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The Auk, Volume 92, Number 4 (1975)

4 (October)


Prey Capture by the Brown Pelican. 649-654.
Ralph W. Schreiber, Glen E. Woolfenden, William E. Curtsinger.
Influence of Solar and Geomagnetic Stimuli on the Migratory Orientation of Herring Gull Chicks. 655-664.
Frank R. Moore.
Reproductive Biology of the Band-Tailed Pigeon in Colorado and New Mexico. 665-677.
R. J. Guti.
The Breeding Biology of the Herring Gull in Newfoundland. 678-697.
Karole A. Haycock, William Threlfall.
Timing of Site Fixation Upon the Wintering Grounds in Sparrows. 698-705.
C. John Ralph, L. Richard Mewaldt.
Incubation Behavior and Temperatures of the Mallard Duck. 706-731.
Patrick J. Caldwell, George W. Cornwell.
Productivity of the Red-Tailed Hawk in Southwestern Montana. 732-736.
Sara Jane Johnson.
Northern Wintering of Flycatchers and Residency of Black Phoebes in California. 737-749.
Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek.
Relation of Avian Egg Weight to Body Weight. 750-765.
H. Rahn, C. V. Paganelli, A. Ar.
Diversity in Two Wintering Bird Communities: Possible Weather Effects. 766-777.
John C. Kricher.
Synchronization of Breeding and Intraspecific Interference in the Carrion Crow. 778-785.
Yoram Yom-Tov.
Gastric Function in a Captive American Bittern. 786-792.
Daniel D. Rhoades, Gary E. Duke.
In Memoriam: Francis Marion Weston. 793-796.
George H. Lowery, Jr.
Special Review. 818-830.
Reviews. 830-838.
Foreign Periodical Literature. 839-853.
Letter to the Editor. 854.
Notes and News. 854-855.
Index to Volume 92. 856-880.

General Notes

First Photographic Record of the Brown Jay in the United States. 797.
Wayne A. Shifflett.
Two Specimen Records of the Brown Jay From Southern Texas. 797-798.
John P. Hubbard, David M. Niles.
Hunting Behavior of Eastern Bluebirds. 798-801.
Peter Goldman.
Yearling Male Eastern Bluebird Assists Parents in Feeding Young. 801-802.
Benedict C. Pinkowski.
Regurgitative Feeding of Young Black Vultures in December. 802-803.
Jerome A. Jackson.
Egg Fertility and Hatchability in Colinus Quail and Their Hybrids. 803-805.
Calvin L. Cink.
A Sage Sparrow Egg in a Black-Throated Sparrow Nest. 805-806.
John R. Gustafson.
Extension of Winter Range of Telmatodytes Palustris Waynei to Georgia and Florida. 806-807.
Herbert W. Kale Ii.
Short-Eared Owl Robs Marsh Hawk of Prey. 807-808.
Keith L. Bildstein, Mark Ashby.
Spring Lek Activity of the Lesser Prairie Chicken in West Texas. 808-810.
John A. Crawford, Eric G. Bolen.
Specimens of Birds From Amchitka Island, Alaska. 811.
Robert D. Jones, Jr., Daniel D. Gibson.
Effects of Prey Size on Loggerhead Shrike Predation. 812-814.
Roy S. Slack.
Ground-Nesting Purple Martins. 814-815.
Alan Pistorius.
Clutch Size and Nesting Success in Red-Winged Blackbirds. 815-817.
William J. Francis.
Possible Bear Predation on a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker Nest. 817.
Kathleen E. Franzreb, Alton E. Higgins.
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