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The Auk, Volume 97, Number 3 (1980)

3 (July)


Feeding Behavior and Ecology of the Goliath Heron. 433-448.
Douglas W. Mock, Karilyn C. Mock.
Demography of European Mute Swans in Chesapeake Bay. 449-464.
Jan G. Reese.
Inland Morning Flight Behavior of Nocturnal Passerine Migrants in Eastern New York. 465-472.
Verner P. Bingman.
Sex Ratio of Western Gulls on Santa Barbara Island, California. 473-479.
G. L. Hunt, Jr., J. C. Wingfield, A. Newman, D. S. Farner.
Reproductive Bioenergetics of Wood Ducks. 480-490.
Ronald D. Drobney.
Nesting Chronology of the Eastern Brown Pelican. 491-508.
Ralph W. Schreiber.
Use of Space by Lapland Longspurs Breeding in Arctic Alaska. 509-520.
P. R. Tryon, S. F. Maclean.
An Adaptive Modification in the Ribs of Woodpeckers and Piculets (Picidae). 521-532.
Virginia C. Kirby.
Time and Energy Budgets of the Willow Flycatcher (Empidonax Traillii) During the Breeding Season. 533-546.
Amelia O. Ettinger, James R. King.
New Estimates of Weight Loss in Birds During Nocturnal Migration. 547-558.
David J. T. Hussell, Anne B. Lambert.
Experimental Manipulation of Brood Size in Red-Winged Blackbirds. 559-565.
James R. Cronmiller, Charles F. Thompson.
Energetics of Postnatal Growth in Leach's Storm-Petrel. 566-575.
Robert E. Ricklefs, Susan C. White, John Cullen.
Effects of Grass Length and Mowing on Foraging Behavior of the American Robin (Turdus Migratorius). 576-580.
Leonard A. Eiserer.
Preliminary Observations on the Occurrence and Evolution of Polyandry in the Galapagos Hawk (Buteo Galapagoensis). 581-590.
John Faaborg, Tjitte De Vries, Cindy B. Patterson, Curtice R. Griffin.
Distribution, Species Abundance, and Nesting-Site Use of Atlantic Coast Colonies of Herons and Their Allies. 591-600.
Thomas W. Custer, Ronald G. Osborn, William F. Stout.
Hormonal Induction of Feather Pigmentation in Ptarmigan. 601-607.
E. O. H.
In Memoriam: Alexander Wetmore. 608-615.
Paul H. Oehser.
Reviews. 640-653.


On Getting Involved. 637-638.
Richard C. Banks.
American and European Tern Calls. 639.
Barbara W. Massey.
Response. 639.
Lynn J. Moseley.

Short Communications

The Diet of the Burrowing Owl in Central Chile and its Relation to Prey Size. 616-619.
Roberto P. Schlatter, Jos.
Breeding Strategies of Male Yellow-Headed Blackbirds: Results of a Removal Experiment. 619-622.
Allen T. Rutberg, Sievert Rohwer.
Growth of Nestling Rufous Hununingbirds. 622-624.
Goerge D. Constantz.
Further Observations on Ecological Release in Mona Island Birds. 624-627.
John Faaborg.
First Specimen Record of the Little Stint (Calidris Minuta) for North America. 627-628.
R. I. G. Morrison.
Diet and Weight of American Kestrels in Central Chile. 629-631.
Nest-Site Selection in the Brown Jay. 631-633.
Marcy F. Lawton, Robert O. Lawton.
Age Differences in Foraging Black-Necked Stilts in Texas. 633-636.
Joanna Burger.
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