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The Auk, Volume 88, Number 4 (1971)

4 (October)


Spread-Wing Postures and Their Possible Functions in the Ciconiidae. 715-722.
M. P. Kahl.
The Relationships and Evolution of the Rollers: Families Coraciidae, Brachypteraciidae, and Leptosomatidae. 723-752.
Joel Cracraft.
Catastrophic Mortality and its Population Consequences. 753-759.
Frank S. Tompa.
In Memoriam: Jean Myron Linsdale. 760-774.
William H. Behle.
Diving Behavior of the Emperor Penguin, Aptenodytes Forsteri. 775-795.
G. L. Kooyman, C. M. Drabek, R. Elsner, W. B. Campbell.
Niche Relationships Among Some Deciduous Forest Flycatchers. 796-804.
David W. Johnston.
Population Dynamics of Breeding South Polar Skuas of Unknown Age. 805-814.
Robert C. Wood.
The Attack and Strike of Some North American Raptors. 815-827.
George E. Goslow, Jr.
Drinking Responses of the Red Crossbill (Loxia Curvirostra) to Solutions of Nacl, Mgcl 2, and Cacl 2. 828-838.
Ernest J. Willoughby.
Vocal Repertoires of Sympatric Barn and Cliff Swallows. 839-855.
David E. Samuel.
White Geese Intermediate Between Ross' Geese and Lesser Snow Geese. 856-875.
David L. Trauger, Alex Dzubin, John P. Ryder.
The Relationship of Grazing Cattle to Foraging Rates in Anis. 876-880.
Susan M. Smith.
Cooperative Roles in Mixed Flocks of Antwrens (Formicariidae). 881-892.
R. Haven Wiley.
Bill Lengths, Wintering Areas, and Taxonomy of North American Dunlins, Calidris Alpina. 893-901.
Stephen F. Maclean, Jr., Richard T. Holmes.
Report of the Committee on Conservation, 1970-71. 902-910.
Reviews. 930-938.
Periodical Literature. 939-959.
Obituaries. 959-963.
Notes and News. 964-965.
Index to Volume 88. 966-988.

General Notes

Two Sympatric Canaries, Serinus Koliensis and S. Citrinelloides, in Western Kenya. 911-914.
P. L. Britton.
Common Gallinule Breeding Biology and Development. 914-919.
Leigh H. Fredrickson.
European Blackbird (Turdus Merula) in Quebec. 919-920.
Raymond Mcneil, Andr.
Pairing in Hybrid Flicker Populations in Eastern Colorado. 921-924.
Carl E. Bock.
A Transcontinental Mourning Dove Recovery. 924.
Brian Sharp.
Audubon's Warbler in North Carolina. 924.
Betty Davis.
House Sparrows Feeding Young At Night. 924-925.
Maurice Broun.
Food and Migration Habits of the Eastern Kingbird in Panama. 925-926.
Eugene S. Morton.
Two Soviet Recoveries of Dunlins Banded At Point Barrow, Alaska. 927.
David W. Norton.
On the Type Locality of Ortyx Leylandi Moore. 927.
Burt L. Monroe, Jr.
Wing-Loading--A Plea for Consistency in Usage. 927-928.
Richard J. Clark.
Bald Eagles Stealing Fish From Common Mergansers. 928-929.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
First Records of Heermann's Gull (Larus Heermanni) for Arizona. 929.
Lawrence N. Huber.
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