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The Auk, Volume 94, Number 4 (1977)

4 (October)


Territorial Behavior and Courtship of the Male Three-Wattled Bellbird. 623-645.
Barbara K. Snow.
The Use of Sheep Wool in Nest Construction by Hawaiian Birds. 646-651.
Charles Van Riper Iii.
The Periodic Invasions of Goshawks. 652-663.
Helmut C. Mueller, Daniel D. Berger, George Allez.
Colony and Nest Site Selection in White-Faced and Glossy Ibises. 664-676.
Joanna Burger, Lynne M. Miller.
Body Composition of Captive White-Crowned Sparrows During Postnuptial Molt. 677-688.
John D. Chilgren.
Breeding Biology of Five Species of Herons in Coastal Florida. 689-700.
George R. Maxwell Ii, Herbert W. Kale Ii.
Territorial Interactions in Sympatric Song Sparrow and Bewick's Wren Populations. 701-708.
Robert E. Gorton, Jr.
Black Skimmer Breeding Ecology and Behavior. 709-717.
R. Michael Erwin.
Energetic Aspects of Reproduction by the Cliff Swallow. 718-725.
Philip C. Withers.
Interactions Between Herring and Lesser Black-Backed Gulls Feeding on Refuse. 726-735.
Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek.
Thyroid Development in Precocial and Altricial Avian Embryos. 736-742.
F. M. Anne Mcnabb, Roger A. Mcnabb.
Effects of Tide Cycles on Habitat Selection and Habitat Partitioning by Migrating Shorebirds. 743-758.
Joanna Burger, Marshall A. Howe, D. Caldwell Hahn, Julia Chase.
Cr. 759-771.
J. Munro, J. B.
Reviews. 791-804.
Obituary. 805-806.
Notes and News. 806-807.
Index to Volume 94. 808-826.

General Notes

A New Subspecies of Island Thrush, Turdus Poliocephalus, From New Ireland. 772-773.
S. Dillon Ripley.
Copulation Observed in Maroon-Tailed Parakeets in Meta, Colombia. 773.
Thomas O. Lemke.
Nesting Behavior of Pale-Billed Woodpeckers in Guatemala. 773-774.
Lawrence Kilham.
Pale-Billed Woodpeckers Robbed of Nest Hole by Collared Ara. 774-775.
Lawrence Kilham.
Some Clarifications About Ramphastos Aurantiirostris."". 775-777.
Paul Schwartz.
Hanging Behavior in Common Ravens. 777-778.
Richard D. Elliot.
Spring Migrant Mortality During Unseasonable Weather. 778-781.
Robert C. Whitmore, James A. Mosher, Herbert H. Frost.
Survival of a Blue Jay With a Malformed Bill. 781-782.
V. P. Wystrach.
A Slaughter of Mice by Common Crows. 782-783.
William G. George, Timothy Kimmel.
Vocal Virtuosity in the Brown Thrasher. 783-785.
Donald E. Kroodsma, Linda D. Parker.
Lower Jaw Action During Prey Capture by Pelicans. 785-786.
P. J. K. Burton.
A 36-Year Laying Record of a Wattled Crane At the New York Zoological Park. 786-787.
William Conway, Allegra Hamer.
An Immature Specimen of Baptornis Advenus From the Cretaceous of Kansas. 787-789.
Larry D. Martin, Orville Bonner.
Golden Eagle Predation on Pronghorn Antelope. 789-790.
Gregory A. Goodwin.
American Wigeon Breeding in Maine. 790.
Howard E. Spencer, Jr.
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