive Isolation Between Western Grebe Color Morphs. 335-349.
Gary L. Nuechterlein.
Prey Dropped by Herring Gulls (Larus Argentatus) on Soft Sediments. 350-354.
Bretton W. Kent.
The Effect of Stimulus Presentation Sequence on the Response of Red-Winged Blackbirds in Playback Studies. 355-360.
Eliot A. Brenowitz.
Growth and Energetics of Chicks of the Sooty Tern (Sterna Fuscata) and Common Tern (S. Hirundo). 361-378.
Robert E. Ricklefs, Susan C. White.
Reviews. 426-435.


Ornithology and Sociobiology: A Forum. 400.
John A. Wiens.
The Ornithological Roots of Sociobiology. 400-403.
Stephen T. Emlen.
Sociobiology in Relation to Ornithology. 403-405.
Brian C. R. Bertram.
Demography Is a Cornerstone of Sociobiology. 406-407.
John W. Fitzpatrick, Glen E. Woolfenden.
On Experimental Tests of Sociobiological Theory. 407-409.
H. Ronald Pulliam.
Sociobiology Is for the Birds. 409-412.
J. David Ligon.
Some Comments on Sociobiology. 412-415.
Amotz Zahavi.
Sociobiology As Learned From a Drab, Blue Bird. 415-417.
Russell P. Balda.
On Socio-Ornithology. 417-418.
Jerram L. Brown.
Electrophoresis and Avian Genealogical Analyses. 419-422.
Paul W. Sherman.
Searching for Altruism in Birds. 422-425.
Harry W. Power.

Short Communications

Interaction Between the Two Subpsecies Groups of the Seed-Finch Sporophila Angolensis in the Magdalena Valley, Colombia. 379-381.
Storrs L. Olson.
A New Subspecies of Coppery Metaltail (Metallura Theresiae) From Northern Peru. 382.
Gary R. Graves.
Interspecific Song Acquisition by a White-Crowned Sparrow. 383-385.
Luis F. Baptista, Martin L. Morton.
Bigamy in a Male Mockingbird. 385-386.
Cheryl A. Logan, Mary Rulli.
Male Starlings Delay Incubation to Avoid Being Cuckolded. 386-389.
Harry W. Power, Elizabeth Litovich, Michael P. Lombardo.
Importance of Structural Stability to Success of Mourning Dove Nests. 389-391.
Richard A. Coon, James D. Nichols, H. Franklin Percival.
A Muscle Biopsy Procedure for Use in Electrophoretic Studies of Birds. 392-393.
Myron Charles Baker.
Whooping Crane Preyed Upon by Golden Eagle. 393-394.
Ronald M. Windingstad, Harry E. Stiles, Roderick C. Drewien.
New Brazilian Records for the Golden Parakeet (Aratinga Guarouba). 394-396.
David C. Oren, Edwin O. Willis.
Field Notes on Winter Flocks of the Ocellated Turkey (Agriocharis Ocellata). 396-398.
George Sugihara, Katherine Heston.
New Southerly Record for the Macaroni Penguin (Eudyptes Chrysolophus) on the Antarctic Peninsula. 398-399.
Nell P. Bernstein, Paul C. Tirrell.
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