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The Auk, Volume 92, Number 1 (1975)

Publication Information
1 (January)


Florida Scrub Jay Helpers At the Nest. 1-15.
Glen E. Woolfenden.
The Biology of Tropicbirds At Aldabra Atoll, Indian Ocean. 16-39.
A. W. Diamond.
The Red-Whiskered Bulbul in Florida: 1960-71. 40-57.
Alison Rand Carleton, Oscar T. Owre.
Developmental Defects in Common Terns of Western Long Island, New York. 58-65.
Michael Gochfeld.
Hybridization in Buntings (Passerina) in North Dakota and Eastern Montana. 66-80.
Roger L. Kroodsma.
Daylength and the Hummingbirds' Use of Time. 81-97.
William A. Calder.
Larid Site Tenacity and Group Adherence in Relation to Habitat. 98-104.
Martin K. Mcnicholl.
Primary Molt in Circus Cyaneus in Relation to Nest Brood Events. 105-110.
Josef K. Schmutz, Sheila M. Schmutz.
Notes on Cattle Egret Breeding. 111-117.
William J. Weber.
In Memoriam: Clarence Cottam. 118-125.
Eric G. Bolen.
Report of the Committee on Conservation 1973-74. 126-136.
Reviews. 170-188.
Foreign Periodical Literature. 189-209.
Obituaries. 209-210.
Notes and News. 211-215.
Letter to the Editor. 216-218.

General Notes

A New Species of Anhinga (Anhingidae) From the Upper Pliocene of Nebraska. 137-140.
Larry D. Martin, Robert M. Mengel.
Responsiveness of Young Herring Gulls to Adult Mew" Calls". 140-143.
Roger M. Evans.
Least Tern Breeding Range Extension in Maine. 143-145.
Malcolm L. Hunter, Jr.
First Massachusetts Specimen of Le Conte's Sparrow. 145.
Kathleen S. Anderson.
First Northwestern Atlantic Breeding Record of the Manx Shearwater. 145-147.
Richard O. Bierregaard, Jr., Augustus Ben David, Ii, Timothy D. Baird, Robert E. Woodruff.
Roadrunner Predation on Ground Squirrels in California. 147-149.
Vernon C. Bleich.
Mate Fidelity and Nesting Site Tenacity in the Killdeer. 149-151.
Sarah Lenington, Terry Mace.
Copulatory Behavior of a Pair of Yellow-Billed Cuckoos. 151.
D. Paul Hendricks.
Mechanism of Feather Replacement in a Hummingbird. 152.
Larry L. Wolf.
Redhead Breeding in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. 152-153.
Sartor O. Williams Iii.
Arctic Tern in Arizona. 153-154.
Gale Monson, Stephen M. Russell.
Herring and Great Black-Backed Gulls Nesting in North Carolina. 154-157.
James F. Parnell, Robert F. Soots.
Relationships of Nesting Hawks With Great Horned Owl. 157-159.
James W. Wiley.
California Gulls Attack Waterfowl Broods in Alberta. 159-160.
Gerry M. Lynch, John E. Toepfer.
Association of Red-Breasted Nuthatches With Chickadees in a Hemlock Cone Year. 160-162.
Lawrence Kilham.
First Oregon Specimen of Icterus Galbula Galbula. 162-163.
M. Ralph Browning.
Effect of Parentage on Egg Characteristics. 163-164.
S. Charles Kendeigh.
Willet Breeding in Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela. 164-165.
William H. Phelps, Jr.
Ash-Throated Flycatcher in Illinois: Summary of Records East of the Mississippi River. 165-166.
H. David Bohlen.
Invalid Record of a Rail From Mazatl. 166-168.
Richard C. Banks.
The Gular Pouch of the Female White Ibis. 168-169.
Thomas Rudegeair.
Snipe Breeding Displays Performed on Wintering Grounds. 169.
Robert H. Naney.
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