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The Auk, Volume 88, Number 1 (1971)

1 (January)


A Field Study of the Wrenthrush, Zeledonia Coronata. 1-20.
James H. Hunt.
Parental and Courtship Feeding in Red Jungle Fowl. 21-29.
Allen W. Stokes.
Nest Building and Egg Laying by Redwinged Blackbirds in Response to Artificial Manipulations. 30-34.
Larry C. Holcomb.
Ecology and Evolution of the Sympatric Mascarene White-Eyes, Zosterops Borbonica and Zosterops Olivacea. 35-60.
Frank B. Gill.
Flycatcher Habitat Selection in the Eastern Deciduous Forest. 61-74.
Henry A. Hespenheide.
Population Dynamics of the Red-Tailed Hawk (Buteo Jamaicensis) At Rochester, Alberta. 75-87.
Stuart N. Luttich, Lloyd B. Keith, J. D. Stephenson.
In Memoriam: Burt Leavelle Monroe, Sr.. 88-96.
Robert M. Mengel.
Flight Speeds of Birds in Relation to Energetics and Wind Directions. 97-107.
Vance A. Tucker, Klaus Schmidt-Koenig.
Experimental Parasitism of American Coot Nests. 108-115.
Milton W. Weller.
Annual Weight Cycles in Male and Female Bobwhite Quail. 116-123.
John L. Roseberry, W. D. Klimstra.
Some Observations on Behavioral Energetics in the Village Weaverbird. I. Comparison of Colonies From Two Subspecies in Nature. 124-133.
Nicholas E. Collias, Elsie C. Collias.
Some Observations on Behavioral Energetics in the Village Weaverbird Ii. All-Day Watches in an Aviary. 133-143.
Nicholas E. Collias, Janice K. Victoria, Ellen L. Coutlee, Martin Graham.
Proceedings of the Eighty-Eighth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 144-162.
Richard C. Banks.
Reviews. 187-201.
Periodical Literature. 202-224.
Obituaries. 224-229.
Notes and News. 229-231.

General Notes

Plumage and Behavior of a Juvenile Gray-Headed Kite. 163-166.
Mercedes S. Foster.
Pariah Kite With Double Bill. 166.
U. M. Rawal.
Notes on a Nocturnal Roost of Spotted Sandpipers in Trinidad, West Indies. 167-168.
Michael Gochfeld.
First Rhode Island Record of Bewick's Wren. 168.
Elise Lapham.
Flight Speed of Arctic and Red-Throated Loons. 169.
Rolph A. Davis.
A Technique for Sampling Blood From Small Passerines. 169-171.
James M. Utter, Eugene A. Lefebvre, Jon S. Greenlaw.
Killdeer Breeding Range Extension. 171.
Joseph G. Strauch, Jr.
White-Throated Sparrow Breeding in Downtown Buffalo, New York. 172-173.
Robert F. Andrle, Frances M. Rew.
Cloaeal Sexing of Raptors. 173-174.
Frances Hamerstrom, John L. Skinner.
Pendulum Display by Olive-Sided Flycatcher. 174.
Genevieve M. Tvrdik.
First Specimen of Arctic Loon From Missouri. 175.
David A. Easterla, Floyd Lawhon.
Use of Blister Beetle in Bill-Sweeping by White-Breasted Nuthatch. 175-176.
Lawrence Kilham.
Mating Activity of Ruffed Grouse. 176-177.
H. Lee Gladfelter, R. Scott Mcburney.
Foliage-Gleaning by Chimney Swifts (Chaetura Pelagica). 177.
William G. George.
Tytonidae X Strigidae Cross Produces Fertile Eggs. 178.
G. Michael Flieg.
Interspecific Cacique Colonies in Surinam. 178.
D. W. Dunham.
A New Species of Spinetail (Synallaxis) From Peru. 179.
Emmet R. Blake.
New Bird Records From Guadeloupe and its Dependencies. 180-182.
Robert W. Guth.
Observations At a Long-Billed Curlew Nest. 182-184.
Walter D. Graul.
Nest Parasitism by Red-Breasted Mergansers in Wisconsin. 184-185.
Henry W. Pelzi.
Egg-Dumping" by the Grasshopper Sparrow in a Savannah Sparrow Nest". 185-186.
John A. Wiens.
Golden Eagle Attacks a Mallard. 186.
James V. Kelleher, William F. O'Malia.
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