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The Auk, Volume 91, Number 2 (1974)

2 (April)


Eye Color of Female Lesser Scaup in Relation to Age. 243-254.
David L. Trauger.
Comparative Breeding Biology of the Sandwich Tern. 255-277.
N. P. E. Langham.
Feeding Ecology of Pintail Hens During Reproduction. 278-290.
Gary L. Krapu.
Gular Pouch Development and Population Structure of Cassin's Auklet. 291-306.
Steven Speich, David A. Manuwal.
Broad-Winged Hawk Nesting and Ecology. 307-324.
Paul F. Matray.
Size Dimorphism: A Factor in Energy Savings for Broad-Winged Hawks. 325-341.
James A. Mosher, Paul F. Matray.
Gray Rat Snakes Versus Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers: Predator-Prey Adaptations. 342-347.
Jerome A. Jackson.
Breeding Ecology of the Dickcissel. 348-359.
Janet P. Harmeson.
The Black-And-Gold Cotinga. 360-369.
David W. Snow, Derek Goodwin.
Clock-Shifting Effect on Initial Orientation of Pigeons. 370-374.
Judith Alexander, William T. Keeton.
Social Behavior of Breeding Gadwalls in North Dakota. 375-386.
Thomas J. Dwyer.
Proceedings of the Ninety-First Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 387-410.
Richard C. Banks.
Reviews. 433-450.
Periodical Literature. 451-478.
Obituary. 479-480.
Letter to the Editor. 480.
Notes and News. 481-483.

General Notes

A Golden-Cheeked Warbler on the Farallon Islands. 411-412.
T. J. Lewis, D. G. Ainley, D. Greenberg, R. Greenberg.
Northern Fulmar Colonies on the South Coast of Devon Island, N.W.T., Canada. 412.
David N. Nettleship.
Spots Before the Eyes, an Aid to Identifying Wintering Loons. 413-415.
Anthony E. Mcintyre, Judith W. Mcintyre.
Diving Times of Grebes and Masked Ducks. 415-417.
Donald A. Jenni, Roger D. Gambs.
First North American Record of Little Bunting in Eastern Chukchi Sea. 417.
George E. Watson, J. Phillip Angle, M. Ralph Browning.
Ancient Error in a 1955 Auk Paper. 417-418.
F. W. Preston.
Florida Cardinals Feeding on Nectar. 418-419.
Mary W. Wible.
The Correct Gender of Daption Stephens 1826. 419-421.
George E. Watson.
Molt Sequence of Captive Ruffed Grouse. 421-423.
Allan Garbutt, A. L. A. Middleton.
Flight Speed and Wingflapping Rate of Sacred Ibis. 423.
Emil K. Urban.
Site Attachment in the Northern Shoveler. 423-427.
Norman R. Seymour.
Morphology of the Bony Stapes in New and Old World Suboscines: New Evidence for Common Ancestry. 427-429.
Alan Feduccia.
More New Birds for Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. 429-432.
William Belton.
First Nevada Record of Chestnut-Collared Longspur. 432.
C. S. Lawson.
Pinguinus and Alle Validated As Generic Names for Great Auk and Dovekie Respectively. 432.
E. Eisenmann.
Retraction of a Longevity Record for a 36-Year-Old Herring Gull. 432.
George M. Jonkel, Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
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