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The Auk, Volume 86, Number 2 (1969)

2 (April)


The Nest and Eggs of the Anianiau. 183-187.
Andrew J. Berger, C. Robert Eddinger, Sheila C. Frings.
An Endangered Osprey Population: Estimates of Mortality and Production. 188-198.
Charles J. Henny, Howard M. Wight.
A Comparative Study of the Le Conte's and Sharp-Tailed Sparrows. 199-231.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr.
Variation in the Eggs of the Shag (Phalacrocorax Aristotelis). 232-245.
J. C. Coulson, G. R. Potts, Jean Horobin.
Shapes of Birds' Eggs: Extant North American Families. 246-264.
F. W. Preston.
The Southern Races of the White-Throated Spadebill (Platyrinchus Mystaceus). 265-270.
Lester L. Short.
Foods of Rock and Willow Ptarmigan in Central Alaska With Comments on Interspecific Competition. 271-281.
Robert B. Weeden.
Nesting Colonies of Ross' Goose. 282-292.
John P. Ryder.
Avian Distribution in Central America. 293-326.
Thomas R. Howell.
A Study of Nonfat Weights in Migrating Swainson's Thrushes (Hylocichla Ustulata). 327-338.
George I. Child.
Reviews. 359-371.
Periodical Literature. 372-391.
Notes and News. 391-392.

General Notes

Indian House Sparrow Attacks Grass Snake. 339.
S. N. Sen Gupta.
Laysan Albatrosses Swallow Indigestible Matter. 339-343.
Karl W. Kenyon, Eugene Kridler.
Arteries in the Heart Region of the Greater Shearwater. 343-345.
Robert E. Gobeil.
First Record of Smith's Longspur in Connecticut. 345.
Walter Bulmer.
New Records of Wood Warblers in New Mexico. 346-347.
Dale A. Zimmerman.
Siberian Crane Longevity. 347.
Malcolm Davis.
A Test to Determine If Bobwhite Quail Hunt Crickets by Sound. 348-349.
J. J. Whitesell, T. J. Walker.
Swimming Ability of Willow Warbler. 350.
Erwin R. Scherner.
Apparent Hybridization Between Snow Bunting and Mckay's Bunting on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. 350-351.
Spencer G. Sealy.
Extra Toes on a Sooty Tern Chick. 352.
Oliver L. Austin, Jr.
Red Crossbill Breeding in Minnesota. 352-353.
Oscar W. Johnson.
Notes on Fossil Hawks (Accipitridae). 353-354.
Joel Cracraft.
A Black-Capped Chickadee Variant. 354-355.
Richard J. Low.
Diving Times of the Least Grebe and Masked Duck. 355-356.
Donald A. Jenni.
White-Tailed Tropic-Bird, an Addition to the Philippine Avifauna. 357.
Pierce Brodkorb, Rodolfo B. Gonzalez, Domingo Empeso.
Survival of Ruffed Grouse Eggs After 24-Hour Abandonment. 357.
Richard S. Stott, R. B. Brander.
Pygmy Owl Attacks California Quail. 358.
Thomas G. Balgooyen.
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