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The Auk, Volume 90, Number 3 (1973)

3 (July)


Morphology of the Sublingual Pouch and Tongue Musculature in Clark's Nutcracker. 491-519.
Walter J. Bock, Russell P. Balda, Stephen B. Vander Wall.
Chickadees At Adjacent Feeding Sites: the Effects of Food Deprivation. 520-532.
Edward Mueller.
Effects of Sex Hormones on Plumages of the Blue-Winged Teal. 533-551.
Eldon D. Greij.
Occurrence of Birds in the Beaufort Sea, Summer 1969. 552-563.
George W. Frame.
A Spectrographic Analysis of Burrowing Owl Vocalizations. 564-578.
Dennis J. Martin.
Middle American Races of the Eastern Bluebird. 579-590.
J. Dan Webster.
The Daily Rhythm of Hawk Migration At Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. 591-596.
Helmut C. Mueller, Daniel D. Berger.
Reproductive Behavior of the Red-Breasted Nuthatch I. Courtship. 597-609.
Lawrence Kilham.
Altitudinal Variation in a Resident and a Migrant Passerine on Jamaica. 610-618.
A. W. Diamond.
Female Spruce Grouse Activities During Laying and Incubation. 619-623.
K. H. Mccourt, D. A. Boag, D. M. Keppie.
Age-Specific Changes in the Major Body Components and Caloric Value of Growing Japanese Quail. 624-635.
I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr., Lucy J. Tally.
Fall and Winter Foods of Ruffed Grouse in Interior Alaska. 636-640.
Jerry D. Mcgowan.
Robbing Behavior of Roseate Terns. 641-651.
Euan K. Dunn.
Solitary Sandpiper Early Reproductive Behavior. 652-663.
Lewis W. Oring.
In Memoriam: Arlie William Schorger. 664-671.
Joseph J. Hickey.
Reviews. 694-707.
Periodical Literature. 708-735.
Obituaries. 735-739.
Notes and News. 740-741.

General Notes

Range and Affinity of the Pale-Bellied Mourner (Rhytipterna Immunda). 672-674.
Wesley E. Lanyon, C. H. Fry.
Cedar Waxwing Courts White-Throated Sparrow. 674-675.
Daniel J. Loncke.
Jabiru in South Texas. 675-676.
Harry H. Haucke, William H. Kiel, Jr.
A Mammalian Convergence on the Avian Tarsometatarsus. 676-677.
Pat Vickers Rich.
First Record of Sooty Shearwater for Arizona. 677.
Raymond J. Quigley.
First Utah Record of the Baltimore Oriole. 677-678.
Gary L. Worthen.
Unusual White-Throated Sparrow Nest. 678.
William F. Davis.
The 1971 Status of 24 Bald Eagle Nest Sites in East Central Florida. 678-680.
J. C. Howell.
Willets in Southern Brazil. 680.
William Belton.
Ventriloquism in a Wilson's Plover. 680.
Robert A. Duncan.
Unusual Bird Records From Southeastern Oregon. 680-682.
Carroll D. Littlefield, Eldon L. Mclaury.
Tail Flashing Display in the Whip-Poor-Will. 682.
James A. Bruce.
Gopher Snake Predation on the Common Bushtit. 682-683.
Stephen Ervin, Cynthia Rose.
First Brown Booby Specimen From Texas. 683-684.
Warren M. Pulich, Sr., Warren M. Pulich, Jr.
Census of Kirtland's Warbler in 1972. 684-685.
Harold F. Mayfield.
Albinism in a Population of Blue Jays. 685.
Amelia R. Laskey.
Least Bittern Nesting Colonially. 685-686.
James A. Kushlan.
Migrational Homing by a Pair of Mallards. 687.
Thomas J. Dwyer, Scott R. Derrickson, David S. Gilmer.
A Possible Hybrid Wattled Ja. 687-689.
Burr J. Betts.
The Least Bittern in Mexico and Central America. 689-691.
Robert W. Dickerman.
Ross' Geese Nesting in Manitoba. 691-692.
John P. Ryder, Fred Cooke.
Interspecific Nest Parasitism by Ducks and Coots in Utah. 692-693.
David E. Joyner.
First Arctic Tern Recorded in Idaho. 693.
Thomas D. Burleigh.
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