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The Auk, Volume 88, Number 3 (1971)

3 (July)


Molt and the Annual Cycle of the Chuck-Will's-Widow, Caprimulgus Carolinensis. 485-519.
Sievert A. Rohwer.
In Memoriam: Alfred Otto Gross. 520-527.
Raymond A. Paynter, Jr.
Social Organization of Penned Mourning Doves. 528-542.
W. Reid Goforth, Thomas S. Baskett.
Courtship Feeding in Gallinaceous Birds. 543-559.
A. W. Stokes, H. Warrington Williams.
Sex Ratio and Mortality in the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 560-566.
James A. Darley.
Skeletal Analysis of the Ammodramus-Ammospiza Grassland Sparrow Complex: A Numerical Taxonomic Study. 567-590.
Jerome D. Robins, Gary D. Schnell.
The Territory and its Density Dependent Effect in Spiza Americana. 591-612.
John L. Zimmerman.
Selected Vocalizations of the Common Crow. 613-634.
Dwight R. Chamberlain, George W. Cornwell.
Foraging Behavior of Mangrove Swallows At Barro Colorado Island. 635-651.
Robert E. Ricklefs.
Territoriality in Alaskan Spruce Grouse. 652-664.
Laurence N. Ellison.
Reviews. 680-687.
Periodical Literature. 688-707.
Obituaries. 708-712.
Notes and News. 713-714.

General Notes

Nesting of the Ringed Kingfisher in the United States. 665-666.
Albert D. Mcgrew.
Comparison of Two Presumed European X American Widgeon Hybrids. 666-668.
John P. Hubbard.
Great White Heron Captures and Eats Black-Necked Stilt. 668.
Clark S. Olson, H. Mcclure Johnson.
Collyriclum Faba: A New Host and Distributional Record From California. 668-669.
Steven Speich.
Red-Tailed Hawk Preys on Cattle Egret. 669-670.
William D. Courser, James J. Dinsmore.
Franklin's Gull and Bridled Tern in Southern Chile. 670-671.
Roger Tory Peterson, George E. Watson.
First Authentic North American Record of the British Storm Petrel (Hydrobates Pelagicus). 671-672.
Raymond Mcneil, Jean Burton.
Black Vultures Attack Live Turtle Hatchlings. 672-673.
N. Mrosovsky.
Attempted Hormonal Induction of Brood Patches and Broodiness in Ducks. 674-676.
E. O. H.
First Report of Sandwich Terns in Peru. 676.
Kenneth E. Campbell, Jr.
Publication Dates of the North American Fauna Series. 676.
Richard C. Banks.
The Ca. 677.
Robert F. Martin.
Bill Deformity of a Yellow-Headed Blackbird. 677-678.
David A. Easterla, James M. Todd.
What Is Amazilia Microrhyncha?. 679.
Allan R. Phillips.
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