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The Auk, Volume 98, Number 1 (1981)

1 (January)


Otus Marshalli, a New Species of Screech-Owl From Per. 1-7.
John S. Weske, John W. Terborgh.
Bird Communities Along a Montane Sere: Community Structure and Energetics. 8-28.
Kimberly G. Smith, James A. Macmahon.
The Role of Nutrient Reserves in Mallard Reproduction. 29-38.
Gary L. Krapu.
Parental Components of Variance in Growth Rate and Body Size of Nestling European Starlings (Sturnus Vulgaris) in Eastern Pennsylvania. 39-48.
Robert E. Ricklefs, Susan Peters.
Interhabitat Movements by Sanderlings in Relation to Foraging Profitability and the Tidal Cycle. 49-64.
Peter G. Connors, J.P. Myers, Carolyn S. W. Connors, F. A. Pitelka.
Notes and News. 64-158.
Changes in Diet and Body Composition of Canada Geese Before Spring Migration. 65-79.
M. Robert Mclandress, Dennis G. Raveling.
Song Variation Within a Population of White-Eyed Vireos (Vireo Griseus). 80-87.
Richard A. Bradley.
Dispersal of a Neotropical Nutmeg (Virola Sebifera) by Birds. 88-98.
Henry F. Howe.
Nest Spacing, Reproductive Success, and Behavior of the Great Black-Backed Gull (Larus Marinus). 99-107.
Ronald G. Butler, Wayne Trivelpiece.
Golden-Winged Warblers and Blue-Winged Warblers: the Relative Success of a Habitat Specialist and a Generalist. 108-114.
John L. Confer, Kristine Knapp.
Dabbling Duck Activity and Foraging Responses to Aquatic Macroinvertebrates. 115-126.
Richard M. Kaminski, Harold H. Prince.
Estimation of Distance of Singing Conspecifics by the Carolina Wren. 127-133.
Douglas G. Richards.
Extramarital and Pair Copulations in the Cattle Egret. 134-144.
Masahiro Fujioka, Satoshi Yamagishi.
Behavior and Attendance Patterns of the Fork-Tailed Storm-Petrel. 145-158.
Theodore R. Simons.
In Memoriam: George H. Lowery, Jr.. 159-166.
Thomas R. Howell, John P. O'Neill.
In Memoriam: William T. Keeton. 167-172.
Stephen T. Emlen.
In Memoriam: Alfred M. Bailey. 173-175.
Allan R. Phillips.
Reviews. 199-212.
Brewster and Coues Award, 1980. 213-214.


The Museum Tradition in Ornithology--A Response to Ricklefs. 193-195.
Storrs L. Olson.
Old Specimens and New Directions: A Comment. 196.
Mary C. Mckitrick.
Response: It's Time for Museums and Biology Departments to Get Back Together. 196-198.
Robert E. Ricklefs.

Short Communications

A Temperate Species-Rich Assemblage of Migrant Frugivorous Birds. 176-179.
Robert Rybczynski, Donald K. Riker.
Sex-Related Differences in Territorial Aggression by Ring-Billed Gulls. 179-181.
Linda Kinkel Southern.
Fertility of Albinistic Eggs of Mountain Bluebirds. 181-182.
Hugh L. Munro, Donita H. Munro, Richard C. Rounds.
Black Vulture Nesting, Behavior, and Growth. 182-185.
Laurie A. Mchargue.
Song and Territory Defense in the Red-Winged Blackhird. 185-187.
Ken Yasukawa.
Discovery of the Nest and Eggs of the Cinereous Finch (Piezorhina Cinerea), a Peruvian Endemic. 187-189.
Morris D. Williams.
The Capture Efficiency of Flickers Preying on Larval Tiger Beetles. 189-191.
Elizabeth J. Mury Meyer.
Nocturnal Activities of Brazilian Hummingbirds and Flycatchers At Artificial Illumination. 191-192.
Helmut Sick, Dante Martins Teixeira.
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