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The Auk, Volume 92, Number 3 (1975)

3 (July)


The Relationship Between Deferred Breeding and Mortality in the Laysan Albatross. 433-441.
Harvey I. Fisher.
Notes on Winter Feeding Behavior and Molt in Wilson's Phalaropes. 442-451.
Joanna Burger, Marshall Howe.
Interpretational Errors in the Mapping Method" As a Census Technique". 452-460.
Louis B. Best.
Seaside Sparrow Displays: Their Function in Social Organization and Habitat. 461-492.
William Post, Jon S. Greenlaw.
Gene Flow Between Breeding Populations of Lesser Snow Geese. 493-510.
F. Cooke, C. D. Macinnes, J. P. Prevett.
Female Territoriality in the Purple-Throated Carib. 511-522.
Larry L. Wolf.
Activity Patterns of Gull Chicks in Relation to Feeding by Parents: Their Potential Significance for Density-Dependent Mortality. 523-527.
George L. Hunt, Jr., Steven C. Mcloon.
Influence of Snow on Egg-Laying in Auklets. 528-538.
Spencer G. Sealy.
In Memoriam: Thomas Dearborn Burleigh. 539-546.
John W. Aldrich.
Some Prey Preference Factors for a Red-Tailed Hawk. 547-552.
Ron L. Snyder.
Caloric Intake of Nestling Double-Crested Cormorants. 553-565.
Erica H. Dunn.
Notes on Black-Headed Ducks, Painted Snipe, and Spotted Tinamous. 566-575.
E. Otto H.
Egg Volume. 576-580.
J. B. Tatum.
Reviews. 619-628.
Foreign Periodical Literature. 629-644.
Obituaries. 644-647.
Notes and News. 647-648.

General Notes

An Emetic Technique to Investigate Food Preferences. 581-583.
Diana F. Tomback.
Laniisoma Elegans in Peru. 583-584.
D. W. Snow.
Aggression Between Great Black-Backed Gulls and Bald Eagles. 584-585.
Jon Lien.
New Breeding Localities for Leucosticte in the Contiguous Western United States. 586-589.
Richard E. Johnson.
Postmortem Change in a Black-Crowned Night-Heron's Eye Color. 589.
Jon Ghiselin.
Feeding Methods of the Boat-Billed Heron, a Deductive Hypothesis. 590-592.
Douglas W. Mock.
New Avifaunal Records From Eniwetok. 592-594.
Oscar W. Johnson, Ronald J. Kienholz.
Territoriality in a Nectar Feeding Northern Oriole in Costa Rica. 594-595.
Douglas W. Schemske.
First Specimen of Ground Dove From Wisconsin. 595-596.
Wallace N. Macbriar, Jr.
Mortality of Magellanic Penguins in Argentina. 596-598.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
A Record of Allopreening in the Barred Owl. 598-599.
John W. Fitzpatrick.
Foraging Associates of White Ibis. 599-601.
William D. Courser.
Unusual Feeding by Blue-Footed Booby. 601-602.
M. P. Harris.
Polygamy in the Purple Martin. 602-604.
Charles R. Brown.
Ruddy Ground Dove in South Texas. 604.
Wayne A. Shifflett.
Substrate Choices of Oxpeckers. 604-606.
William H. Buskirk.
Magpie Kills a Ground Squirrel. 606.
Loran L. Goulden.
First Record of Purple Sandpiper for Louisiana. 606-607.
Robert B. Hamilton, Robert E. Noble.
Ashton Blackburne's Place in American Ornithology. 607-610.
V. P. Wystrach.
Nest-Searching Behavior in the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 610-611.
Richard F. Norman, Raleigh J. Robertson.
Loon Predation on a Canada Goose Gosling. 611-612.
Michael C. Zicus.
Close Proximity of Red-Tailed Hawk and Great Horned Owl Nests. 612-614.
C. Stuart Houston.
Egg-Carrying by a Common Flicker. 614-615.
James N. Baker.
Observations on the Seychelles White-Eye Zosterops Modesta. 615-618.
Christopher J. Feare.
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