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The Auk, Volume 91, Number 3 (1974)

3 (July)


A New Hybrid Bunting (Passerina Cyanea X Passerina Ciris). 485-487.
Walter Kingsley Taylor.
Hierarchy of Waterfowl Feeding With Whistling Swans. 488-493.
Robert O. Bailey, Bruce D. J. Batt.
The Vee Formation of Canada Geese. 494-506.
Lisa Lofland Gould, Frank Heppner.
Analysis of the Drums of Ruffed Grouse. 507-516.
David E. Samuel, Donald R. Beightol, Carlos W. Brain.
Directional Differences in the Sound Intensity of Ruffed Grouse Drumming. 517-521.
Herbert L. Archibald.
Environmental Limitations of Pheasant Egg Hatching Success. 522-531.
Trina Schulte, Warren P. Porter.
Predation and the Daily Timing of Sage Grouse Leks. 532-536.
Jonathan E. Hartzler.
Relationship of Anting and Sunbathing to Molting in Wild Birds. 537-563.
Eloise F. Potter, Doris C. Hauser.
Flight Speeds and Wingbeat Frequencies of the Magnificent Frigatebird. 564-570.
Gary D. Schnell.
Some Measures of Feeding Behavior in Captive Common Crows. 571-574.
Robert W. Powell.
Recent Changes in the Ring-Billed Gull Population and Biology in the Laurentian Great Lakes. 575-594.
James P. Ludwig.
A Nesting of Black Vultures. 595-600.
Paul A. Stewart.
Breeding Biology and Ecology of the Brown-Hooded Gull in Argentina. 601-613.
Joanna Burger.
Reviews. 640-649.
Periodical Literature. 650-678.
Obituary. 679-680.
News Note. 680.

General Notes

First North Atlantic Record of the White Tern. 614-617.
David B. Wingate, George E. Watson.
Summer Tanager Southern Range Extension in Chile. 617-618.
Kenneth W. Prescott.
Incomplete Wing Molt and Erythrism in Red-Tailed Hawks. 618-619.
Richard O. Bierregaard, Jr.
Copulatory and Vocal Behavior of a Pair of Whiskered Owls. 619-624.
Dennis J. Martin.
Abnormal Bill of a White-Winged Crossbill. 624-626.
George C. West.
Breeding of the Green-Bellied Hummingbird. 626.
Barbara K. Snow, D. W. Snow.
Puna Bird Species on the Coast of Peru. 626-631.
David L. Pearson.
Relationship of Veniliornis Cassini" Chocoensis and V. "Cassini" Caquetanus With V. Affinis". 631-634.
L. L. Short.
Loud Vocalizations by Pileated Woodpeckers on Approach to Roosts Or Nest Holes. 634-636.
Lawrence Kilham.
Florida Burrowing Owl Collected in North Carolina. 636-637.
Paul W. Sykes, Jr.
Individual Distance in the Herring Gull. 637-639.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Cannibalism in Red-Tailed Hawk. 639.
G. A. Clevenger, Aryan I. Roest.
Great Kiskadee Nesting in an Old Woodpecker Hole. 639.
F. Haverschmidt.
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