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The Auk, Volume 95, Number 3 (1978)

3 (July)


Hybridization Between Gulls (Larus Glaucescens and L. Occidentalis) in the Pacific Northwest. 441-458.
Wayne Hoffman, John A. Wiens, J. Michael Scott.
Nutrient Reserves and Reproductive Performance of Female Lesser Snow Geese. 459-471.
C. Davison Ankney, Charles D. Macinnes.
Cooperative Breeding Behavior in the White-Browed Sparrow Weaver. 472-484.
Nicholas E. Collias, Elsie C. Collias.
Parent-Offspring Interactions in Zebra Finches. 485-495.
Robert E. Muller, Douglas G. Smith.
On the Breeding Distribution Pattern of European Migrant Birds: Macarthur's Theme Reexamined. 496-509.
Carlos M. Herrera.
Effects of Human Disturbance on Breeding of Double-Crested Cormorants. 510-517.
Laurence N. Ellison, Lynn Cleary.
Change in Location of the Auk Editorial Offices. 517.
Distribution and Abundance Patterns of the Palila on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. 518-527.
Charles Van Riper, Iii, J. Michael Scott, David M. Woodside.
Notes and News. 527-568.
Origin and Evolution of the Eastern House Finch Population. 528-536.
John W. Aldrich, John S. Weske.
Hybridization in Calypte Hummingbirds. 537-549.
Shirley Wells, Richard A. Bradley, Luis F. Baptista.
Possible Specialization for Hummingbird-Hunting in the Tiny Hawk. 550-553.
F. Gary Stiles.
Pre-Roosting Flight of the Clark's Nutcracker. 554-562.
Diana F. Tomback.
Audibility Thresholds of the Blue Jay. 563-568.
Steven M. Cohen, William C. Stebbins, David B. Moody.
Ad. 569-576.
Jerome A. Weinrich, John R. Baker.
Authors' Response. 613.
David L. Lyon.
Comment: Interspecific Territoriality in Hummingbirds. 613.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr.
Reviews. 614-628.

Short Communications

The Development of Shell-Cracking Behavior in Herring Gulls. 577-579.
Agnar Ingolfsson, Bruce T. Estrella.
Reproductive Ecology of the Sage Thrasher (Oreoscoptes Montanus) on the Snake River Plain in South-Central Idaho. 580-582.
Timothy D. Reynolds, Terrell D. Rich.
Mice As a Source of Egg Loss Among Ground-Nesting Birds. 582-584.
Stephen J. Maxson, Lewis W. Oring.
Fratricide and Cannibalism in Swainson's Hawk. 584-585.
Wayne R. Pilz, Linda K. Seibert.
Land Birds in the Stomachs of Tiger Sharks Galeocerdo Cuvieri (Peron and Lesueur). 585-586.
Jon W. Dodrill, R. Grant Gilmore.
Foraging Success in Three Age Classes of Glaucous-Winged Gulls. 586-588.
William A. Searcy.
Sexual Chase in Purple Martins. 588-590.
Charles R. Brown.
Snowy Egret in the Strait of Magellan. 590.
Nathaniel T. Wheelwright.
Undependable Breeding Conditions in the Red Phalarope. 590-592.
Harold F. Mayfield.
Metabolic Heat Production in the Chukar Partridge. 592-594.
M. L. Laudenslager, H. T. Hammel.
A Probable First North American Record of the Greater Antillean Race of Black-Whiskered Vireo. 595.
Henry M. Stevenson.
Stomach Contents of Clark's Nutcrackers Collected in Western Montana. 595-598.
Mervin Giuntoli, L. Richard Mewaldt.
Observations and Reinterpretation of Kingfisher-Raptor Interactions. 598-599.
Ronald E. Kirby, Mark R. Fuller.
Acoustical Properties of the Swoop-And-Soar Call of the Ring-Billed Gull. 599-602.
Michael R. Conover, Don E. Miller.
Interspecific Vocal Imitation in White-Eyed Vireos. 602-606.
Curtis S. Adkisson, Richard N. Conner.
Two Successive Male Eastern Bluebirds Tending the Same Nest. 606-608.
Benedict C. Pinkowski.
Effects of Interspecific Dominance Among Egrets Commensally Following Roseate Spoonbills. 608-610.
James K. Russell.
Osprey Trapped by Water Chestnut. 610-611.
Jeff Connor.
A Jabiru (Jabiru Mycteria) Specimen From Texas. 611-612.
Keith A. Arnold.
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