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The Auk, Volume 89, Number 4 (1972)

4 (October)


Aberrant Sexual Behavior in the South African Ostrich. 717-737.
E. G. Franz Sauer.
Operant Conditioning in the Common Crow (Corvus Brachyrhynchos). 738-742.
Robert W. Powell.
Polyandry in the American Ja. 743-765.
Donald A. Jenni, Gerald Collier.
Population Estimates of Breeding Birds in North Dakota. 766-788.
Robert E. Stewart, Harold A. Kantrud.
The Breeding Biology of the Black-Legged Kittiwake in Newfoundland. 789-816.
John Ernest Maunder, William Threlfall.
The Lung and Air-Sac System of the Common Grackle. 817-825.
Gerrit P. Kloek, Clark L. Casler.
Latitudinal Variation in Breeding Productivity of the Rough-Winged Swallow. 826-836.
Robert E. Ricklefs.
Nest Success and Age-Specific Mortality in Traill's Flycatchers. 837-841.
Larry C. Holcomb.
The Impact of Some North American Migrants At Fruiting Trees in Panama. 842-850.
Charles F. Leck.
A New Method to Separate Immature and Adult Hummingbirds. 851-857.
Fernando I. Ortiz-Crespo.
Effect of a Conspecific on Nest Building Location in the Zebra Finch. 858-862.
Katri Bruen, D. W. Dunham.
A Genetic Analysis of Lesser Snow Goose Families. 863-871.
F. Cooke, P. J. Mirsky.
Report of the Committee on Conservation 1971-72. 872-878.
Reviews. 899-915.
Periodical Literature. 916-939.
Obituaries. 939-941.
Notes and News. 941-942.
Index to Volume 89. 943-966.

General Notes

Cowbird Parasitism on the White-Crowned Sparrow and Wren-Tit in the San Francisco Bay Area. 879-882.
Luis Felipe Baptista.
Two Bird Specimens Showing Abnormalities of the Quadrate. 882-885.
P. J. K. Burton.
Palm Warbler in Guerrero and Comments on Audubon's Warbler in Costa Rica. 885-886.
John P. Hubbard.
Field Sparrow Uses Abandoned Nest for August Brood. 886.
Pierre N. Allaire.
A New Owl From the Eocene of Wyoming. 887-888.
Larry D. Martin, Craig C. Black.
Notes on Rare and Previously Unreported Birds From Ecuador. 889-894.
David W. Norton, Gustavo Orc.
A Wheatear on Southeast Farallon Island, California. 895.
David A. Manuwal, T. James Lewis.
Two Avian Species New to Paraguay. 895.
Lester L. Short.
Winter Dormitory of the Roadrunner, Geococcyx Californicus, in West Texas. 896.
Michael Kent Rylander.
Herons Leaving the Water to Defecate. 896-897.
Harry F. Recher, Judy A. Recher.
Concerning Malacurus Obsoletus Reinhardt. 898.
Finn Salomonsen.
First Record of Painted Redstart (Setophaga Picta) for Canada. 898.
J. Murray Speirs, Edgerton Pegg.
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