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The Auk, Volume 89, Number 1 (1972)

1 (January)


A New Species of Warbler (Parulidae) From Puerto Rico. 1-18.
Cameron B. Kepler, Kenneth C. Parkes.
Pollutant Concentrations in Abnormal Young Terns From Long Island Sound. 19-35.
Helen Hays, Robert W. Risebrough.
A New Cretaceous Charadriiform Family. 36-46.
Joel Cracraft.
Adaptive Mechanisms of the Raptor Pelvic Limb. 47-64.
George E. Goslow, Jr.
Anatomical Evidence for Phylogenetic Relationships Among Woodpeckers. 65-85.
William R. Goodge.
Breeding Seasons and Sexual Dimorphism in Rockhopper Penguins. 86-105.
John Warham.
A Chesapeake Barn Owl Population. 106-114.
Jan G. Reese.
Reproductive Behavior of White-Breasted Nuthatches Ii. Courtship. 115-129.
Lawrence Kilham.
In Memoriam: John Roy Pemberton. 130-138.
N. Harrison, Jack C. Von Bloeker, Jr.
Broad-Winged Hawk Nesting and Food Habits. 139-145.
Donald H. Rusch, Phillip D. Doerr.
Ovarian Growth in Tree Sparrows (Spizella Arborea). 146-155.
James V. Morrison, Fred E. Wilson.
Proceedings of the Eighty-Ninth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 156-170.
Richard C. Banks.
Bylaws of the American Ornithologists' Union. 171-176.
Reviews. 201-219.
Periodical Literature. 220-238.
Obituaries. 239-240.
Notes and News. 241-243.

General Notes

Courtship Feeding Calls in Gallinaceous Birds. 177-180.
A. W. Stokes, H. Warrington Williams.
Further Examples of Dual Singing by Southwest Pacific Birds. 180-183.
Jared M. Diamond.
Birds Nesting At the Kazan Falls. 183-185.
Frank L. Miller.
Bigamy in the Bewick's Wren. 185-187.
Donald E. Kroodsma.
Apparent Migratory Behavior in the House Sparrow. 187-189.
Maurice Broun.
Digestion and Passage of Blue Mussels Eaten by Black Ducks. 189-190.
John W. Grandy Iv.
Feeding Interactions Between Pied-Billed Grebes and Herons. 190.
Helmut C. Mueller, Mexeen G. Biben, Harold F. Sears.
Egg Measurements for Three Endangered Species. 191-192.
James D. Stephenson, Glen Smart.
Breeding of the White-Plumed Antbird (Pithys Albifrons). 192-193.
Edwin O. Willis.
A Living Wild Turkey With a Feathered Head. 193-194.
Lovett E. Williams, Jr.
A Behavioral Attitude of Saw-Whet and Boreal Owls. 194-196.
Paul M. Catling.
Use of Time-Lapse Photography to Study Nesting Activities of Birds. 196-200.
Milton W. Weller, Dirk V. Derksen.
House Sparrows in Guatemala. 200.
Walter A. Thurber.
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