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The Auk, Volume 93, Number 1 (1976)

1 (January)


Homing Success in Wintering Sparrows. 1-14.
C. John Ralph, L. Richard Mewaldt.
Winter Foraging and Associated Behavior of Pileated Woodpeckers in Georgia and Florida. 15-24.
Lawrence Kilham.
Song Mimicry and Species Relationships Among the West African Pale-Winged Indigobirds. 25-38.
Robert B. Payne.
Distribution, Ecology, and Breeding Biology of the Rufous-Throated Solitaire in Jamaica. 39-45.
Alexander Cruz.
Organic Material and Calories in Laughing Gull Eggs. 46-52.
Ralph W. Schreiber, John M. Lawrence.
Avifauna of the R. 53-65.
Frederick R. Gehlbach, David O. Dillon, Herschel L. Harrell, Stephen E. Kennedy, Kay R. Wilson.
Systematic Review, Intergradation, and Clinal Variation in Cliff Swallows. 66-77.
William H. Behle.
Migrational Orientation in Ring-Billed Gull Chicks. 78-85.
William E. Southern.
Feeding Behavior of North American Herons. 86-94.
James A. Kushlan.
Ecological Aspects of Dominance Hierarchies in Black-Capped Chickadees. 95-107.
Susan M. Smith.
Changes in the Breeding Ranges of Two Grassland Birds. 108-115.
Robert J. Hurley, Edwin C. Franks.
Comparative Mobbing Behavior of Scrub and Mexican Jays. 116-125.
Jack F. Cully, Jr., J. David Ligon.
Bird Collections in the United States and Canada: Addenda and Corrigenda. 126-129.
Mary H. Clench, Richard C. Banks, Jon C. Barlow.
In Memoriam: Alexander Sprunt, Jr.. 130-134.
Carl W. Buchheister.
Nesting and Parental Behavior in Domestic Common Quail. 135-141.
F. Scott Orcutt, Jr., Adrienne B. Orcutt.
Proceedings of the Ninety-Third Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 142-163.
George E. Watson.
Reviews. 197-209.
Obituaries. 210-212.
Errata and Addenda. 213.
Notes and News. 213-218.

General Notes

Population Growth in the Cattle Egret. 164-166.
Carl E. Bock, Larry W. Lepthien.
Food Fluctuations and Multiple Clutches in the Mountain Plover. 166-167.
Walter D. Graul.
Cape May Warblers in Middle America. 167-169.
C. Russell Mason.
Morphology of the Bony Stapes in Philepitta and Neodrepanis: New Evidence for Suboscine Affinities. 169-170.
Alan Feduccia.
Behavioral Evidence on Skimmers' Evolutionary Relationships. 170-174.
Harold F. Sears, Lynn J. Moseley, Helmut C. Mueller.
The Effects of Water Restriction on Renal Mucoid Materials in Columba Livia. 175-176.
F. M. Anne Mcnabb, Roger A. Mcnabb.
Band-Tailed Gull Photographed in Florida. 176-177.
Clark S. Olson.
Absence of Individual Distance" in Three Swallow Species". 177-178.
W. Roger Meservey, George F. Kraus.
Migrant Golden-Winged Warbler With a Bivalent Repertoire. 178-179.
Keith B. Russell.
Growth and Fledging Age of Sooty Tern Chicks. 179-183.
William Y. Brown.
First Breeding Record of Bewick's Wren in New York State. 183-184.
Daniel Smiley, James Stapleton.
The Chemical Composition of the Ovary, Oviduct, and Follicles of the Starling. 184-187.
Robert E. Ricklefs.
Accipiter Poliogaster From Peru, and Remarks on Two Collecting Localities Named Sarayacu."". 187-189.
Marion Anne Jenkinson, Merlin D. Tuttle.
Aimophila Strigiceps New to Paraguay. 189-190.
Lester L. Short.
Variation in Oldsquaw Rectrix Numbers. 190-192.
Steven R. Peterson.
Reevaluation of Activity Clustering" by Male Grouse". 192-193.
Gordon W. Gullion.
Notes on the Sickle-Winged Guan in Colombia. 194-195.
Terry B. Johnson, Steven Hilty.
Juvenile Little Blue Herons Try to Secure Food From Adult Louisiana Herons. 195.
James A. Rodgers, Jr.
A Washington Record of the Boreal Owl. 195-196.
Richard E. Johnson, George E. Hudson.
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