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The Auk, Volume 93, Number 4 (1976)

4 (October)


Direction of the Preceding Release and Initial Orientation of Homing Pigeons. 669-674.
Klaus Schmidt-Koenig.
Experiments on Defenses Cedar Waxwings Use Against Cowbird Parasitism. 675-691.
Stephen I. Rothstein.
Effects of a Low-Persistence Insecticide on Forest Bird Populations. 692-708.
Jonathan D. Moulding.
Courtship and Pair Formation in the Great Egret. 709-724.
Jochen H. Wiese.
House Finch Pigmentation: Carotenoid Metabolism and the Effect of Diet. 725-739.
Alan H. Brush, Dennis M. Power.
American Kestrel Sex Ratios and Habitat Separation. 740-748.
G. Scott Mills.
Anatomy of the Middle Ear Region of the Avian Skull: Sphenisciformes. 749-759.
Edward Saiff.
Vocal Differences Between American Least Terns and the European Little Tern. 760-773.
Barbara W. Massey.
Pelvic Appendage Myology of the Hawaiian Honeycreepers (Drepanididae). 774-792.
Robert J. Raikow.
Comparative Displays of Yearling and Adult Male Wood Ducks. 793-807.
Carl E. Korschgen, Leigh H. Fredrickson.
Spring Drumming Patterns of Ruffed Grouse. 808-829.
Herbert L. Archibald.
Special Review: Greenewalt on Bird Flight. 848-854.
Vance A. Tucker.
Reviews. 855-870.
Notes and News. 870-874.
Thirty-Third Supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds. 875-879.
Index to Volume 93. 880-901.

General Notes

A Note on the Prehistoric Avifauna of the Lower Klamath Basin. 830-833.
Donald K. Grayson.
Common Goldeneyes Hatching From Cracked Eggs. 833-835.
Harry G. Lumsden, Robert Wenting.
Banded Northern Bald Eagles in Florida and Other Southern States. 835-836.
Sergej Postupalsky.
Nest Site Competition Between Mountain Chickadees and Violet-Green Swallows. 836-837.
Kathleen E. Franzreb.
Connecticut House Sparrows Nesting in December. 837.
Tom Wessels.
Bahama Woodstar in Florida: First Specimen for Continental North America. 837-838.
Oscar T. Owre.
Possible Cannibalism in Swainson's Hawk. 838.
Wayne R. Pilz.
First Record of Smith's Longspur in New York. 838-839.
Thomas H. Davis.
Snowy Owl Steals Prey From Marsh Hawk. 839-840.
David C. Duffy, Bruce Beehler, William Haas.
A Possible Reason for Mimicry of a Bird-Eating Hawk by an Insect-Eating Kite. 841-842.
Edwin O. Willis.
Use of Gravel by Purple Martins. 842.
Charles R. Brown.
Nesting Bald Eagles Attack Researcher. 842-843.
Teryl G. Grubb.
The Status of Sayornis Saya Yukonensis Bishop. 843-846.
M. Ralph Browning.
A Definite Colorado Breeding Record for the Harlequin Duck. 846-847.
Kenneth C. Parkes, Colleen Helgeson Nelson.
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