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The Auk, Volume 85, Number 4 (1968)

4 (October)


The Giant Swiftlet, Collocalia Gigas Hartert and Butler. 549-559.
Soekarja Somadikarta.
Overlap in Feeding Habits of Redwinged Blackbirds and Common Grackles Nesting in a Cattail Marsh. 560-585.
John C. Snelling.
The Relationships of Sparrows in the Genera Ammodramus, Passerherbulus, and Ammospiza With a Description of a Hybrid Le Conte's X Sharp-Tailed Sparrow. 586-593.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr.
Appendicular Myology of Kirtland's Warbler. 594-616.
Andrew J. Berger.
Premigratory Behavior and Orientation in Blue-Winged Teal (Anas Discors). 617-632.
Ray B. Owen, Jr.
Notes on the Wing and Tail Molt of the Screamers, the Sunbittern, and Immature Guans. 633-638.
Analysis of Spring Migration of Lapland Longspurs to Alaska. 639-653.
George C. West, Leonard J. Peyton, Laurence Irving.
The Relationship of Purple Martins to Mosquito Control. 654-661.
Herbert W. Kale Ii.
Bill Color Changes in Adult Roseate Terns. 662-668.
Grace Donaldson.
Report of Committee on Conservation, 1968. 669-677.
Reviews. 700-702.
Special Review: An Ornithological Treasure Awaits Resurrection. 703-706.
E. R. Kalmbach.
Periodical Literature. 707-727.
Correspondence. 728-729.
Index to Volume 85. 730-746.

General Notes

Tongue-Flicking by a Feeding Snowy Egret. 678.
P. A. Buckley, F. G. Buckley.
The Natal Plumage of the Lesser Prairie Chicken. 679.
George M. Sutton.
The 1966 Status of 24 Nest Sites of the Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) in East-Central Florida. 680-681.
J. C. Howell.
Encounters Between Bald Eagles and Other Birds in Winter. 681-683.
Anthony J. Erskine.
Nesting Performance and Pesticide Residues in Alaskan and Yukon Peregrines in 1967. 683-684.
James H. Enderson, David G. Roseneau, L. G. Swartz.
A Hybrid Eastern Bluebird X Mountain Bluebird. 684.
John Lane.
Lack of Association Among Duck Broodmates During Migration and Wintering. 684-686.
R. K. Martinson, A. S. Hawkins.
The Incubation Period of the Knot. 687.
David N. Nettleship.
Aggressive Behavior in Inexperienced Young Ringed Turtle Doves (Streptopelia Risoria). 687-688.
Erich Klinghammer.
Population Increase in the King Penguin, Aptenodytes Patagonica, At Heard Island. 689-690.
G. M. Budd.
Winter Molt in the Acadian Flycatcher, Empidonax Virescens. 691.
Melvin A. Traylor.
Sharp-Tailed Sandpiper Collected in Florida. 692.
John C. Ogden.
Additional Bird Records for Southern Nevada. 692.
George T. Austin.
A Nest of the Rufous-Breasted Hermit With Three Eggs. 693.
F. Haverschmidt.
Note on the Mating Behavior of the Least Tern, Sterna Albifrons. 694.
Katherine Von Schmidt.
What Is Pionus Reichenowi (Heine)?. 694-695.
Charles E. O'Brien.
Parus Rufescens Levyi a Nomen Novum for P. R. Caliginosus Burleigh. 695.
Thomas D. Burleigh.
Robins Feeding on Hairy Caterpillars. 696.
Eugene S. Morton.
Nest-Robbing by Cooper's Hawks. 696-697.
R. Wayne Nelson.
A Brant Specimen From Alabama. 697.
Thomas Z. Atkeson, Jr.
Egg Puncturing Behavior in Laughing Gulls. 697-699.
Salvatore F. Bongiorno.
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