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The Auk, Volume 86, Number 4 (1969)

4 (October)


An Ornithological Comedy of Errors: Catharus Occidentalis and C. Frantzii. 605-623.
Allan R. Phillips.
In Memoriam: James Alexander Munro. 624-630.
James L. Baillie.
Vocal Behavior of Adult California Quail. 631-659.
H. Warrington Williams.
Field Studies of Wilson's Phalarope. 660-670.
J. E. Johns.
Preflight and Flight Behavior of Canada Geese. 671-681.
Dennis G. Raveling.
Communal Roosts of Wintering Rough-Legged Hawks (Buteo Lagopus). 682-690.
Gary D. Schnell.
The Masked Duck in the United States. 691-695.
Paul A. Johnsgard, Dirk Hagemeyer.
A Tissue Culture Technique for the Study of Avian Chromosomes. 696-700.
Vojislav Jovanovi*, Leonard Atkins.
Summer Birds of the Pack Ice in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica. 701-716.
David R. Cline, Donald B. Siniff, Albert W. Erickson.
Additional Responses of the Poor-Will to Low Temperatures. 717-725.
George T. Austin, W. Glen Bradley.
Notes on the Possible Migration and the Nesting of the Black Vulture in Central America. 726-731.
Alexander F. Skutch.
Sexual Dimorphism of Large Gulls (Larus Spp.). 732-737.
Agnar Ingolfsson.
Annual Report, Committee on Conservation. 738-744.
Reviews. 768-778.
Periodical Literature. 779-803.
Notes and News. 804-806.
Correspondence. 806.
Index to Volume 86. 807-826.

General Notes

Traill's Flycatchers of the Fitz-Bew" Songform Wintering in Panama". 745-747.
Leon J. Gorski.
Birds New to North America and the Pribilof Islands, Alaska. 747-749.
Max C. Thompson, Robert L. Delong.
First Vermilion Flycatcher Specimen From Missouri. 750.
David A. Easterla, Richard A. Anderson.
Notes on the Long-Billed Curlew. 750-751.
Richard L. Timken.
Giant Cowbird Solicits Preening From Man. 751-752.
Robert B. Payne.
Mallard Hatching From an Egg Cracked by Freezing. 752-754.
Raymond J. Greenwood.
Sage Thrasher and Other Unusual Birds in North-Central Florida. 754-755.
David W. Johnston.
Notes on Birds of Isla San Andr. 755-758.
Dennis R. Paulson, Gordon H. Orians, Charles F. Leck.
Commensal Feeding in Grebes. 759.
Dennis R. Paulson.
Ochre-Striped Antpitta in Colombia. 759.
Jon C. Barlow, James A. Dick.
Bilateral Gynandrism in a Cardinal and a Rufous-Sided Towhee. 760.
Amelia R. Laskey.
Age-Specific Mortality of American Goldfinch Nestlings. 760-761.
Larry C. Holcomb.
Hatchability, Clutch Position, and Hatching Sequence in Mallards. 762-763.
Harold H. Prince, P. B. Siegel, George W. Cornwell.
Starlings Bred in Captivity. 763-764.
Robert L. Miller.
Goslings Descend From Aerial Nest, Attacked by Bald Eagle. 764-765.
Maurice G. Hornocker.
Note on Bill Color of the Ruddy Duck, Oxyura Jamaicensis Rubida. 765-766.
Helen Hays, Helen M. Habermann.
Turkey Vultures Land on Vessel in Fog. 766-767.
William R. Mote.
First Specimen of the Lark Bunting From Alabama. 767.
Merriam L. Miles.
Black-Throated Gray Warbler (Dendroica Nigrescens) At Madison, Wisconsin. 767.
A. W. Schorger.
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