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The Auk, Volume 93, Number 2 (1976)

2 (April)


Breeding Distribution of Nashville and Virginia's Warblers. 219-230.
Ned K. Johnson.
Some Effects of Weather on Purple Martin Activity. 231-244.
J. Campbell Finlay.
Behavioral Adaptations of the Verdin to the Desert. 245-262.
George T. Austin.
Aleutian Island Albatrosses: A Population History. 263-280.
David R. Yesner.
The Effects of a Tall Tower on Nocturnal Bird Migration--A Portable Ceilometer Study. 281-291.
Michael Avery, Paul F. Springer, J. Frank Cassel.
Nest Guarding Behavior by Male Gray Catbirds. 292-300.
R. Douglas Slack.
Exploitation of Fluctuating Food Resources by Western Gulls. 301-307.
George L. Hunt, Jr., Molly W. Hunt.
Daily and Seasonal Activity Patterns in Breeding Laughing Gulls. 308-323.
Joanna Burger.
Functional Syringeal Anatomy of the Mallard. I. in Situ Electromyograms During Esb Elicited Calling. 324-342.
F. Russell Lockner, Orlan M. Youngren.
Reproductive Rate and Temporal Spacing of Nesting of Red-Winged Blackbirds in Upland Habitat. 343-355.
Richard A. Dolbeer.
Avian Distribution Patterns in Forest Islands of Different Sizes in Central New Jersey. 356-364.
Anne E. Galli, Charles F. Leck, Richard T. T. Forman.
In Memoriam: George Elford Hudson. 365-370.
James R. King.
Reviews. 393-408.
Notes and News. 409-413.

General Notes

Egg Specific Gravity and Incubation in the Sooty Tern and Brown Noddy. 371-374.
William Y. Brown.
Body-Bobbing Woodcocks. 374-375.
C. Brooke Worth.
Spread-Wing Sunbathing by Juvenile White-Faced Ibis. 375-376.
James A. Rodgers, Jr.
Plain Chachalaca Food Habits in South Texas. 376-379.
Wayne R. Marion.
The Common Snipe in Surinam. 379-381.
F. Haverschmidt.
Observations on the Yellow-Eared Toucanet. 381-382.
Steve West.
Notes on the Long-Billed Curlew in Saskatchewan. 382-384.
Douglas A. R. Sadler, W. J. Maher.
Countershading on the Feet and Legs of the Common Loon. 384-387.
Jerome A. Jackson.
Bald Eagles Soaring Into Opaque Cloud. 387.
Christopher Servheen.
On Flight Pursuits in Wintering Dark-Eyed Juncos. 388-389.
Martha Hatch Balph, David F. Balph.
Additional Records of Mountain White-Crowned Sparrows Parasitized by the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 389-390.
J. R. King, S. A. Mahoney, C. S. Maxwell, L. R. Mewaldt.
Golden Eagle Preys on Osprey. 390.
A. Richard Lafontaine, Janet H. Fowler.
Herons Catch Two Fish in One Strike. 391.
David E. Willard.
Possible Intermediate Ross' Goose and Snow Goose in Manitoba. 391-392.
David R. M. Hatch, Angus H. Shortt.
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