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The Auk, Volume 90, Number 4 (1973)

4 (October)


Notes on the Behavior of the White Bellbird. 743-751.
Barbara K. Snow.
Edward Jenner, Pioneer Student of Two Major Ornithological Problems. 752-758.
Lawrence Kilham.
Turnover and Ecological Release in the Avifauna of Mona Island, Puerto Rico. 759-779.
John Terborgh, John Faaborg.
Mate Familiarity and the Reproductive Behavior of Ringed Turtle Doves. 780-795.
Carl J. Erickson.
Interspecific Feeding Assemblages of Marine Birds Off British Columbia. 796-802.
Spencer G. Sealy.
Time-Based Responding in Pigeons and Crows. 803-808.
Robert W. Powell.
Relation of Eiders and Gulls Nesting in Mixed Colonies in Penobscot Bay, Maine. 809-820.
Regional Variation in the Food of Nestling Cattle Egrets. 821-826.
Donald A. Jenni.
Habitat Partitioning by Foraging Gulls in Maine and Northwestern Europe. 827-839.
George L. Hunt, Jr., Molly W. Hunt.
Methods and Annual Sequence of Foraging by the Sapsucker. 840-856.
James Tate, Jr.
California Sparrows Fail to Return From Displacement to Korea. 857-861.
L. Richard Mewaldt, Lloyda T. Cowley, Pyong-Oh Won.
Foraging Behavior of the White-Headed Woodpecker in Idaho. 862-869.
J. David Ligon.
In Memoriam: Herbert Lee Stoddard. 870-876.
Owen J. Gromme.
Bird Conservation in Middle America Report of the A.O.U. Conservation Committee, 1972-73. 877-887.
Corrections and Additions to the Thirty-Second Supplement to the Check-List of North American Birds"". 887.
Reviews. 918-936.
Periodical Literature. 937-963.
Obituaries. 963-967.
Notes and News. 967-968.
Index to Volume 90. 969-992.

General Notes

A House Sparrow Roost in Lima, Peru. 888.
Charles F. Leck.
Spread-Wing Posturing in Cathartid Vultures. 889-890.
James A. Kushlan.
Canada Goose Goslings Leaving Cliff Nest. 890.
Norbert G. Kondla.
Predatory Behavior of Smooth-Billed Ani. 891.
Antonio Olivares, J. A. Munves.
Song Mimesis by a Captive Gouldian Finch. 891-894.
Luis F. Baptista.
Laboratory Measurements of Metabolized Energy in Some Passerine Nestlings. 895-897.
Charles R. Blem.
Breeding Attempts by Juvenile Great Blue Herons. 897-899.
Helen M. Pratt.
Diurnal Sleep Rhythm of a Young Barred Owl. 899-900.
Frances Hamerstrom, Keith Janick.
Unusual Venous Plan in Frigatebird Kidneys. 901-902.
Oscar W. Johnson.
Habituation of Aggressive Responses to Avian Predators by Terns. 902-904.
Martin K. Mcnicholl.
An Attempted Third Brood in the White-Throated Sparrow. 904.
Daniel J. Loncke, J. Bruce Falls.
Food and Foraging Ecology of the Jamaican Becard. 905-906.
Alexander Cruz.
The Vocal Repertoire of Male American Woodcock. 906-909.
David E. Samuel, Donald R. Beightol.
Woodpecking" by a Red-Throated Barbet". 909-910.
L. L. Short.
A Pleistocene Record for the White-Winged Scoter in Maryland. 910-911.
Alexander Wetmore.
Starlings Eat Larvae on Corn Ears Without Eating Corn. 911-912.
Paul A. Stewart.
A Plumage Aberration of Cariama Cristata. 912-914.
Storrs L. Olson.
Winter Singing of the Purple Finch in Massachusetts. 914-915.
Stewart Duncan.
Volume of Forster's Tern Eggs. 915-917.
Martin K. Mcnicholl.
Hummingbird Drinking Seawater. 917.
Peter R. Bacon.
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