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The Auk, Volume 94, Number 3 (1977)

3 (July)


A New Genus and Species of Owl (Aves: Strigidae) From Peru. 409-416.
John P. O'Neill, Gary R. Graves.
The Skuas of the North American Pacific Coast. 417-429.
Pierre Devillers.
In Memoriam: Margaret Morse Nice. 430-441.
Milton B. Trautman.
Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Pollutants in Alaskan Gyrfalcons and Their Prey. 442-447.
Wayman Walker.
A Test of the Adaptiveness of Interspecific Territoriality in the Blue-Throated Hummingbird. 448-454.
David L. Lyon, James Crandall, Mark Mckone.
Estimating Breeding Season Bird Densities From Transect Counts. 455-468.
John T. Emlen.
Colony Selection and Colony Site Tenacity in Ring-Billed Gulls At a Stable Colony. 469-478.
William E. Southern.
The Grouping of Nocturnal Passerine Migrants. 479-488.
Richard Balcomb.
Woodcock Nesting Habitat in Northern Wisconsin. 489-493.
Larry E. Gregg, James B. Hale.
Roosting Behavior of the Pi. 494-504.
Russell P. Balda, Michael L. Morrison, Thomas R. Bement.
Demographic Features of a Lapland Longspur Population Near Barrow, Alaska. 505-525.
Thomas W. Custer, Frank A. Pitelka.
Food Habits and Niche Overlap of Seabirds Wintering on Monterey Bay, California. 526-543.
D. M. Baltz, G. Victor Morejohn.
Seasonal Thyroid Gland Histophysiology and Weight in White-Tailed Ptarmigan. 544-551.
E. Otto H.
A Quantitative Analysis of the Incubation Behavior of the Ad. 552-566.
Dirk V. Derksen.
Two-Voice Phenomenon in Birds: Further Evidence. 567-572.
David B. Miller.
Avian Play. 573-582.
Millicent S. Ficken.
Corrections. 614.
Robert J. Raikow.
Corrections. 614.
Reviews. 615-621.
Notes and News. 621.

General Notes

Predation in a Salt Marsh Laughing Gull Colony. 583-585.
William A. Montevecchi.
Red-Shouldered Hawks in Juvenile Plumage Nest Successfully. 585.
Victor Apanius.
Uncommon Natural Injuries in Hawks. 585-586.
David L. Evans.
Jackass Penguins Sunning At Sea. 586-587.
J. Cooper.
Chemical Residues in Arizona Harris' Hawk Eggs. 587-588.
William J. Mader.
Winter Observations of Brown Pelicans in Veracruz, Mexico. 588.
Robert M. Zink.
An Unusual Interaction Between Blue-Winged and Golden-Winged Warblers in Virginia. 588-590.
Curtis S. Adkisson, Scott S. Campbell.
Adaptive Significance of Cowbird Egg Distribution. 590-593.
Phillip F. Elliott.
Cannibalism in Adult Nesting Red-Tailed Hawks. 593-594.
James F. Steffen.
Defense of Feeding Sites by Orioles and Hepatic Tanagers in Mexico. 594-596.
Robert William Cruden, Sharon Marie Hermann-Parker.
Helpers At the Nest in Barn Swallows. 596.
Gerald R. Myers, David W. Waller.
Leapfrog Feeding in the Great Egret. 596-598.
Douglas Gladstone.
Nest Appropriation and Mate Replacement in the Bushtit.. 598-599.
Stephen Ervin.
The Breeding Status of the Long-Billed Curlew in Colorado. 599-601.
D. Archibald Mccallum, Walter D. Graul, Ronald Zaccagnini.
Hoopoe, a First Record for North America. 601.
Christian P. Dau, Jack Paniyak.
Color Selection of Nesting Material by Killdeer. 602-604.
Robert C. Kull, Jr.
Gray-Rumped Tattlers Catching Fish. 604.
David Melville.
The Azure-Rumped Tanager in Mexico With Comparative Remarks on the Gray-And-Gold Tanager. 605-606.
Steven L. Hilty, David Simon.
A Simple Technique for Analyzing Bird Transect Counts. 606-607.
Martha Hatch Balph, L. Charles Stoddart, David F. Balph.
Eleven-Day Incubation by an American Robin. 607-608.
Hervey Brackbill.
Morphological and Behavioral Development of the Mandarin Duck. 608-612.
Richard L. Bruggers, William B. Jackson.
Willow Ptarmigan Remove Broken Eggs From the Nest. 612-613.
H. M. Allen, H. Parker.
Altruism in Nesting Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker. 613-614.
Lawrence Kilham.
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